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Minds Update: November 5, 2019

NickNov 5, 2019, 4:57:49 PM

Happy day, everyone! I am happy to provide you, the wonderful community, with the belated Monday update around new features and bug fixes! This was intended to be posted yesterday.

1). General update: Sprints are two-week cycles where we fix bugs and add features. To make it more interesting for the community (and us!), the sprints have names! The last sprint cycle was called Quiet Qual, from 10/23 – 11/6. The next sprint cycle will be from 11/6-11/20 called Rolling Rabbit.

2). List of upgrades from the Quiet Quail Sprint (10/23-11-6):

a). NSFW selector fixed: Users have reported that they thought NSFW content was being properly marked, and yet they would receive a strike for that post. There was a UX/Design error that was the cause of this confusion, and we patched it up!

Click here to check it out!

b). Minor change to hamburger menu: Some users accidentally click on an unintended tab in the hamburger menu, but we fixed the padding so that this will happen less frequently: 

Click here to check it out!

c). Posting photos for exclusive content: Users can now post photos on their exclusive content! There was an error where the photo could not send via CDN.

Click here to check  it out!

3). We are working on updating all of our marketing pages for products and our home page, and continuing to work on Pro and monetization tools. Included in this is improving our onboarding process and bettering the suggested channels list. This will serve to also improve search. More details will be announced next time!

A complete listing of changes and merge requests with all of the technical details can be found here