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Beta Testing With Minds (Welcome “Canary”) #MindsGaming #Op #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingFeb 17, 2019, 1:59:38 AM

The one thing Minds has been missing for a long time is user based beta testing. This is something that we have mentioned in many of our blogs on how to improve the network many times, well it seems the message may have finally reached the minds of Minds.

Yep, Minds now says “...you can help test out all of our newest features so we can be sure to work out any issues before rolling it out to everyone.” what a wonderful step for the Minds network! This will reduce bugs in new features and help the network make solid transitions focusing on stability over flash.

Now I don’t have a pack ton of information on this new feature or how it is really suppose to work other than, its called “Canary” and you can enroll to be a tester now on https://www.minds.com/canary

you will see the latest push that is on the network listed on this page under experiments. And a turn on/off control in the page banner.

Again as its a new feature and no official details on how the program actually works has yet to be released we have to make some educated guesses, but when you turn on “Canary” you will receive a notification, this brings me to believe you should get a notification for any feature added to the testing page. I also believe a link to where the feature is located to view should go with the listing of said features so you can easily navigate and start testing the feature (this is not yet available or known if to come but I see it being likely).

I also would be interested in a implementing review(s) area with a chat that so users can view and collect feedback from other testers that are enrolled in the program.

Overall I am very excited to see a beta testing program on its way to Minds and encourage anyone that is interested to turn on your Canary for the newest features and updates not yet pushed to the network. I would also like to thank the developers that may be reading this and give them a cyber pat on the back, thank-you this is so needed! 

Thanks as always for reading and make sure to drop a comment on the subject :)

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