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The settled built America and deserve the right to protect it.

MutinyShopOct 23, 2018, 10:34:34 AM

1. to come to a country of which one is not a native

Immigrating is a temporary action, not what permanently is.

2. settler: a person or thing that settles.

to appoint, fix, or resolve definitely and conclusively; agree upon (as time, price, or conditions).

A settler is an immigrant that stays. Illegal immigrants don't have the right to stay. Therefore, they cannot become a settler.

Native Americans immigrated to North America from Siberia 13000 years ago. They’re American because they settled here and started to build a country. They became Americans just the same way Europeans did. They came here when it was undeveloped and they stayed and developed it.

First let's discuss the term "Native American".

4. Native

being the place or environment in which a person was born or a thing came into being: one's native land; belonging to a person by birth or to a thing by nature; inherent.

Doesn't that mean everyone born in America is a "Native American"?

I have to go into this because the second most common argument against white people is saying we have no right to this country because we "wiped out" or "invaded" the native population.

The European wave that immigrated to North America 500 years ago didn’t mean to “steal their land”. The first explorers brought diseases and that’s what killed 90% of the native population. They didn’t even realize the majority of the hunt and gatherers had recently died. The people hadn’t just died - their bodies had disappeared by the time most Europeans arrived.

Roughly 90% of the Native American population died from disease. An additional 4% we're murdered. So that means approximately 250,000 to 750,000 we directly killed. Compare this to Ottoman Empire that killed at least 5-20 million Christians mostly outside of their territory (note it is a much larger variant because people don't care about Christian history) but the Christians don't bring this up as an excuse all time when talking about war in the East.

"the U.S. government authorized over 1,500 wars, attacks and raids on Indian population". Now about 25 of those were wars. So I am definitely not saying they did horrible things. Do I think it is over-exaggerated? Absolutely. Still it's only 4% of the 95% killed. At the same time, native Americans instigated and encouraged wars against the Europeans. I wish I could find stats on how many Americans were killed. By Americans I mean people under the rule of the U.S. government. I consider Native Americans to be Americans.

However, can you really say 5-15 million people who lived here should have had complete rights to 3.7 million square miles and a land that is now inhabited by 325 million people? When over 90% of them accidentally died from disease? Only 250,000 to 750,000 people entitled to land over 325 million people can live on. Isn't unfair to expect that small of a population to be completely entitled to such a vast land? If they had responded with total peace and diplomacy, would the US government have acted the same way they did?

The only way the Native American genocide is even relevant to this conversation is that it is an example of what can happen when their is a mass  unwanted immigration to a country full of natives. What happened 500 years ago has almost nothing to do with what is happening in America today.

Native Americans have retribution payouts, affirmative action and reservations - and did you ever stop to think that illegal immigration hurts them just as much as it does any other American? It means less money in programs they need to recover from what happened to them in the 1900's. Programs which I don't disagree with because I actually am a centrist. (Not that I fully agree on continuing the programs now that they have had the time to recover).

I say this because the point of this article is to confront the statement "Immigrants built America" which is the number one argument on the internet. It couldn't be further from the truth.

The Europeans who migrated were being persecuted for their beliefs. Tortured and murdered. We don't blame immigrants for seeking asylum today. They came to a relatively underpopulated but hostile land and they believed that God had provided them with. They wrote things in their journals like ‘God created this farm for us.’ We know now that it’s not true but they had absolutely no way of knowing that 500 years ago.

Today immigrants are well aware of the native population and the laws they have now put in place to protect their development. The Europeans did not break any established laws when they came and that’s the difference.

Since then 20 generations of Americans have invested blood sweat and tears - millions died to build the infrastructure we have here and defend it. The only people fully entitled to this land now are Americans, born here or legally immigrated.

I remember in elementary school being taught to appreciate and understand the sacrifice the first settlers made to come here and develop America. What did kids learn today? I just tried to google "How many American settlers died". In quotes, which yielded no results. Without quotes it only brings up well known estimates of how many native Americans died. We can't even learn the history of our ancestors 500 years later because the negative propaganda against them is so intense. All I can find is that around 30% - 50% died on just the boats traveling over.

I personally welcome educated and/or hard working people to join us and we can sometimes help with refugees, but none of those people have a RIGHT to come here. We can say no if we can’t afford them or use them at the time. There is absolutely no guilt in exorcising that right.

In fact, it’s our responsibility to maintain, improve and defend what our families built. Sometimes we have to say no. However, as soon as they do get here legally, they are Americans too. They earned the right to become American and they start developing the country when they get here. That’s what the visa and asylum process was designed to ensure.

We're not asking to change the laws. We're asking to enforced them.

Present day Americans pay at least 50% of their income in total taxes (don’t forget about sales tax, state tax, etc). That’s six months of labor a year we invest into our country. Some give an additional 10% to their church - which I wish I could afford right now and I'd do if I had less taxes to pay. Not to mention most jobs directly contribute to building, maintaining and defending our country anyways.

In my lifetime of paying taxes I definitely feel entitled to be here over someone who has been investing in their own country but is choosing to leave it: instead of continuing to build it. Our government promises to protect our freedom and safety in exchange for taxes. We have every right to demand that protection now.

I am not at all anti-immigration. As soon as someone invests all the time and work it takes to legally immigrant, I consider them to be American. Entitled to all the same rights this country offers to me. Also they are entitled to the same amount of protection from invasion as all Americans are.

The more illegal immigration we endure the less legal immigration we can offer and that’s not fair at all. It’s like letting a bunch of people steal food at the market so the patrons willing to pay for it starve - being left with nothing to buy.

Ranchers have caught groups of hundreds of illegal migrants on camera in Texas traveling with assault rifles on their shoulders. That’s not a sad family with little kids. That’s an invasion. Our military did not defend us from this invasion. They let it happen and those invaders are living here now. Our government is taking our taxes and failing to follow through on their promises.

Please let the struggling families find a way to come legally if we can find a place for them in our society. But also, encourage those who are capable of developing their countries to stay instead of abandoning what their ancestors have been trying to build. That’s why it can’t be easy to some and easier for others.

I’ve seen the videos of the caravan. Women with small children break my heart and I want to invite them in to my home. I see them walking thousands of miles to escape a terrible life or death. Those week little ones aren’t capable of building their country yet and that’s okay.

The majority of those journalists are hiding something: That’s not the majority of people in the caravan. In videos from civilian journalists, the vast majority is young virile men who look capable of developing their country instead of abandoning it.

This mass illegal immigration isn’t just unfair. It’s incredibly dangerous. Isis, MS-13 and criminals are in the mix. That’s a fact. Guatemala stated that they found 100 ISIS agents in the current caravan of over 7000 unauthorized immigrants traveling here now.

As badly as I want to save the weak ones in the caravan, I can’t bare to let the precedent to be set. If they don’t follow the law and don’t apply for amnesty: I expect our government to follow through on their promises and use the military to enforce our laws.

I ask you now: Don’t try to change these laws. Don’t vote away what your families built and what you are building. If you immigrated here don’t vote away the requirements for others to follow the same process. Protect OUR country and don’t feel guilty about it.

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