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A Poem ; by Catherine Weaver

🌸MK22🌸Sep 16, 2019, 8:32:28 PM

Being a Grandma ; 

Written by , Catherine Weaver. June 10th, 2014.

  Just sitting here , and trying to Dream . .

  Of being a Grandma , and all that it Means.

  On the day of their Birth, you give your Whole Heart & Soul.

  To this Tiny Person , you just Barley Know.

  The First time you Held them, you Already Knew ,

  For this Little Person , Anything , You Would Do.


  From the First time they Laughed , and the First time they Cry . .

  From the First time You Sang them , Your Favorite Lullaby.

  The Love you Feel for this child is Just So Surreal . .

  There's Just No One Way To Explain How You Feel !

  For Them , you Will be There. The Rest of Their Life.

  To Love Them , and Hug Them , and Make Sure They're Nice.

  To Give Them All The Advice That You Have ,

  To Make Sure They Become a Good Mom or Dad.

  To Help Them Avoid The Mistakes They Could Make ,

  And Only Hope , That Your Advice , They Will Take.


  The love of a Grandma , it Never Ends.

  It is Stronger than the Love of your Dearest Friend.

  It has No Conditions. No Rules. It Just Doesn't End.


  So , To All of the Grandmas Out There ,

  The Near and The Far. 

  Know That We Love You. For All That You Are.

  For All That You've Done and All You Will Do . .

  We Want To Tell You , That We Love You Too!!

                     XoX The Grandchildren XoX 

  . . .

  The Biggest Mistake that you could make ,

  Is to Take Advantage of Your Grandma.

  Because Her Heart it Would Break.

  And who would you be , to Break a heart that's so True . .

  A Woman Who Only Wants the Best for You.

  So , To All Of You Out There, Avoiding the Call ,

  Pick Up The Phone , It Takes No Time At All !

  To Make Sure Your Grandma Knows You Are There ,

  Knows That You Love Her , And Knows That You Care.

  Make Sure To Thank Her , For All That She Does.

  And Tell Her You Love Her , Just Because.

#LiveWithLove #PeaceBeWithYou @MissKitty22

                 MK22 , 2019 September.