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How to fix "No Rewards For Sharing Creators" #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingNov 18, 2020, 9:46:12 PM

With new changes comes new ideas, and recently Minds removed the ability for users to earn rewards from sharing content. They have moved to a new system of ownership rights where the creator gains mostly everything and promoters get almost nothing. Now some channels and business may want this type of system but not everyone.

Groups & Communities

Groups and communities on Minds thrive off shared content, and removing share rewards is going to really hurt them and the creators they promote. Many small based artist and creators are willing to give to receive in a community or group atmosphere.


Just make Content Yourself

We make tons of content from gaming videos, to blogs to uploading in our groups, and yes we could become an independent channel that focuses on our own content only. However that has never been our focus, our focus has always been creating a community atmosphere where people can find, promote and share content.

The Idea

As we have been running groups and our little community here on Minds now for more than a few years, we went right to work with the new change to provide a better solution to users that want one, and came up with what we think is a solid alternative and feature for Minds promoters.


## Curation & Group Rewards.

Define: “Boosted sharing” – A made up feature in settings you can turn off or on.

Goal: Provide a way for creators to give promoters of content a percentage of earnings

Reason: Some content creators want to help the users that help promote content to their channel.

This helps in group settings and with building communities on the Minds Network.
This is great for small independent creators to get noticed and gain a larger subscription base 
from well known promoters of content from groups and communities.

Create "Boosted sharing" 
A feature that allows creators to give a percentage of rewards to the promoter.

Creator: 80%
Promoter: 20%
* "Boosted sharing" can only be used from the original post

Creator Control:
Creators Can turn off boosted sharing in settings/example

## Group Improvements
Users can turn on “boosted sharing” and freely post inside groups to users who then can 
“quote” the post for a reward.

Group owners will gain rewards for the following.
Members : +3 contribution for every 200 members that join the group
Posting: +0.5 contribution per user that posts in the area daily.


Idea Short-hand

Pretty much we have a system that allows a creator to turn off and on a feature. This feature allows promoters and themselves to gain from quoted posts. Promoters would only be able to make themselves and the creator rewards from quotes, if quoted from the original post.

The best thing would be its user based so if you want to try it you can just turn it on, if you don't like it turn it off. This allows big channels to own content fully while allowing a community atmosphere of sharing and engagement.

Blog Closing

If you like this idea please promote it to your heart desire, we wish we could turn on rewards for you!  Also bug the developers to make "boosted sharing" a possibility! 


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