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Polarity Therapy - "The Wireless Anatomy of Man"

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Polarity Therapy is a four-part approach to balancing the Energetic patterns of the body. Based on principles developed by Randolph Stone, Polarity Therapy combines bodywork, nutrition, stretching postures and attitudinal counseling to free Energy blockages and establish a Natural Energy flow for Self-Healing.

Stone formulated his therapy based on the underlying principle of wireless currents in, around and through the body. It is this subtle Energy flow that gives Life and through which the Soul functions. Quite simply, disease occurs when the flow is disrupted. Polarity Therapy, rather than treating disease, is focused on reestablishing the Natural Balance of this flow, which in turn allows Healing to take place.

Polarity Therapy practitioners concern themselves with the positive, negative and neuter states of the Energetic wiring, flowing vertically and horizontally, and spiraling from the top of the body downward and from the center outward. The center from which the Energy flows and to which it returns, is considered the Source of the Energy and this triune action is what is required to keep the flow in motion.

According to Stone, this circuitry flows in all aspects of Life and is a basic principle in Nature. Everything has a middle with opposing ends, in constant communication and relationship. In this law of relationship, there is attraction (pleasure/sensory) and repulsion (pain/motor). Blockage is more likely to occur in the negative (outgoing) flow.

It is when the outgoing force is unable to remove from the system “unassimilable physical, emotional or mental material” that disruption in the circuitry occurs and the system becomes dysfunctional.

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These charts and explanations are a sincere effort to point to a finer energy concept as the real cause of disease behind its grosser manifestation. With the finer concept must go a constitution of the five-fold energy fields heretofore overlooked. We even test steel for its molecular flaws of structure and tensile strength. Why should we not give the same consideration to the quality and tone of functioning tissue and the energy circuits behind it which really condition it? Many puzzling facts will explain themselves when we examine them in the light of the basic electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] field which underlies the gross structure. Polarity relationships of triune functions will also explain many factors which nerve tracing and the circulation does not account for, - opposites, such as, head and feet, ankles and kidney functions, knees and digestive reactions, etc., etc.

There is nothing occult in the various densities of matter in any form. Why has this field been overlooked in all our intense research in chemistry? Is it possible that we have lost ourselves in external details and failed to link them to a living center? Progress in constructive living application is slow; it is a laborious, endless task.

The whole constitution of man must be taken into consideration, not merely the treating of the body as a chemical or mechanical machine. Every reaction to any application of therapy or drug must come from within the body, from the soul entity, thru [through] its various step-down mechanisms, voluntary or involuntary, conscious or unconscious. The body has no sensation itself, neither has the mind. Its real entity of all sensory reception and reaction is the dweller in the central core of the body. Therefore, the most effective therapy should reach that central core and make its centers (chakras) spin and act to produce a most necessary harmony of currents and reactions. That type of therapy which reaches the core of sensory and motor action and arouses a radiant glow of reaction and a balancing and repolarizing of currents from the center out and inward can be considered a real therapy of causes. These charts and explanations are an earnest endeavor to present an overall view and some applications of a lost art of the finer forces of man.

Summary of Principles

1. The soul is a unit drop of the ocean of the Eternal Spirit which is the dweller in the body as the knower, seer, and doer; it experiences all sensation and action. It alone is the power in the body which reacts to any mode of application of therapy or action. Consciousness and intelligence reside within the soul. Physical consciousness is a blending of the soul powers with the mind. It rules in the superior regions of the brain. Mind is a step-down of soul forces to act as an intermediary link between spirit and matter. Prana is a further step-down of mind energy.

2. Mind is the finest substance of matter operating in three bodies as three fields of consciousness:

The causal body is the pattern field of the mind; here it is the ideal or superconscious mind;

In the etheric and emotional field, mind operates thru [through] the senses. It is the normal conscious mind;

In the gross physical body, mind governs all involuntary functions and repairs. It operates as the subconscious mind.

3. Emotion is a blend of the mind and senses as a step-down current of mind energy. It is in the etheric realm of airy nothingness which rules the world and the individual desires seeking their fulfillment. These may be greater than the individual's capital of energy and capacity. This is an air-borne dilemma of pain, effort, sorrow and frustration.

4. Prana, "The Life Breath" is a neuter [neutral] current which knows itself not. It occupies the upper region of the body. As energy, it has an ebb and flow like the tides in nature. The centrifugal force of Manvantara [Manuvantara] (manifesting period) in the universe is the outgoing breath and the motor current in the individual life. It is an outer awareness equal to the daytime consciousness of action.

