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My Ancestors ; Hanuse. Oweekeno Bella Coola British Colombia, Canada

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This article is about the First Nations village; for the people whose former name was sometimes spelled "Oweekeno" please see Wuikinuxv.

Oweekeno is a First Nations village of the Wuikinuxv located on the north bank of the Wannock River just upstream from its mouth into Rivers Inlet[1] and adjacent to the sport fishing resort community of community of the same name.

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Who we are

The Wuikinuxv Nation has been here since time immemorial. Our people were here, under various names since time began. Archaeologist have found settlements in the area that are 10,000 years old.

What is now Wuikinuxv, is an amalgamation of many settlements that had their permanent villages in the lake and Koeye and on Calvert Island. Contact brought the Nations disease, conflict and a different economic climate. It introduced money as the currency of the day instead of trade-able goods.

As a result of these events, many of the populations of the different Peoples in the Rivers Inlet area left their settlements on the outer coast and joined up with other settlements, who were going through the same problems, including Wuikinuxv.

The cyclic lifestyle of the people now known as the Wuikinuxv slowly stopped revolving around the hunting and gathering, preserving and trading lifestyle that people knew. Their cycles began to be tied to the commerce built around the logging and commercial fishing industries.

At first it was woven in the hunting and fishing lifestyle and the people would leave their fishing plant jobs to go and do their own hunting, fishing, preserving and trading. Since the fishery was seasonal, it left time to continue a modified form of the lifestyle.

As the people grew more dependent on the hard currently of the dollar, it limited those hunting and fishing opportunities. So the communities grew more permanent and the many communities became the current village on the Wanukv River.

In 2011 the Wuikinuxv Nation collaborated with the UBC Museum of Anthropology Sourcebook to produce a 37 page sourcebook entitled "We Are The Wuikinuxv Nation". The sourcebook was written by Pam Brown, MOA Curator, Pacific Northwest

How to get to Wuikinuxv

Wuikinuxv Nation is located in the remote area of the Central Coast of British Columbia.

A peaceful, scenic territory and some of the best fishing in the world have created a highly desirable vacation destination spot for locals and tourists alike.

Transportation to Wuikinuxv Nation is only available via float plane and water taxi.

For more information contact

Dan Smith, Tribal Manager

Wuikinuxv Nation

Administration Office

Tel. 250-949-8625 Ext. 234

Email [email protected]

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