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Minds Update: November 21, 2019

NickNov 21, 2019, 4:22:37 PM

Happy day, everyone! I am happy to provide you, the wonderful community, with an update around new features and bug fixes, and we squashed a lot of high impact bugs this week!

1). General update: The last sprint cycle was Rolling Rabbit, from 11/6 – 11/20. The next sprint cycle is from 11/20-12/4, called Silly Sheep. Many of the fixes we implemented this week are related to mobile!

2). List of bug fixes and upgrades from the Rolling Rabbit sprint (11/6 – 11/20):

a). Repeating notifications: A bug was causing entries to be repeated in the notification window for some users, and this has been fixed! 

Click here to check it out!

b). Gif uploads: Some gifs did not upload through mobile, and this has been fixed: 

Click here to check it out!

c). Wallet balances: Onchain token balance showed as zero for some users, even though there were tokens in the wallet. This has been fixed:

Click here to check it out!

d). Duplicate boosts: No more duplicate boosts in the newsfeed!

Click here to check it out!

e). Live avatar switching: Avatars will now update throughout the site instantaneously instead of taking time to update:

Click here to check it out!

3). We are working on updating all our marketing pages for products and our home page, and continuing to work on Pro and monetization tools. Included in this is improving our onboarding process and bettering the suggested channels list.