5. The centripetal force as the Pralaya period of the universe becomes the ingoing breath and the sensory consciousness, equivalent to nighttime and sleep.

6. The individual vital force is the negative pole or repository of both energies in the lower region of the body, the sacrum posteriorly as motor currents and the generative organs anteriorly as sensory currents. It is a crystallization of the pattern of consciousness and "The Eternal Principle of Life in the Seed," perpetuating itself in a microfilm style. It is the residual force which is the drive and stamina as the root of life. Everything external revolves around it. Perpetuation is the purpose and keynote of manifestation.

7. There are five finer etheric stages of vibrating qualitative matter known as tattwas [tattvas]; their extended lines of force manifest in curvilinear patterns of ovals (planets, eliptoids [ellipsoids], etc.). As the cell and the egg, they are the individual manifestation of life as the feminine principle in nature. Five oval cavities in the body are the basic fields for qualitative expression in organism thru [through] sensation and action. Sensory nerve fibres [fibers] act as antennas of the soul for concrete sensory perception and experience. There must also be a constant exchange and blending of the individual tattwas [tattvas] with the universal supply of solids, liquids, air, warmth, and

8. The three Gunas as the three universal principles of motion everywhere; positive, Raja [Rajas]; and negative, Tamas; spinning around a neuter [neutral] center, Satva [Sattva, Sattwa]. These become the polarity principle in the human body, the superior, middle, and inferior in importance to consciousness, life and motion. The foundation of the polarity principle is active in the embryonic stages of building the body. This wireless principle carries thru [through] life after the wires and tubes are established. The primary patterns of currents function over this step-down mechanism called the body. Blocks in this energy field and its circuits are the fine ethereal and material causes of pain and disease. Re-establishment of currents in balance with the center or the neuter [neutral] field is expressed as the normal stage known as health.

Application of these three modes of energy thru [through] manipulative therapy to balance currents and release blockades in the finer circuits as well as in the gross conductors opens the fields for every known therapy.

A. A neuter [neutral] principle (Satva [Sattva, Sattwa]) of any soothing, balancing application is indicated. Here a very light touch thru [through] polarity of the fingers to polarity centers of the body is used.

B. A positive principle (Raja [Rajas], action, motion) of manipulative therapy is expressed in directive force applied to the body either with or against the current flow. Other therapy, such as application of light, heat, electricity or anything radiating and stimulating in nature is used internally or externally and must also be of a positive nature.

C. A negative principle (Tamas, darkness, cold, inertia, and resistance) which must be aroused and counteracted by therapies which are dispersive, scattering, eliminating, forceful, deep and penetrating, eliciting a definite reaction thru [through] the resisting action of the negative pole, thus arousing it and tuning it into the circuit.

9. In the human body, the dual brain currents of the caduceus and the electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] circuits are definite factors to be balanced in relation to the individual centers of polarity and to the finer cosmic energy fields of exchange externally. As a final balancing physical factor, the reaction of the gravity of the earth on muscles and joints must not be overlooked.

10. The emphasis is on the release of the individual forces of the soul by direct intervention of finding and removing the wireless energy blocks, no matter of what nature they may be. The centrifugal energy can sweep the field clean if duly aroused and if enough latent energy is present for a reaction. Miraculous cures in history can be better understood by a process of exaltation of the soul energies, or an influx of force of a subtle quality thru [through] the ultra-sonic [ultrasonic] central beam of radiant energy within the organism.

Commentary from a Wireless Energy Viewpoint

The life energy - Prana - is a step-down current from the Eternal Sound Current which supports all living things. The origin of life is in the pattern-field of the mental plane where it splits into potential sensory and motor currents. Its action is in the etheric field (akash [akasha, aakaasha]), and its center is in that thousand-rayed whirling disk of energy which supports all visible creation. In the body, the heart chakra is the microcosmic life center which draws energy from within its center as the individualized life Prana. Externally, the sun is the source of Prana and life. In combustible matter, it is stored as heat units.

The structure of the anatomy is the field of crystallized energy waves of circles and curved lines of beauty and strength in living forms. The tattwas [tattvas] are the fields of sensory currents and the operation of the five senses. The five motor senses belong to the five Prana currents and the positive pole of action. Organism, organs, and tissues express the field of action of the five states of matter in conjunction with the mind action as the neuter [neutral] pole, and Prana, the positive motor function, supporting all action.

Chart No. 1 - Ovals and Centers

Mind working through five etheric pattern field ovals with six governing centers connected by the ultra sonic [ultrasonic] central beam.

