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Minds Removing Anonymous Votes? #MindsGaming #Op #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingJul 4, 2020, 10:29:05 PM

Is Minds planning to remove anonymous voting in the near future?

In 2015 Minds was all about remaining anonymous on the web, and was one of its major selling points to users. Allowing anonymous support via up-votes to users is not only essential but a huge plus for users that don’t always agree with “mob mentality” or the current media propaganda (whatever it maybe today) that is circumventing the web.

The benefit of an anonymous voting is avoiding trolls and keyboard warriors that some just don’t feel like dealing with because they liked a post that others did not, while allowing the creator to know you liked the post (you are anonymous to the viewers, and creating a bond with the creator).

For example if I make a post with #AmericanLifesMatter I am giving my peronsal view on "media propagand" via my content, that others whom like the post may get attacked for simply for giving a like to the creator. (Happy 4th of July )

On the flip side of the coin allowing users to show likes can be a great thing, by simply up voting you are showing other users what posts also interest you among others and can create some bond or new friendships based on this interaction.

My Stance

I am not here to stand against users creating a bond, but will stand against forcing users to submit to recording votes in a public manner, soon will we be banned or suspended for what we vote on? Will you invoke the “send mob” feature for real once all this is done? What road is Minds really going down are we just going to soon be just another social media site?

I firmly suggest you create this function in an OPT-IN manner allow users who wish to show votes to do so and allowing users who wish to stay anonymous to the public eye when voting on posts, even a “show your vote” option on the post may be needed honestly, but more thought needs to go into this feature and request.


Thanks as always for reading please, remind, like (anonymously) and drop a comment on your view about showing likes on Minds.

Reference & Resource:

View this upcoming feature on Gitlab:

Show a list of who has voted on a post

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