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The never ending story. (Parts 1-3 #MindsGaming)

#MindsGaming May 17, 2023, 4:06:51 PM

"I awoke not from slumber or sleep but I am awake all the same, my mind on overload as I realize that I am but a pawn in a large game of chess."  

This is a story I started almost three years ago now, it was supposed to be a cooperative story others could join in and contribute, the story lives on and has evolved into something completely different at this stage but the original chapters are always interesting to look at.  


 - Chapter 1  

In the dark of the forest was a shadow of a figure that roamed from the valley to river. The figure was there to protect the forest and all that lived in its vast growth. On this day the figure was down in the valley walking on the rocks, collecting the ones that seemed most delicious for a late midnight snack. When out of the corner of his eyes he noticed two lost souls in the distance, and could hear a faint whisper for help. 

As the figure walked down the windy trails, and steep hills towards the voices the whispers of pain became more clear no longer whispers the shouting of help became loud. The figure was not usually inclined to deal with such matters his fire was designed for protecting the forest and nature itself the matters of these creatures and their squabbles did not matter to him, usually.  


 - Chapter 2 

 The figure must have been bored that day as he continued to walk closer keeping his flame held tight in hand. As he approach the two voices turned into figures he had never seen in the forest no creature he knew clothed their soul. He approach the two figures with a powerful voice demanding a reason why they were in his forest.    

- Chapter 3 

 At first the figures did not reply, standing in shock  staring into the eyes of the figure standing feet above them, one finally spoke up in a shaky voice.  The new creature in the forest assured the great protector they did not mean any harm, they were only cold and looking for a safe place to rest.   --   That's the last place I left off but I think it's time for a new chapter, or maybe lots of new chapters, have you seen my wallet?