First oval is the head for control and direction. (Fire or intelligence)

Second oval is the throat. A link for expression through speech. (Ether and sound)

Third oval is the chest. The heart expresses the life energy in fluidic form the lungs and diaphragm as gaseous function. (Air)

Fourth oval is the abdomen nourishing and sustaining the body. (Earth energy)

Fifth oval is the pelvis perpetuating the pattern form. (Water energy)

Three fields and centers are necessary to express the soul as intelligence, speech, life and motion. Two fields and three centers are necessary to sustain and perpetuate the body.

Arms and legs are extension levers to overcome gravity by motion of shifting polarity forces from a positive through a neuter [neutral] to a negative pole and repeat.

(A) Current connection of centers

(B) Continuous energy flow through centers
Linking each brain lobe to the opposite side of the body

(C) Head center

(D) Throat center

(E) Chest center

(F) Abdominal center

(G) Generative center

(H) Rectal center

Cells are minature [miniature] ovals with the five modalities of matter in action in every living cell.

The Sa pass of the ancient Egyptian priests

A secret made plain by polarizing the brain

Straight lines of material geometric extension used in mechanics. Expansion and contraction by mechanical means

Such congestions are seen in the muscles of the back.

The most ancient and perfect arrow or rocket designed by nature self-propelled and self-directed.

Diagram showing the general characteristics of the spermatozoa of various vertebrates: a, Lance; b, segments of the accessory thread; c, accessory thread; d, body of the head; e, terminal nodule; f, middle piece; g, marginal thread; h, axial thread; i, undulating membrane; k, fibrils of the axial thread; l, fibrils of the marginal thread; m, end piece of Retzius; n, rudder-membrane.

llustration Keywords: (fig. 1) +, -, 0
(fig. 3) +, -
(fig. 4) 5th cervical [fifth cervical, C5]
(fig. 5) brain, -, +
(fig. 6) fields

Chart No. 2 - Chart of the Subtle Prana Currents in the Human Body and Their Chakras as Whirling Primary Functional Centers of Energy

Psychic phenomena and special sense development is due to the stimulation of a chakra by concentration of mind energy or interest in its function. Animals depend on the keenness of one sense for their direction and safety.

The two petaled center in the forehead is the seat of consciousness in the brain. It descends as a dual current in a serpentine twisting motion polarizing and depolarizing in each center of the five etheric fields.

The six ventricles of the brain - relate to the six spinning chakras

(A) Etheric center, voice - hearing, throat

(B) Airy center, respiration, circulation, lungs, heart

(C) The fire of digestion, stomach, bowels

(D) Water center, generative force, emotional drive, pelvic organs, glandular secretions

(E) Earthy center. Elimination of solids and liquids. Rectum, bladder

(F) Swastika symbol in the body

Mind and prana (life breath) function thru [through] the fields of matter and its centers.

(A) Prana as the downward current - apana

(B) Prana as the creative function - genito-urinary [genitourinary, urogenital] organs - liquids

(C) Prana as the fire of digestion. The abdomen, caloric energy

(D) Prana as the energy in the air. Lungs and chest functions

(E) Prana energy as the sound ether, throat - ears

The hand is the same functional neuter [neutral] pole as the foot is the negative pole. Chart No. 4 gives definite regional anatomical locations for affecting structural changes by manipulation or pressure on definite reflex areas.

(A) Sound vibrations of speech and hearing. Throat - swallowing

(B) Sound vibrations of touch and feeling. Respiration - circulation, heart and lungs

(C) Digestion and assimilation, stomach - intestines - colon - Saturn

(D) Generative whirl - ring finger. Creative sun energy - vital force

(E) Eliminative function - earthy, rectum and bladder

These energy lines are purely functional and physiological as longitudinal influence arising from the chakras and forming the five sensory and the five motor currents flowing through the body to each digit of the hands and feet. In the treatment of functional blocks or disturbance of the five senses these areas are useful when the physiology is mostly involved.

The center line through the body is the location of the path of the ultra-sonic [ultrasonic] energy substance as the primary life current and the core of being. It flows through the sixth ventricle of the brain and the spinal cord. It has five stepdown centers below the brain for the specialization of functions which we call the laws of nature for motion, life and the preservation of the species. These centers in the five oval etheric fields are the core of the wireless anatomy of the finest particles of matter known as chakras or lotuses. As they whirl in a right hand direction from the back, each of the five centers gives off one wave of its special quality of vibratory energy flowing as an electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] circuit to each finger and toe. In this manner the sensory and the five motor senses are created and function in the body

A spinning center or chakra with a crank inserted from the back. The wheel gives off shoots of energy by rotation upward on the left side and downward on the right side as a right hand turn.

