#poetrylovers will appreciate Raven Poetry "There' a Reason" https://www.bitchute.com/video/4hgxUypIM7k/ G'day. Some of you are aware of the feature to download the "Perceptive Readers Podcast" directly from https://pocbooks.com/podcast/ I am add new episodes of three to four times a week. Feel free to download them as well! Glad you are enjoying them. Best regards, James March 27, 2020 Writer & Podcaster "Beautiful Sound of Healing Part 1" https://anchor.fm/perceptivereaders/episodes/Beautiful-Sound-of-Healing-Part-1-ea6qfp Everyday Thoughts Have people around you who take the clear initiative to help you - You will find your best friends out of that group. - James Lynch. Posts for Inquiring Minds: Truth in Freedom https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/993478803162271744
He Healed and Did Good Anyway Jesus Healed and Did Good Anyway. When you want to help someone who is looked down upon; here is the motivation to still help that person. #Jesus #Spirituality #Goodness #Love
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