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MG Interviews #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingJan 26, 2021, 7:16:57 PM

Coming this February we are going to be showing Gamers so major love, as we are staring interviews with other Gamers on the Minds platform.

We will be teaming up with other channels that have been recording and video promoting for some time on Minds. In the interviews we will be talking about your favourite games, systems, focus on your gaming channel and more!

How it will work.

Step One

First we will have a live show with @InfiniteImaginarium. This show will be promoted for live viewing and recorded for upload promotion later by both our channel as well as our cooperative partners in THE INFINITE IMAGINARIUM.  

Step Two 

We will then rip the interview, cut it up if needed and add your gaming material as background viewing. We will provide you with your own downloadable copy to use how you wish. You must have uploaded gaming content on your channel for this step!

Step Three 

We will be uploading and promoting our version in our #VIP area as a plus or membership viewing experience and promoting this copy to our channel and the boost network. Our channel will provide 2,000 views a boost, any extra promotional boost will require a wire to our channel to pay for the extra views in the boost console. 

Does it cost anything?

No. We are not going to charge you to talk with us and promote your gaming channel. All our gains will come from the ripped gaming production of the video promoted in our #VIP area. 

Gamer(s) Per Show

We are going to start with one-two Gamers per show, and at least one show a month depending on our cooperative hosts and recorders availability. We will be working out scheduling soon so if you are interested get involved by dropping a comment on this blog! If you have already expressed interest please comment again to get on the schedule sorry for any confusion.



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