Chart No. 3 - Composite Picture of the Pattern Forces of the Body and Their Wireless Circuits.

(A) Ultra-sonic [ultrasonic] core

(B) The polarity of the serpentine brain current is reversed in the center of each oval field where the currents cross over each other, thus stepping down the vibratory intensity of the currents also changing the nature of its function in every center and field

(C) The dotted vertical lines are electro magnetic [electromagnetic] wireless waves flowing through the longitudinal muscle fibres [fibers] of the body, giving them tone and maintain the body upright against the inertia of Earth's gravity

(D) The oval horizontal lines around the body are the electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] wireless currents which give tone to the circular fibres [fibers] of the muscles. They correspond to the currents from east to west in the atmosphere

(E) The hands should be turned up with the thumbs forward. But for clarity of illustrating the 5 [five] currents going through the 5 [five] fingers they are shown thus.

(F) The ultra sonic [ultrasonic] energy forms the 6th [sixth] ventricle of the brain and spinal cord. It becomes the primitive streak and the notochord in the embryo.

Electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] energy attracts to its own center of polarity in oval waves. It is prior to the gravity of the Earth, because it overcomes it by muscular motion moved by energy impulses. Earth gravity attracts to its center of gravity in straight lines of force by the square of the distance

The fine white line in the central core is the ultra sonic [ultrasonic] energy current of the soul. It is the primary energy which builds and sustains all others. It flows through the 6th [sixth] ventrical [ventricle] of the brain and spinal cord when these are formed out of its mind pattern energy field. This core is the center of attraction and emanation of all currents from the brain to the extremities. It is the internal gravity of the individual energy and lines of force, distinct from the gravity of the Earth. This is the true basis for individual therapy.

A microscopic cell. The twisted filaments in the center have self inductive electric capacity through oscilation [oscillation]. Chromosones [Chromosomes] and tubules are made up of insulating material and filled with mineral salts similar to the ocean for conduction of energy.

Chart No. 4 - Diagnostic and Therapeutic Chart of Body Areas Based on the Regional Relation of Wireless Currents of Energy Flow.

+ Positive pole
0 Neuter [Neutral] pole
- Negative pole
of each area in exact relationship to the whole for diagnostic and therapeutic purpose.

The superior rules the inferior. The inferior reacts upon the superior by return current flow

Sensitive areas found in these parts are diagnostic and relate to each other as illustrated. Pressure or manipulation of these areas has a definite therapeutic effect on the other poles, +, 0 or - by the wireless energy currents.

The greatest sensitiveness found by touch in any related area + 0 - shows the seat of the active current interference.

The anterior soft sensory portion of the hands [palmar] and feet [plantar] respond to the anterior sensory field of the brain and body currents. The posterior motor areas are on the reverse side.

Tracing these currents + 0 - in any area is an interesting art as a diagnosis of causes and most effective as therapy in removing the interuption [interruption] of the current.

Any tissue which is in a constant state of contraction or flaccidity reveals an energy block in its circuit of conduction or in the wireless pattern of energy flow.

This chart gives a polarity relationship of anatomical structures to each other. It is a part of the wireless current system in the anatomy of man. These are electro magnetic [electromagnetic] muscular currents from above downward, and they act inversely as tension reflexes from below upward.

The nine areas marked ⅓ [one third] are not equal in size but are exact in relation to each other. They are equivalent to the nine openings in the body for the outlet of energy.

This is an anatomical relationship chart of corresponding body areas of positive, negative and neuter [neutral] reactions. Its foundation is based upon the embryonic development and position of the child in the mother's womb.

Chart No. 5 - Electro-Magnetic [Electromagnetic] Waves of the Body and Their Polarity

(A) Downward flow from negative pole anterior

(B) Upward flow from positive pole anterior to posterior negative on head.

(C) If the foot was flexed anteriorly the top or bony portion would reflect to the posterior with which it polarizes.

Fig.3 gives the key to determine the flow of the waves of the electro magnetic [electromagnetic] energy with the patient face down or up. Insert an imaginary crank in any joint as shown here and give it a right hand clockwise turn and the circuit is clearly demonstrated. The operator stands on the side tested.

These waves change polarity at the ankle where the current goes forward on the foot. The crossing over of the current polarity at this point anteriorly makes the ankle a flexible joint. In the energy field all joints are neuter [neutral] points.

