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Explaining the frustration with recent boost issues. (Counting the Count) #MindsGaming #Op #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingApr 30, 2019, 8:01:55 PM

Explaining the frustration with recent boost issues. (Counting the Count)

Still upset with your missing impressions on the latest Minds glitch read, comment and remind if you agree!

Recently Minds has news-feed issue that caused the feed to randomly shift up/down the feed during scrolling that caused the counter for views to not function correctly.

During this time period many users (including myself) believe and truly feel as the boost system was not fulling the views or normal functions as boosts were quickly filled and normal impressions that that channel for similar type of content simply did not happen. Now this is voiced throughout the network at this point with users and users complaining of Minds not honoring the views and system used during this time period.

As a user I would like to explain why they were not completed and did not receive the normal impressions during this time.

1.) Shifting feed

If a news feed is shifting randomly how can a normal impression for a view be completed as normally it wouldn't shift from view randomly.

2.) Another View

When shifting a user losses the place in the news-feed and attempts to start from the last post remembered in the new-feed eating a view for both that post and any posts the feed shifted through randomly.

3.) The Counter

During the time the counter was not working as the post was not in view for 5seconds as defined by Minds as a view.

4.) Loss of impressions

When one user lacks impression maybe its that specific content that actually lacks, however when many users during the same time period experience the issue its mostly likely something with the system this is basic IT.

Well that's all I have on reasons users feel the way they do about the recent outage and issue on Minds, I think minds should have and still should handle this issue accordingly with how the users that make or break your network (some that paid for these views) feel about the impressions during the glitch and act in a more professional manner and not toss it under the bus so to speak.

What are your thoughts? How should have Minds responded with this issue to its users? Is there something they can still do to fix it?

Thanks as always for reading, reminding and commenting on the topic!