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The Mind(s) of Minds. {My Town} #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingNov 28, 2018, 11:58:20 PM

As much as Bill is a great guy, as well as the rest of the team with Minds Inc and the vision of Minds was indeed the brain child of Bill's the fact remains that they are not the Minds behind Minds. So you are wondering who is?


The answer may not surprise many of us that have been on the network and active with the Minds team, development and have kept track of progress over the years on our platform. The answer is you. You are the Mind behind Minds and this is what makes Minds a wonderful place. For years Minds has built off the ideas and innovators of the network bring and implementing user ideas into the platform.

- Hashtags


-Sessions Logout


-Tube Link Play

Are just a few that I can rattle off that were user based ideas built into the network.

Love/Hate Relationship

Some of us long time supporters have developed a love/hate relationship with Minds over the time of supporting the network, as to say where issues come about that we have identified a suggested a solution to or notified the network of ; we as creators get aggressive and aggravated at the network. I think overall this is would have to be classified as normal, but as the wait gets longer and the issues continue the hostility only goes up towards the network. The main reason is we love our network and this issue or these issues are causing us as creators lose views, subscribers , and faith in a user based future.

I think among log standing bugs key things needed to improve the connection with creators of the network are.

- Road Maps

This is an improvement from nothing, but a blog would be nice

- Open Sourced Community

As a member of The Minds Community Open Source Initiative (MCOSI);

I think that this is a great place for Minds to start being more active in on a regular basis maybe dropping in or running a meeting, creating a place where users can help and build on things that are coming to Minds or that Minds needs ideas to improve on.

- Change Log

This again is something that Minds needs to focus on, a change log is important to creators of the network that work closely with Minds and helps identify bugs, promotes updates, and enforces transparency. I do know some users could create one from Asana (Image above) but in no way would it be an official change log from the company, but you could assign the community to make one for Minds to review and publish if you are short handed or overworked, I know a few interested users.



In short ignore the haters, let your voice be known and seen on the network. Understand that many of us fight for the network and with it in many was with many personality's and tactics ; some of us even invested hard earned money into the platform and want the platform to succeed in its vision of "You are the Co-Creator"  and will never stop fighting when these terms are not being meet.

Understand that we are all co-creators of our respective destinies.

-Mahershala Ali