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Fiat to Zero ... and the war is over.

PhilosopherRexJan 21, 2021, 11:24:00 AM

We can be free of the yoke of tyranny so long as we are still able to trade a governments fake fiat currency for sound money ... and in so doing, we choke and bankrupt the State. 

As more and more learn about this and are convinced to switch to honest sound money - be that gold, silver, bitcoin, or some other metal or crypto ... the selling pressure on fiat shall cause it to lose it's value. 

Fiat is the lifeblood of the State and the oxygen it carries is the value people allow it to have through their holding of it. Mass selling of fiat, destroys the vitality of that lifeblood and the government it supports.

At some point along the road of this monetary destruction, fiat becomes useless to everyone who uses it - including the government.  Employers will have to pay employees in honest money as the plummeting value of fiat won't be stable enough to be accepted by employees. Merchants won't want to keep re-pricing all goods in declining fiat every day ... the world will switch to honest sound money out of necessity.

The State has no means of maintaining itself as it is today if honest sound money is all they can get.  They can't counterfeit it as they do with fiat so all debt must be valued with market-based interest rates - that alone strips the power from the State to fund anything and everything - governments will become nothing more than glorified charities and will be forced financially to gain strong consent for their expenditures and actions.

What you allow is what shall continue

What are the options when people have nothing left to lose?  

Protesting & begging? -- these options just make the politicians feel more powerful - you encourage & embolden them ... and then what? Politicians on the whole are not moral people. Give them a greater sense of power and they will only further abuse their position. 

Voting? -- this option has been demonstrated to be nothing more than minority oppression at best and at worst (and it's usually the worst) a tool to empower the oligarchy while dividing the people.  

Is Violence the answer? -- this is the worst option imaginable. Most people don't want war - it's a horror beyond words and at the end of it there are only more people seeking the power of the State fiat printing press to enable and enact vengeance on those who were wronged.

The reasonable option  

Rick & Morty Season 3. Rick destroys the galactic government by devaluing the galactic currency.

The  reasonable option we have is to trade our fiat for sound money.  It is the best exit for humanity - it's the silver bullet that requires no gun - and the best part is - we can all participate, starting right now.

Three steps:

1. Make this text go viral like nothing has EVER gone viral before.  Copy it, paste it, modify it, make it your own, or simply share the link here and on other media and tell people you are participating.

2. Find a shop or an online exchange where sound money (gold, silver, crypto e.g. Bitcoin) is being actively sold and begin to convert all of the fiat you aren't going to spend this week (on food/housing, etc.) into sound money.

3. Every week do the same thing.  Retain as much value as you are able in sound money and only keep the bare minimum you need that week in fiat. In time, as more and more people make this switch, fiat will be put into a strangle hold from which it will not ever recover.

Optional step:  Help others with this process!  Not everyone is going to be savvy enough to get the job done and those who don't participate will see their fiat savings go down the tubes. 

There are jobs here too - start your own conversion business or work for someone who has one.

Warning !!!

The politicians are going to go onto the radio, onto the TV, onto streets!  They will scream ... they will complain ... they will shout ... they will threaten ... in the end they will even beg!  Sooner or later, THEY WILL CALL ALL OF US FINANCIAL TERRORISTS.    DO NOT GIVE IN.

Is this going to be an easy battle?  

No. Absolutely not.  What serious battle for the hearts and minds of humanity is an easy battle?  None.  Take this seriously - dedicate yourself to making this a reality. If we fail with this option, much worse options are ahead and we will be forced into them, never forget that.  We have now in front of us a choice - one that could transform the human world. Take it and run as hard and fast as you can.

I will keep working to improve this message (send me ideas) and repeating & reposting it over and over again until humanity secures it's freedom from those who would make us into slaves. Please help to do the same.

Lastly, if you honestly know of a better way than this to move humanity forward, then damn it -you better tell the rest of us right now - I'm calling you out!!  BUT ... If you don't know of a better way, then In the interest of peace, prosperity and liberty --- please ... I'm seriously begging you, please share this message.