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Minds Starts Endorsing Other Social Media Sites Like Facebook! #MindsGaming #Op #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingFeb 29, 2020, 8:22:25 PM

It seems that Minds is hell bent on endorsing other social media sites like Facebook with it’s mass social media share bar.


• To express approval of or give support to, especially by public statement; sanction.

• To recommend (a product), often in exchange for payment, as in an advertisement.


As we all know when a company promotes something via a share icon or bar it is a form of endorsement to use these products. You may be more familiar with the concept of game codes on your energy drink at your local super market, this is an endorsement for the game, you can’t use the code unless you buy or have the game. The same concept applies here you can’t use these features unless you sign up for or have an account on the social media site.

Many users complained about this share icon, so Minds came up with a solution to hide it from your view, this means you can’t see it but others that you may be directing your content to will see it, unless they have made an account and turned off visibility of the bar, so no matter what you do you are now forced to have the endorsement shown on your content.

I for one do not have an account on these other sites, do not wish to endorse or have easy share buttons for my content for these networks as I came to Minds to get away from them, not to have my content easily end right back on the network I didn’t want to be on anymore.

Of course Minds is in denial that it is promoting or endorsing other networks, and that the new option to hide it from your own view should be plenty enough and they have no plans and are in no rush to change the current layout of these share items.

As always Minds rushed to a fix without taking all the views and solutions into account, one developer said maybe ( remember no rush) they will move it to the share button collapse. Well it’s a shame it didn’t start here, it was suggested before the new implementation and would have been a solid overall solution.

The main thing with this share bar is that this is the second time some members have seen it, and the second time they have complained about it, and yet they are still forcing by default on your content with no way to remove it from your content only from your own view, “HELLO?” did anyone here an echo?