Chart No. 6 - Electro-Magnetic [Electromagnetic] Currents and Their Proper Anatomical Relations Anterior and Posterior View of Overall Sweep Plus Polarity Centers.

Fig.1 shows the palms of the hands relating to the anterior sensory part of the body. It gives the correct position of thumbs in relation to central area of entire body. Each half of the body is divided into 5 [five] longitudinal areas by 5 [five] energy currents sweeping through from the top of the head and fingers to tips of the toes. Opposite in direction of flow and in polarity on each side and on anterior and posterior part of body.

The soles of the feet when bent upward fall in line with the anterior currents and the top of the feet with the posterior currents the same as the hands.

Fig. 2 The polarity of the current changes at the wrists making an almost universal joint movement possible. The current also reverses its polarity at the ankles where it changes direction in front and at the heels in the back.

The electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] currents follow the body outline and extend no more than one-half inch beyond the skin, forming an electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] enveloping protection around the body.

Chart No. 7 - Electro-Magnetic [Electromagnetic] Waves of the Body and Their Polarity Also Currents From Each Lobe of the Brain.

Left foot leads in marching. The anterior upward sweep lifts the foot. Every joint is a neuter [neutral] point. Currents cross over at the ankle joints and at the wrists changing polarity.

The caduceus as the dual wireless brain energy waves operating in the body in the etheric matter as two polarized currents around a neutral core of supra [super] sonic [supersonic] energy, giving a vibratory impulse to every cell in conjunction with the cosmic energy current latent in the oxygen.

Mind energy waves do not need wires for conduction of its alternating impulses. Mind substance itself is a perfect continuous media plus ether. Concentration of mind energy is the directing power of its substance. It acts by preponderance of impulse, impact or mental weight.

These straight lines are an extension of the brain waves seen as tensions with gravity pull in action on muscles of the back.

Horizontal waves electro magnetic [electromagnetic] energy flow.

Lateral direction of energy impulses influence these waves. They correspond to the east and west currents of the cosmos.

Chart No. 8 - Electro-Magnetic [Electromagnetic] Waves Over the Head Areas and Their Polarity.

Electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] waves flowing in the brain area as energy currents in the positive pole, then through the body structures as muscular tone and patterns of motion in the wireless field.

Overall body circuits from head to foot on each side govern muscle tone.

Chart No. 9 - Wireless Energy Therapy Chart of Five Pointed Star

The geometric lines of force of this star are important contact points for the release of energy blocks.

Fig. 1 represents the anterior sensory angles of force, and their interrelationship. The top of the star at the throat center is the source of the current in the etheric field and the audible sound energy. In the pelvic basin at the bottom is the sum total force accumulation of all the sensory tension and emotional frustration. The two lowest points of the star rest on the pelvic basin as a whole. Here the individual vital force, the electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] currents and the gravity pull of the earth, all interact. Nature has placed the centers and outlets for the vital and emotional energies in the pelvis. These can also be released through inhibition over the attachments of the abdominal muscles to the pubic bone. The psoas magnus [psoas major] and iliacus muscles are also very important factors in the gravity pull - electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] action - upright position of the body - and anterior posterior relationship of each half of the body. The polarity currents and the short leg also have a major factor here in front. Deep inhibition reaches them.

Fig. 1

(A) Release to the throat center, the shoulders, and the occipital and cervical region can be accomplished here by inhibition and directional impulse at this basic line of force as the anterior foundation for all superior structures.

(B) Functional reflex to the throat and shoulders

Fig. 2

(A) Foramen magnum

(B) Sacral articulation relationship

(C) Gravity balance to foramen magnum

The pelvic floor has a definite effect on anterior pelvic tension.

Fig 2 gives a clear cut picture of the relation of the 2 [two] hip joints as the foundation to the occiput, the foramen magnum, and the position of the head influenced by gravity pull. Shoulder joints and hip joints in their relation of diagonal muscular stress and lines of bracing force and cross over of tension relationship.

Chart No. 10 - The Five Pointed Star in the Human Body as Nature's Geometric Keyboard of Lines of Force and Their Reflexes

Anterior tension is mostly functional and sensory reflex action from the viscera, plus emotional disturbance from pelvic organs. Posterior tension is usually caused by resistance or blocks in the motor impulses which are controlled by sensory impulses.

Soft tissue work is done with definite directions of lines of force carried through the blockade by a steady pressure or stimuli from any pole. The impact of the directed force acts upon the molecules and atoms in the wireless circuit. It does not have to be an adjustment.

