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Ethereum ; Didn't I Tell You !?

🌸MK22🌸Jun 22, 2019, 9:33:23 PM

Ethereum, not only has risen as I predicted...

It SurPassed Every Prediction I had!  Now soaring at prices of 400$ per ETH and UP!

If you are the few who listened to me and started investing at prices around 330 give or take...

You, are going to Notice A Big Change in your Coinbase Wallets ! And I am Beyond Happy for You ! 

If you are just tuning in...I will leave my link, and you too can take Charge of Your Financial Future!!


#Minds #Crypto #GetOutOfTheBanks #MakeYourInterestWorkForYou #InvestInYourFinancialFuture

As Always, Live With Love. And May Peace Be With You @MissKitty22 2019, June. 🌸 MK22 🌸