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My Thoughts ..🌺 MK22 🌺 2019, August.

🌸MK22🌸Aug 31, 2019, 12:00:24 AM

Today I went to get a heart monitor placed on my chest.

 This in turn will determine if there is cause for concern. 

I sit or lay here, looking pale with pink tired eyes, barely able to hold the weight of my upper body when I stand. 

My arms, always by my side..try to aid me with that. Bless them for their efforts. 

But I forgot, my shoulder was smashed as a result of my recent car accident. 

That, happened two days, before the funeral of my one and only grandfather. 

Of which I attended. 

as I was wheeled into the church, to sing before a crowd of 500+ attendees. 

I Sang, Wind Beneath my Wings, as if I were Bett Middler herself. 

Loud and Proud, for that, he was. 

Three days passed..I drove back and forth to PG, which was an hour's travel either way, with a snapped collar bone and Nothing to ease the pain. 

I finally got my surgery, a total of six days after the accident. 

All this thought has given me a whole new oppinion of myself. 

I Am Disabled. 

But, my disability has Made me Stronger then I ever thought possible. 

To believe I went through just that this year would show my strength, but those, are just the highlights of a year that has been tougher on my self image then any other in my many years. 

But I'm still here. 

Fighting for the very life God blessed me with. 

I'm still here. 

And here I will stay.  

For every challenge is a lesson, and every person is responsible for turning those lessons inwards and grow from them. 

Or turn them outward and lash at those whom surround you. 

My disability is My Strength, because I choose for it to be. 

And I will not be Labeled as weak. 

When I clearly am not. 

But, thats just a thought. .

As always my Darlings, Live with Love, and May Peace be with you. Your Hostess, 🌺 MK22 🌺 2019, August.