All tension seems to accumulate in the neck because it is the main etheric neuter [neutral] field and the sum total of the return flow of all energy from below upward toward the head. Tension causes are mostly reflexes which must be found and released. Light pressure soothes and relaxes. Heavy pressure stimulates and releases stronger resistance in the current.

That which is above is reflected in the area below, and that which is below has a representation above in its government

(A) This arrow for directional contact is pointing downward over the sigmoid which is invariably high in its position

(B) Sigmoid valve as a heart reflex. Treat toward inferior and posterior position against the current to release heart spasms.

Arrows on lines or along sides of them indicate the directional force in the contact. This is accomplished by the line up of the fingers, the forearm and the humerus in the exact angle of the impact of energy and held long enough to create a molecular push in the current flow.

All lines which cross over from one side to the other belong to the bipolar brain reflex chain of the caduceus.

Soreness and tension over any organ is a protective measure of the deeper tissues and an extension of the soreness and stagnation to the surface area. Release energy blocks by directional contacts in the line of force.

All the areas and organs which the lines of force pass over in their ascending flow, have their representative reflexes above the diaphragm in exactly the same order as they were passed. So the ovaries and pelvic organs have their reflex in the breasts on the opposite polarity side. Other organs follow in line and can be traced. By the same token the diaphragm has a definite reflex below Poupart's [inguinal] ligament on the muscles of the thighs on each side. This is a valuable reflex to release in spasms of the diaphragm.

Respiration is the first act of life. The diaphragm has a definite superior positive pole - a neuter [neutral] pole and an inferior or negative pole where it can be influenced.

Energy impulses flow downward. The return currents are the reflex impulses flowing upward. These may cross over at neuter [neutral] points and centers or flow straight as electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] lines of force and as gravity impulses. Current resistance anywhere becomes reflex pain.

Chart No. 11 - Energy Therapy Chart of the Lines of Force of the Interlaced Triangle

Each oval area is polarized into superior + middle 0 and lower - pole. The negative gathers the force and becomes positive to all centers below it.

The base of the upper triangle of inner energy is the life force with its posterior + superior pole in the medulla oblongata. It reflects vital energy tension and gravity by the position of the head.

The upper triangle conveys the fiery energy of the head downward as warmth and light for direction of motion. It also conveys the life energy of breath and air mixed in the carburetor of the heart and distributed through the circulation of the blood to every cell in the body keeping them alive. This energy impulse is the push behind the circulation.

God geometrizes

(A) One base above as the positive pole

(B) The uvula + pole inside

(C) The diaphragm as the 0 neuter [neutral] functioning pole

(D) The rectum as the - negative functioning pole

(E) One base below as the negative pole and energy reserve in the sacrum

(F) Pubic reflexes to the sinuses

(G) Space of spiritual influx pictured as Athena in the head of Zeus

(H) Creation of ideas above

(I) Creation of forms below

The base of this lower triangle is the vital force. It is a mixture of cosmic water and earth energy which reacts to gravity by the position of the sacrum.

When this sleeping force is lifted up to the brain by intense concentration and devotion the serpent power ascends upward on the tree of life whence it came. This energy then awakens the latent sleeping force in the pineal gland (the pine cone center) and unfolds the pattern of cosmic consciousness.

Relationship of energy lines and gravity stress in the pelvis. Through this fluid within the sacrum the individual vital force relates to earthiness and joins with gravity by its attraction to earth.

The triangle within the sacrum is the seat of stored up vital pattern energy as the negative pole of the brain flowing through the central core. It is a triune energy highly polarized by intense attraction within itself and externally

This energy becomes the bow of the archer Sagitarius [Sagittarius] through the expression of force in the thighs directed upward or downward

The sacrum
Seat of coiled up energy

Note enlarged space in the dura mater to hold cerebro spinal [cerebrospinal] fluids

An ancient picture of the Kundalini force as the sleeping vital energy in the sacrum

This center is the lower irrational pole opposite to the brain where directive intelligence resides. Here below is a relentless drive of force downward and outward like a mainspring coiled up and tense.

Chart No. 12 - Trees of Life in Man. Divine and Physical. Emphasis of Past and Present Viewpoints.

In the brain lie the pattern fields of mind and energy as the crown of creation. In the brain also is the blossom of life's fruits and experiences as consciousness and blissful realization.

(A) Screen of consciousness. Viewer and sound effect center.

(B) Transmitter and loud speaker

(C) Sensory root system of feeling thru [through] the heart center condensing the finer life currents of sound energy and beating it out in rhythmic pulsations.

