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The Art Of The Steal (Stealing Tokens That Is) - Opinion By #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingNov 5, 2020, 5:35:07 PM

Minds has some really shady stuff going on with tokens right now so we are going to list them off and talk about each one and tell you where you should start reporting this issue!

Issue 1.) Cancelled boosts in rotation.

Currently Minds is cancelling paid boosts and not refunding the cost of the remaining tokens to users for unaccomplished views.

Git Logged: [Bug] Boosts are not being processed as expected; tokens are being held in limbo


Issue 2.) Auto-payment


Minds has flipped back on auto-payments without telling users of the change, some users were charged tons of tokens for auto-payments that they didn’t manually approve.



Issue 3.) Old Minds+ users are still being charged old payment plans.

If you were a Minds plus user before the change you are being charged 20 tokens a month, a ton more for the package and may not have access to the Minds+ network without manually cancelling the program and signing back up.

Git Logged:  Migrate legacy Stripe subscriptions into new Minds+


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My Thoughts On The Issues 


We want fair trades and a fair user market. We have listed our views on the issues below!


Issue 1.)

Minds seems to be siphoning tokens from the boost system and reselling them. Unless you notice (many often boosters may not) and report the issue in support you may never see these tokens again and Minds seems not to be able to track whats missing.

In my opinion boosts are a service and can be paid for as an “online shopping” expense. Minds is not filling the paid service.

Issue 2.)


Minds has has a number of complaints and turned on / off auto-payment for users at what seems to be an “at the will of Minds” tack. Minds promised users they would be off by default and turn them back on to catch users who pay for Minds services in a loop of payments and issues.


Issue 3.)

 Minds didn’t test the programs or layover of the cost for current Minds+ users, they seem to ask you to manually cancel the auto-payment but do not offer a refund for the payment even if its now a difference in price they call this “grandfathering”. However some phone companies have tired this before only to slapped in the face by the FTC for false charges and promotions on products.


Where To Start Reporting

It is my views that Minds users need to unite and stop “the art of the steal” on Minds by starting to report all these issues to the FTC. You can file your claim and learn more about what the FTC covers on their website.



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