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On Language

Observer1Oct 3, 2018, 7:28:45 PM

Language is not at all limited to communication, language is to my mind the most fundamental process through which the universe forms into all perceivable and perceivable realities. If we look at the universe at its foundation, a useful analogy for what it is that the universe is, is information. What language is, is the function through which information is displaced into manifesting diverse levels of existence relatively to the dimentsions of meaning within the information displaced.

As there are different levels of existence so there are different languages that deal with the respective dimensions of meaning so that through syntactical consistency the level of existence becomes self sustained and thus becomes a reality. It’s like the universe is playing a game with it’s self. He makes the rules (syntactical structure), if the rules make the game fun (the level of existence self sustained), than it keeps playing for ever (existence becomes a reality).

All language has a systematic structure through which information is channelled through different dimensions of meaning into respectively proportional meaningful phenomena. For example, human language consists of three main syntactical properties that compose all communicative meanings relatively to reality. These are subjects, actions (verbs) and objects. Human language is not only the way through which we communicate meaning but also the way through which we can navigate through the universe at its fundamental level, information.

What is a theory if not a collection of linguistic structure through which we describe the meaning of our perception? Ultimately every aspect of experience can be expressed through syntactical language, whether it is going to the store and buying milk or the observation of a physical force through its consistent perceivable effects on reality. My theory is that there are two kinds of phenomena, causes and effects, thus one’s level of perception that is top say, the amount of meaning that one articulates, can be directly observed by concentrating on what phenomena he regards as causes and which as effects.

Human language has developed so much that we have become able to lose touch with reality by creating an artificial one, we confuse the experience of wealth with the concept of money leading us to accumulate through hard work money we don’t need to experience wealth and then wonder why we end up miserable. We seek wealth by seeking what we are told that wealth is when wealth is what I call an irrational concept, what I mean by an irrational concept is a subjective concept in the sense that no one can tell you what wealth is because what may be the experience of wealth for someone is not necessarily what it is to you.

Irrational concepts are spread out widely throughout our language and by misunderstanding their nature we keep getting into trouble. How many people have died over a conception of god? How many people have died over “the ultimate good”? The thing about irrational concepts is that they are subjective meaning that for each and every person these concepts hold a different meaning. To find some objectivity in these concepts is as hard as to determining the position of a quantum particle at a given time, it’s impossible! All we can do is estimate a field of probability where it may be. Such is the case with concepts like god, good, truth or whatever irrational concept you want. As I see it, what each one of these concepts is an opportunity to make our experience of being unique while still sharing common experiences with each other. I get it that experiencing something different than anybody else is scary, it is lonely very lonely, but loneliness is the opportunity for company. And so to express experiences of these subjective and irrational experiences is what drives artists to create what they create, the very expression through language of what it is that makes them like everyone else and at the same time not.

Information is the foundation of the universe and thus language is the process/function through which this information manifests into different levels of existence, some of those levels of existence are within our field of perception some are not, but our perception enables us to develop artificial languages to experience the universe through our as we do. What do you to talk about? Those are the levels of reality that you perceive and experience. If so, what you would like to talk about may be the direction of the universe to where you would like to go, don’t you think?