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The Bot Voting System #MindsGaming #Op #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingSep 17, 2021, 8:42:22 PM

Welcome to the land of bots in this upcoming voting system! That’s right Minds is planing on launching a betting system where you bet on posts that you think will gain the most traction!

What a horrible idea! We already are fighting off bots in every corner on Minds, but first lets focus on the not bot problem, as the bot issue is so apparent.


Even Without Bots 

Even without bots the new voting system will become bias, growing already popular channels over new creator content. This will not fix the reward issue “bubble”. Where as a new user, it is hard to gain rewards and promote your content without tokens.


Here Is Why:

  • Large channels are known betting on yourself or other large channels is bound to gain something.
  • Large channels most likely have disposable tokens to place bets on other large channels. This will only increase the rewards bubble helping already know channels gain a bigger value.
  • New and smaller channels still wont have tokens to place bets to increase their rewards.

Now we know the basics of the issues without bots, lets cover the apparent.

Bots Will Win

As Minds already has a bot issue with fake accounts manipulating the plus rewards system it is only a matter of time before bots are able to vote for themselves or other bots in their network. This will eventually cause the same issue with gaming rewards, only with gaming votes.

 As this voting system is being promoted as allowing any user to vote on any post, with bots it will actually become easier to game then paying for a plus membership and generating rewards to a bunch of fake base accounts.



I think its only a matter of time before Minds runs into a major gaming of the voting system or once again and has to add restrictions to the system to try to protect it from gaming. Creator tokens and decentralized blockchains are the future of the internet, Minds needs to get on board before we go down another rabbit hole. Vote for creator tokens!!


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