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Where is the love?

P4nth30nDec 2, 2018, 10:51:22 PM

 So often I see so many that are so misguided. Lost in a world that they themselves create in their own minds. A mirrored world that reflects only what they can see. Not what is actually within their own hearts. You see, they do not look to their own hearts for guidance but all around them. They look to others, to books, to television, and even to gurus. Not realizing that no one else can have the right answer for them. Not ever. As our experience of the world largely shapes our world view, national, community, and our personal view we forget that what we see outside is not real and true. It is everyone else acting out their own play in the theater of life. All of them looking elsewhere for the answers. All of them viewing only a part of the whole and believing it as whole. Deciding on facts undetermined and believing without investigation of any kind.

 What is real becomes relative to what can be proven to others as real. Why do we need that kind of approval? Why must we seek it out so vehemently we forget our own purpose? Did we ever even find our own purpose? I haven't yet in forty years. All I have learned so far is that everything around me is false, brutal, and determined elsewhere. I didn't choose my name. I never chose my race or country or habits. These were all thrust upon me and then I was judged by them and acted out upon because of them. I have spent those years being told what to do, who I am, what to believe, and even where I can and can not lay my head. NONE of this is real. None of it is in my own heart and it took forty years to come to that one simple conclusion. So, now what will I do? Who am I? Where am I and why? I know that I am not my past nor can I be my future? I only exist in the now. Right here and now I am a blogger, a lover of the multi-verse, a friend, a son, a half brother, and a human. All of these things are true for me but not necessarily for you. If I do not accept and hold dear what so many others see as true I am cast out, ridiculed, judged, and sentenced with no trial or jury. NONE of these thing are real though, not for me. They are concepts in the minds of others who may or may not be real themselves.

 Truth, real unabridged truth is universal. Gravity, duality, and multiplicity are all universal truths that can not be hidden or mistaken or made to seem false in anyway. Love is universal. What we all lack today in this world is true love. Not a romantic conceptual love of one person but a truly universal love of all things true and real. Those enduring things that remind us of our purpose like caring for the elderly, preserving nature, and being kind in general. We don't need religion, education, or politics to tell us that killing another life in anger or ideology is wrong. Our hearts will tell us if we only listen. Our hearts do not scream to the mind to get it's attention though, quite the opposite really. Our minds are screaming at our hearts telling it all that we have falsely learned from our families, communities, nations, and ideologies is truth but it is not. We must in fact quiet the mind in order to listen to our hearts and find our own truths. Love is the sun that gives light to the Earth we live on, feeding plants which in turn feed animals and so on. Love is rain cleansing the Earth and helping the sun to feed it. There are no conditions, no judgments of any kind. Both are abundantly received by all. Love is a creative life affirming life giving energy that feeds upon itself to again create more of itself. It is self sustaining.

 I can not pay the light bill or rent with love nor eat love itself to sustain me. How then does love come into play in our modern everyday lives? Society, where I live, here in the United States requires money. Many say that money is evil while others say that the love of money is where the evil lies. I believe them both. A society based on money, which is merely a concept, is false too. It breeds greed and competition which both throw love right out the hundredth floor window of that fancy building we all toil away in. It tears us away from our families leaving someone else to raise the children and take care of the elderly. Those services aren't free though, so we end up needing more money. It is a vicious cycle. The earth gives all of its goods freely. It is not that we can't grow and raise enough food for everyone. The real fact is that certain types of people hoard way more than they could ever need in one lifetime and block access to those goods in order to get more money than they can ever spend. They are so maniacal that they will watch people starve as food rots because some people don't have little fancy pieces of paper to give them for the food. The intelligent management of resources for the good of all is abolished by greed and competition for goods because of money. A man made concept to control the minds and lives of people. This mode of living is not only outdated but was never needed. So long as it exists humans will never be free of it's destruction. Where is the love? It is all locked away in a vault waiting for you to die. Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite. (without a recurring charge.) 

 Yes, i realize there are many more factors here than just money. Population isn't having the effect that is being told to us but it will if we keep breeding like rabbits. Lack of education and understanding produces this effect and is more easily fixed than greed and competition. Humans must return to symbiosis with the rest of nature and stop consuming all of our resources so quickly. The religions they sell you on tell you to breed and be fruitful.  Organized religion is a system of population control it is all fake. Lot's of people to control gives perceived power and it is done through money and the hoarding of goods. Every family could have it's own land grow and raise food to share in communities and all could spend there days in an Eden of sorts never leaving their families, raising children right and educating them well. Where is the love?

  As there are many paths up a mountain, so are there many correct answers to this one very question. The importance is that we truly and deeply ask ourselves not others. That the answer to our question comes from within. Then we can see all of the paths to the apex and custom design what our own path will be. Without better global education and the understanding of true inter-being the greatest tragedy of humanity will be our own self ruin. Learn to love and trust yourself. Keep close guard of your intention for it becomes your karma. Learn to prosper in a love filled community once again. On heart, One soul, and One mind... ONE

Chris Smith

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