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Community Logging #MindsGaming #Op #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingDec 4, 2018, 2:02:46 AM

I am very happy to present community logging! A chance to really get involved with Minds development . 

If you are really looking to help and improve Minds, welcome community logging! Logging issues to the Minds development team for fix.

Current Issue:

Prioritizing issues on the network including feature requests and bugs from users.

Minds gets flooded with requests and a few bugs that need to be addressed in the program as well on a daily basis. From groups like "Help & Support", "MUG" , "MCOSI", and more, the prioritizing and relaying of these issue gets lost in the shuffle with many issues and requests getting lost or no attention from developers for extensive amounts of time.  Don't you want your issue or feature looked into? Well here is your chance to get involved!


We are looking for volunteers to log issues from "Help & Support" to the community logs! Please, if you are looking to help get issues and features solved on the network, keep reading this!


To make a unified way of logging & prioritizing issues for developers.

Current Solution:

A community logging system with user to developer relay.

Create a manageable list as a community to relay to developers of the program that is open sourced and transferable, this way Minds can later move, download or transfer this data.


A way to separate features, bug and prioritize them in the system.


We are using Tagia to log issues. This is a 3rd party system that is relayed to developers. To find out more about how this process works or ask more questions go here.

Log your first issue/request or question here:


Feature Request Taskboard:


Bug Taskboard:


Change Logs:


Bugs sent to devs:


Feature Requests sent to devs:



Minds has asked us to prioritize community issues and requests to developers together as a community and lay the building blocks and ideas for future projects that Minds plans to expand into in the future.

This is a chance for you to really get involved and create the community on Minds beyond "Help & Support" and making idea blogs.

Coming Soon!

Soon with the help of "MCOSI" we will have a complete user help desk as well as more information on this will be posted to the "MCOSI" group on launch!


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