Anterior and posterior view of the divine tree of life in man as seen by Jacob Bohme in the 16th century.[1] Its roots are in the heart center of feeling, love and devotion, growing upwards into the divine world of ideas, it brings forth the fruits of knowledge and illumination.

Trees are energy forms growing in gardens - ovals and spheres of composite energy fields out of their very ground or centers and bring forth fruit thru [through] experience. The tree of life is portrayed here in the very center of the garden the temple or body of man in the etheric vibratory sphere of Eden above the firmament or diaphragm. Trees, in scriptures have a deeper meaning, like the Christmas tree for the pine center in the brain, the pineal gland function of illumination. The sephiroth [sephirot, sefiroth, sefirot] tree of life of the Kabalah [Kabbalah, Kabala, Cabala], the secret doctrine of Israel, has a similar design as Fig. 3 of the nervous system. All emanations in creation are centrifugal and descend from Kether [Keter], the crown of creation, the brain, as the positive pole. Chochma [Chokhmah, Hokhmah], the center of wisdom, of creative speech, equals the middle sphere of Fig. 1. Binah, understanding, the heart center of comprehension thru [through] feeling represents the lower sphere of the triad as the negative pole. Bohme's tree of life represents the centripetal energy of contemplation and illumination.

Man's nervous system emanating from the brain as its root and source like the Kabalistic tree of life. Physical trees of life in the body of man are pathways of the energy currents for the expression of the 5 [five] motor and the 5 [five] sensory senses like the 10 [ten] sephirothic centers of the sephirothic tree of life. The circulation circuits of the body fluids of blood and lymph represent another tree of life with its fruit. The muscular structure reveals another tree with branches that look like a complete man. The external and internal skin reveals a similar design. The bony skeleton is also a form of a tree in man.

These 5 [five] types of trees are the 5 [five] modes of energy spinning as spheres or fields and out of their centers - currents arise as a new pattern of composite energy which has this symbolic form of life, as a natural growth. All cells are electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] conductors and oscilate [oscillate]. They respond to all 5 [five] modes of energy flowing thru [through] them constantly - called prana in the East.

The brain as the root system of generators condensors [condensers] and transformers

Fig. 3 inerted [inverted]; planted like a tree with its root system in the ground. Man is a higher creation with his roots in heaven and his feet on the earth.

The great pyramid of Gizeh [Giza] is a symbol of the temple of man in which his soul lives and ripens thru [through] experience to ascend thru [through] apparent solid matter to divine regions of its own.

In the pyramid of matter all dimensions of past and future lie hidden.

The pyramid rises out of mother earth as one solid structure of stone 486 [four hundred eighty six] feet high covering 13 [thirteen] acres. The base of each of the four triangular sides is 764 [seven hundred sixty four] feet long. These symbolize the four polarized primary elementary forces of matter like the four rivers of Genesis flowing out of one river. See pages 8-9-10 and illustrations on pages 30-31 in "The New Energy Concept of the Healing Art."[2] The base of the great pyramid is the terra firma or the firmament of the diaphragm. In that, it agrees with the divine tree of Bohme. The pit, or the generative sphere is below the earth sphere of the abdomen in this world of mother earth and nature which supports the structure above it on this earth. The limestone cover which once glistened in the sunlight represented the skin.

Illustration Keywords: (fig. 4) brain, spinal cord
(fig. 5) head, crown, Ajana [Ajna] chakra, space between eyes, king's chamber, Hriday [Hridaya] chakra, beauty, queen's chamber, heart, Indri chakra, the foundation, pit, generative system

Chart No. 13 - A Geometric Relationship of Lines of Force of Energy Currents, Gravity and Weight Bearing Surfaces of the Body.

The relationship of the head to the pelvis is a vital one of a positive to a negative pole. The dotted lines are the polarized dual brain currents of the caduceus, crossing over in every center and producing actions and reactions. These lines of stress can be seen in the musculature of the back in irregular crossover patterns of tensions. The causes may be in the pelvis or found anteriorly as functional reflexes crossing over to the superior and posterior. Both can be traced and released.

The relationship of the symphisis pubis [pubic symphysis] and the sacroiliac articulation is clearly shown as well as its interrelated superior reflexes. The crossing over of the bracing lines of force from the weight bearing sacral articulation is about the fifth dorsal [thoracic, T5] vertebra. That has a great bearing on middle back pain and indigestion. It also shows in reverse how indigestion can cause lumbago and sacroiliac trouble. And further it puts digestive trouble right in the middle as a cause or an effect of many pains in the back of the head, occipital pains, frontal headaches, atlas articulation trouble, etc.

