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#MindsGaming Interviews (Update)

#MindsGamingAug 3, 2021, 5:42:33 PM

As some of you know we started doing interviews on Minds with other users and gamers not long ago. With a great start and lots of interest we pushed out content with many new and old users for our interviews. 

We took this project and turned it into a full podcast production released on Spotify and Anchor. Our plan was to do a few shows a month with a new user and old to help promote their channel and content. 

Unfortunately we have reached the point where interest in the podcast and show is declining and its becoming harder and harder to find new channels and gamers that can come on the show with us. 

We have a few options to deal with this and move forward with the production, so if you watch our shows please comment on these ideas. 

1.) Just promote it more to users 

2.) Do more general chats and less guests

3.) Take a break and come back when more new users need a show. 

4.) Get me on the show I'll come. 

Current Plans

Currently we will be focusing on releasing any unused content from our shows or interviews to buffer out our show content. We are still looking for new users to come and talk shop or about their channel, ideas or whatever else that is interesting. 

Investor Voting 

We will also start holding votes for our token investors on what content they would like to see produced next be MTCG cards, gaming videos, podcasts or blogs. If you're a community investor and supporter you can cast your vote here when we have them. 

Next Show

As we do not currently have a guest for our next show we will be talking about MTCG tokens, new cards and powers how we can improve the game prototype and more. I also want to start incorporating movies and books into the podcast more often if we continue with the production.


Thanks as always for reading please comment your ideas or interest as well as remind and upvote! We hope we can keep this project active and fun.