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The Minds Card Game; Game Book V1.5 #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingMar 30, 2021, 6:03:05 PM


The Minds Card Game (MTCG) is a game currently being created to play with your friends.

In MTCG you create, collect and battle cards created from users on Minds.com whom have subscribed to you.

Card Creation:

Counter Card For MTCG

You can deign your own card or use our card creator to start building your deck. 

All deck values are determined by your subscribers channel values on Minds.com


  • 1-100 subs = 1 mana
  • 101-200 = 2 mana
  • 201-300 = 3 mana
  • 301-400 =4 mana
  • 401-500 = 5 mana
  • 501-600 = 6 mana
  • 601-700 = 7 mana
  • 701-800 = 8 mana
  • 801-900 = 9 mana
  • 901+ = 10 mana

Attack Value = Total Subs

Defense Value = Total Views

Value Explanation:

We choose sub and view values as attack and damage as these values are created by others on the network, as you can only create cards from users that are subscribed to you cards created from larger channels with large amounts of views and subscribers are hard to collect and may be countered during the “Counter” phase.



Each player start with:

 100,000 Health Points.

A max of 30 cards in there created deck.

A max of ten light-bulb cards (mana). 

Mana counts towards your total card count. 

Players may only have one copy of each user in their deck.

Staring the game: 

Each player shuffles their deck.

Each player takes three cards from the top of their deck to their hand.

Player with the highest light-bulb card cost goes first. (You must show this card).

To play a card you must pay its light-bulb(mana) cost.


On your turn you must draw one card from your deck.

On your turn you may play as many cards in your hand that you can pay for in light-bulb cards face up on the board.

Once on the board cards can not be picked back up unless sending them to cyberspace or countered.

During your turn your opponents may play counter cards after you have drawn your card, tell the end of your turn.

Each turn player cards lose health equal to any damage done to them during that turn.

Counter Cards:

Counter cards are created by the game developers that anyone can put into their deck as a playing card without a subscription to you channel. 

Counter cards are labeled with “Counter”, “Spell” or “Ability”.

Counter: Can played as spell or ability.

Spell: Spells are played against or attached to your opponents card in play. Spells can be played at any time.

Ability: Ability cards are attached to your cards during your turn before the attack phase.

Players may have up to four copys of each counter card in their deck.


Community Cards:

Player cards are user cards collected by developers that can be used in any players deck without a subscription. Community cards will be labed with “Community Card”

You verify, find and collect counter, community & mana cards on https://opensea.io/collection/mtcg-cards/


On your turn you may attack and your opponent may block.

The player in turn declares attackers, while the opponent declares blockers. 

Players may not attack with cards played in that turn. 

Players can block a card with more than one card.

Players can not block multiple cards with only one card. 

Player cards do attack damage equal to its attack value.

Players cards block attack damage equal to its health value.

If a players card value equals 0 at any point in the game it is removed from the board and sent to cyberspace.

Any attack damage not blocked does damage to the players health points.

Once a player reached 0 health that player is removed from the game.

The last player with health points wins the game.


Cards Lookup

You can lookup if cards are legal by going to Minds.com/card-name without the @ sign.

For example is the card is @Minds the cards verification URL would be https://minds.com/Minds

The channel must be subscribed to the player using the card and all values inside on the card must be within 1,000 points (positive or negative) of attack and block unless a counter or community card that can be verified in the collector shop.

Mana conversion must be current.

If these values do not match the card is not legal for play and must be updated by the player.

This game is in creation and rules, card layout, and anything else may change during its creation and conception