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Community Moderation ( The High Road, Review Part one) #MindsGaming #OP #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingMay 23, 2019, 9:00:34 PM

In this blog we will be talking about how the new community moderation system works, the current issues we see with it and our view on how Minds could fix these issues.

How It Works.


Currently all active users are enrolled in the community moderation system (That has a verified phone nuber) and no opt-in or opt-out exists for this feature. Active users on the network are randomly selected to vote on content that Minds has taken action on. Minds reviews posts reported from the "drop-down" option "report" by users on the network and is marked properly and the user given a "strike" if agreed on by Minds admins, if the user whom had the reported post chooses to appeal  this change in content it will go to the moderation system. You can find the full details here. 


Once a user receives a "strike" they will be notified and asked to appeal remember if you do not agree with the strike you should appeal! Although not discussed in the community moderation page (and not confirmed) normally if an appeal is passed you receive no punishment and as there are limited strikes depending on the report you don't want to not appeal.

Issues & "Requests"

Boost Policy

The boost policy has a few terms that need to be better defined or taken out of the policy

Is a Help & Support request;

It doesn't actually seem this is what you are looking to achieve and not being able to publicly promote your view on issues to the network, asking for help with the network, or "requests" to the network is a direct conflict with the building blocks of Minds and freedom of speech and expression. Did you accept this boost??


I agree every user should be able to vote on content I also agree they should be able not to vote or get notifications for this if they wish not to participate in the process. An opt-out / opt-in option would reduce times for users to wait for judgment as well as keep the annoyance down for users that do not want to participate.


If "strikes" are taken away when the appeal is approved as they should be then a separate appeal notification is needed as channels with large amount of notifications everyday could easy miss this notification and be taken down in less than a week if they miss three notifications or are attacked.


Allow users to opt in to becoming a NSFW channel to avoid forgetfulness of marking posts and receiving a strike.

Time Limits

An amount of time is needed for accounts to appeal as to accept a report if no action is taken and not pile false "strikes" where they may just have not been active to appeal the report. 

Thanks for reading as always feel free to drop your views on the content policy below, we are planning to make make a how-to if selected as a random active user if possible, see you for our next one :)