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Converting Minds Tokens To ETH, BTC, And More. (Piggy Backing On A Unicorn) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingNov 4, 2019, 9:46:29 PM

In this blog exclusive we will be learing how to exchange Minds Tokens for ETH, BTC and more on Uniswap.

First lets make sure you have everything you need.


Minds Tokens


Great now we know you have everything you need to start trading and exchanging your Minds tokens.

We are going to start with Withdrawling Minds tokens from your Minds account to Metamask.


To move your Minds offchain tokens to the blockchain,

Make sure that you have unlocked your Metamask and added the Minds Token to your wallet.

The Minds Token address is:


Next we need to go to the Minds withdrawl console, to do this click the Bank Icon,then withdrawl on Minds.

Follow the Metamask promts to pay the gas fee.

Once completed the Minds token will show in your Metamask wallet.

Great now your Minds Tokens are in your Metamask wallet!


We will be using Uniswap to exchange tokens.

Under "Swap" Click the dropdown for "input" and manually paste the Minds token address.

Address Reminder:


Next Select "ETH" for your "Output" back to your Metamask wallet.

Make sure you are connected (top right corner) and click SWAP!

You have now exchanged your tokens for ETH and can cash out (exchange) your ETH for USD with cointraders like Coinbase.

I hope you enjoyed a blog if you're looking for the walkthrough video, Click Here.

Please feel free to comment your experience following this blog and any other question having to do with the process.

This blog was inspired by @sofuego content make sure to drop by his channel.