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Introduction to Brothers Grimm

NickSep 28, 2019, 5:56:53 PM

Fairy tales - especially those passed on by oral tradition - have been called the purest form of national culture. Stories passed on by oral tradition take on a life of their own , just like stories in the Telephone Game. Moreover, they necessarily reject the deepest rooted ideals of society, and the tales that live on, are the most true.

A modern perspective is that fairy tales are for children. However, the original fairy tales are often  dark and gruesome, and the content reflects upon topics like oppression and justice. Some of the most famous fairy tales are more than 500 years old, while others are relatively new.

This blog series will analyze every fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm, who collected almost 300 during the course of their lives. I will provide historical context on each of the fairy tales, and write a brief analysis of them.

I'll be using the third edition of the Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, first translated by Jack Zipes in 1983.