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Minds Needs Press Even if Its Bad #MindsGaming #Op #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingFeb 19, 2021, 9:09:21 PM

Minds has taken extra steps to get some bad press from users as its users move to other networks.

Minds doesn’t get press, so the best thing they can do is make users give them press. Unfortunately attacking users only gives you bad press to other users causing users to move to other networks like JoshWhoTv.


Over the last few months Minds admins have been attacking accounts for “spam” and banning them from the network as well as throttling users views in the boost console from promotional channel content. My first and current thought is Minds has a bad actor in its mists that is hurting the network causing users to move from the service to others in hopes of crumbling the service, and the current Minds team just doesn't believe this is possible.


This thought however is also conflicting with my marketing mindset. Minds had a huge ban issue with users and they need to bring them back, the best way to do this is make it seem like its a larger issue than it is, and how do you do that? Simple you attack an account that is know for making noise about issues like my own.

Minds has spent over a week now blocking my promotional content from the boost network, and only allowing negative PR (Public Relations) about the issue to hit the boost console. I even made live boost recordings to prove this what they were doing (I’ve linked them below).


Minds clearly needs some PR (Public Relations)  , and the bad actor is trying to force my hand into making a subjective blog about the topic to force bad PR on the system pushing more users away from the network because of these issues.

I have asked Minds to send me the triggered events for my boosted content to see what admin has been doing this or to prove that I’m crazy and its all just a fluke in the system but they have declined to do so as they promote transparency and decentralization while not providing these tools for users.

Well cheers to you Mr. admin you did it, your forced my hand I hope you like my blog.


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