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Creating Supply And Demand Chains For Creator Tokens (#MindsGaming)

#MindsGamingOct 5, 2022, 5:19:19 PM

So you have your token, great stuff! Now you need to create a demand for your token whats a better way than using your content?   

Linking your upcoming content to your token is a great way to create a supply and demand chain, be it art, music, creative concept videos or whatever else you're creating accepting your own token for your work creates a easy supply and demand chain the supply being your tokens and the demand being your content.   

A Simple way to accomplish this is making set rates for segments of time or pieces or lengths of content.  For example if you're an artist your could set rates for canvas sizes, style, or even coloring. If you're a music or video creator you could set a rate for time, length, or customization.   

These of course are just basic starting points for your supply and demand chain, it's on you to start linking your skills to your creator token to make a supply and demand chain. The possibilities for use of your content and token is limitless with the many games and dapps on the market.

Thanks so much to everyone who has joined our little token creator ecosystem, we are always looking for content for our projects be it art, music, creative concept videos and more, let us know your rates 😁

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