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Supplying A Demand (Minds Token Stability) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingSep 24, 2018, 9:42:50 PM

In this blog we are going to go over the stability of the Minds Token. If you have followed along with our blogs you already know what an ERC-20 token is and the basics of Minds Token.

Define Token Stability

Simply put its the ability of a token to hold its value, in this case the Minds token. Now we know that the Minds token ecosystem breaks down to views, so Minds token stability is based off Minds being able to serve its users views on their content where, one token is equal to one thousand views.


We must take in to account a few variables to understand if Minds can actually do this these being the following:

1.) Amount of views the network itself gets daily

*Minds had over 4 Million visits in August 2018

2.) What a view is.

*A view is depicted as an amount of time on a users screen. This should be a solid number without variable as this is what users are buying, VIEWS ; currently Minds has not set time for views and this is a major stability flaw, as seconds change for views so does the worth of a view!

3.) How many views are served a day

Average users stays on Minds about 6 minutes a day.

4.) How many are requested a day.

5.) Are all views served.

* You can track the content you boosted for views in your boost console to make sure they were completed.

Supply & Demand

The supply and demand matrix of Minds runs off if users want views outside there current groups and subscribers, currently you can not boost more than 5,000 views as this is what the system (supply of views) can handle per post. The demand of views of course is constant on a social atmosphere, we only need to worry about times and serving of the views.

Serving More Views

Minds could easily serve more views with simple tactics like placing a boost feed on the home page, or navigate news-feeds to boost-feeds by default, and I think this is something that they should consider looking into, not only would it help serve views but it would help users gain new supporters and subs.

Cost Per Mille (CPM) (the cost for 1,000 impressions, or views of your content)

The Formula to break down your CPM for Minds.com works like this;


 1 Token = ETH

1 Token = 1,000 views

X ETH = 1,00 views

During our last guesstimate {10/9/2018} it costs about .15 cents to gain 1,000 views.

Do Rewards Hurt Demand?

I’d say overall no, and this is going to be the most debated part of this blog so let me explain why I say no.. As a bigger account I still boost my content, I.E blogs, videos, images that are original work by me I boost them, even though I have high numbers and get tokens the demand for views is still applicable.

Limits Do Hurt Your Rewards

On or around 10/18/2018 Minds added a limit to user interactions, this very well could hurt the reward pool and fuel to the network as the contribution poll is based off these actual interactions. 


The Minds Token can be a stable utility token as long as Minds:

1.) Makes a user based spam system

2.) Identifies and defines a stable view count

3.) Identifies the amount of views served daily

4.) Serves views in a timely fashion.

Last Updated:  10/19/2018