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Duck you, you Fish (Title’s are important ) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingSep 13, 2018, 8:57:54 PM

Your title is one of the most important things to grab attention of a user, here we are going to touch on titles, imagery or the placement of images, and of course what to stay away from.


We will use this direct blog title as and example of a “click me” title. The catchy phrase is at start “Duck you, you Fish” and what the blog is actually about comes after we put in brackets to separate it from the catchy phrase, but I have seen commas, and dashes. These type of titles help to grab attention or second glance and most important interaction, this is the same method many will say “clickbait” uses, and well kind of only actual content is inside according to title, hopefully factual, and relatable.


In this blog we have a duck looking down at some fish courtesy of Pixabay  in my view he is thinking of eating them, but I am sure many take this image as many things but it relates to the “click me” part of the title, now you can also use one that goes with what the blog is actually about or what I like to call a flashy image that catches some eyes like the one blow.

I have learned to stay away from screenshots unless inside the blog from some trial and error but remember this and your title are your eye catches for viewers. Always try to relate to your topic inside your content.


Branding is a great addition, for example or hashtag #MindsGaming that many users use for gaming and technology posts and blogs, you can read more about branding here.

Other Things To ADD


A quote is always a nice addition to a blog.

Hateful words stand no chance against self-worth and a little of humor.
- Iskra Lawrence

- Humor

We each have our own form of humor, I like memes personally.


Try to add suggestions if you know of a problem having to do with the topic some other users will expand or compare there view on it with you when you do this, this allows you to gain more perspective and thoughts on the matter even if you don’t agree with the said suggestion. 


Make sure to reference your images if required by the license with the image, we mostly use images that don't require contributions, user work or our own material.

What to stay away from.

Well this is always are hard issue to touch on as everyone has a different view on things and there surroundings but I will give some basic things I personally stop reading.


I have to mention this first as it inspired the blog. Stay away from slander for example a recent blog has come out about how we removed comments from another blog we have, now your asking so it’s your blog you can remove what you want. Well you are correct and have before, like scat and porn or straight spam, but in this case we didn't actually remove the content, the blog was spammed so bad it glitched and lots of comments were lost including my own, and its a well documented issue that has come up in help & support more than one account during high traffic hours and very active blogs in general.

- Clickbait

A post inside a blog, inside a post, inside a website or whatever. Users have taken the time to click your content you could have taken the time to copy and paste the article from wherever okay.

Explicit imagery

Now I'm not saying don’t write explicit blogs, that’s a whole other beast but I would try to stay away from explicit images of death, nudity or other inside a general blog I find it just turns users off, expect during Halloween of course ;)

Well that's all for now, I hope you enjoyed this blog and half vent, see you for the next one :)