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People Catch Coronavirus Looting Cigarettes from Convenient Stores

NickApr 8, 2020, 2:40:29 PM

There's no doubt about it: it's a boring time right now for millions of people. It's also a dangerous time. Nothing is open, and that's hurting American workers and hobbyists. That's stressful. So It makes sense that, with more time on hand, people would smoke more. Maybe much more.

At first I wasn't worried about looting. I thought during a time of crisis, people wouldn't have any tolerance for looting -- especially when business owners are already hurting enough. Unfortunately, though, police officers have been instructed to only pursue violent crimes, and pilfering local convenient stores doesn't count. Some of the robbers are getting off for free.

And what's the most commonly stolen item? Cigarettes of course! And not only is it the most commonly stolen item -- sometimes it is the only stolen item! And moreover, several people have already reportedly caught coronavirus during their robberies.

I'm not a doctor, but during a time of mandated quarantine caused by a lung attacking virus, stealing cigarettes from convenient stores doesn't sound like the best idea. Maybe it's a good time to quit.