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I’ll focus on Firefox

#MindsGamingJul 10, 2018, 8:04:42 PM

Every month we do a blog on something and invite anyone who wants to contribute to join. This month we put our focus on browsers, you know the thing you use to get on Minds and your other favorite sites Online.

I will be detailing my browser of choice including extensions, settings and search provider. As the title implies I use Firefox as my browser, and on all my devices Mozilla is my browser provider.

I use Firefox because of its open sourced code and privacy based features, not to mention dependability. Firefox is one of the world’s most successful open source software projects, and has a wide range of browser extensions to enhance your experience.


A browser extension is a plug-in that extends the functionality of a web browser. Some extensions are authored using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.[1] Others are developed using machine code and application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by web browsers, such as NPAPI and PPAPI. Browser extensions can change the user interface of the web browser without directly affecting viewable content of a web page, according to wiki.

I use a few extensions on Firefox:


I use Hide my IP VPN ; as the name implies this extension hides my IP address from prying eyes.

2.) NoScript Security Suite

This allows JavaScript, Flash, Java and other executable content to run only from trusted domains of your choice, e.g. your home-banking site, mitigating remotely exploitable vulnerabilities including Spectre and Meltdown.

2.) MetaMask

Meta mask is the crypto wallet recommend by Minds so of course its extension is in my browser

3.) One Click Youtube downloader

I use one click youtube down-loader to download raw files of music and things that allow use and to save in my personal folders for my playlists.

Thats it, not to extensive if you ask me and no I don’t have any extension games on my browser I rather download a full PC game and boot it up, not to mention the data they run in the background.

You can look for extensions on Firefox here


A browser theme changes the basic appearance of your browser giving it a little flash, for the most part I am pretty basic, but every now and again I will give my browser a little flash with some outdoors or gaming art.


My browser settings are set up to my personal preferences, and I will go over them here in a step by step approach.

On a general settings my browser always checks to makes sure Firefox is default, my font is set to default on size 18, it checks my spelling as I type, It asks me where to save downloads, I allow Firefox to install security updates automatically and use smooth scrolling.

On my search settings I use the navigation bar for both search and navigation, my default search provider is Duckduckgo, and I do not allow search suggestions.

My privacy settings are as follows, my browser asks to save passwords for sites, never remembers history, accepts cookies tell closed, accept cookies and data only from sites visited , no checks in my address bar settings, my tracking protection is always on as well as my do not track signal. I block pop-up windows, warn for install, no checks for collection of data, all checks under security, and ask every-time when a site asks for my personal certificate.

I do sync my browser settings and account across all devices using Firefox account.

Work on Minds?

Firefox works on Minds wonderfully, in fact if you were to ask a developer the most supported browser for Minds they would respond… Firefox after a bunch of pr on how other browsers are also supported and should work as well, but if you are having an issue or a bug that seems to just be on your side you may want to give a go in Firefox.

Compare to ?

Well I am not going to compare Firefox to another browser here as its really the only browser I have use on a day to day base and have been using it for a few years, I have always found it dependable with very few issues. I will say again that its the most used, and largest open sourced project in conception to date and thats no small feat. Firefox has a few well flavors of Firefox to fit specific users like Firefox focus for secure private browsing, and Firefox developer for web developers.

Download Firefox and try it today!

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