The two articulating surfaces of the sacrum and ilium have a direct bearing and relationship on the condyles of the occiput and the atlas. The superior rests on the inferior by gravity pull. It is also under stress of reactions from its own polarity and reflex currents of the electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] fields in the body even when resting. Each of the five oval and functioning cavities and centers can produce definite blocks and reflexes. Mental distributing waves can produce blocks anywhere especially in the vital central axis. These also can be traced and released as mental emotional blocks, in a surprising manner. The perineal, coccygeal, and pubic therapy are powerful factors as well as reflexes found in the feet, the most negative pole. Vomiting releases the stomach and the fifth dorsal [thoracic, T5] also the diaphragm and the head reflexes.

The reflex lines from the cavity of the ilium and its brim and along the upper part of the Poupart's [inguinal] ligaments, are mostly functional, digestive reflexes from the sigmoid, caecum [cecum], or congestion of the ampulla of Vater [hepatopancreatic ampulla]. These cross over at the fifth cervical [C5] vertebra. That is literally catching it in the neck. Stiff necks and torticollis have their foundation here. Finding it in the negative pole as a causative block will release the severe pain due to spasms from reflexes below. Only when these blocks are removed will the spasm subside and inhibitive therapy and draining the fibres [fibers] of central congestion be attempted. Removing causes and balancing of the energy currents by polarizing the above with the below, is the indicated therapy. Also look to the stomach reflex and dietetic errors.

Chart No. 14 - Normal Muscular Fibres [Fibers] Where the Electro-Magnetic [Electromagnetic] Currents Flow Freely

(A) Rectus capitis lateralis

(B) Longus capitas [capitis]

(C) Splenius capitis

(D) Splenius coli [colli]

(E) Mastoid process

(F) Medulla

(G) Transverse process of atlas

Please note the similarity of the over-all [overall] direction of the polarization of the muscle fibres [fibers] and the electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] circuits.

Chart No. 15 - Comparative Charts of Anatomy

Abnormal muscular fibres [fibers] due to elecro-magnetic [electromagnetic] blocks in the muscular structure

(A) Neuritis
(B) Pulmonary Affections
(C) Rheumatism
(D) Asthma
(E) Tuberculosis
(F) Lumbago
(G) Kidney Complaints
(H) Haemorrhoids [Hemorrhoids], Fistula
(I) Sciatica
(J) Phlebitis
(K) Ulceration
(L) Cramp, Muscular Atrophy
(M) Arthritis
(N) Pleurisy


Anatomical drawings from The Human Machine and Its Forces by Dr. Dewanchand Varma of London. (Out of print).

Chart No. 16 - Comparative Charts of Anatomy

(A) Mental disorders
(B) Catarrh
(C) Neuralgia
(D) Eye diseases
(E) Headache
(F) Deafness
(G) Head noises
(H) Caries [tooth decay], neuralgia of jaw
(I) Facial neuralgia
(J) Sinusitis

(A) Neuritis
(B) Bronchitis
(C) Heart affections
(D) Gastric complaints
(E) Affections of lungs
(F) Affections of liver
(G) Affections of kidneys
(H) Appendicitis
(I) Constipation
(J) Affections of genitals, lymphatic ganglia
(K) Sciatica, phlebitis
(L) Bladder affections
(M) Eczema
(N) Cramp, ulceration
(O) Muscular atrophy
(P) Rheumatism
(Q) Chilblains
(R) Beger malady
(S) Cancer

Chart No. 17 - Thumbs as Neuter [Neutral] Reflexes Embracing the Entire Areas Below the Diaphragm on Each Side of the Body, Compared to Reflexes Around the Outside of the Ankles as the Negative Pole.

The thumbs have an etheric quality by being in the center line of the electro magnetic [electromagnetic] circuit. In this center current they partake of the brain impulse chain of the caduceus, which cross over from side to side through neuter [neutral] centers, so the thumb webs contain reflexes of organs situated laterally and also reflex to the negative pole of the heels on the outside.

(A) Shaded area for contact against the bone.

(B) Shaded area for contact in the web on both sides of hand.

(C) These two soft tissue contacts represent the negative reflex poles in the thumbs. The contact on these is from both sides to engage the reacting blockade, the tender spots, and tense tissues between the operator's fingers.

(D) The two shaded areas for contact along the bone of each thumb represent the positive reflex poles which have more effect on the muscular structures of those areas.

Outside right foot

(A) Kidney reflex

(B) Ileo caecal [ileocecal]

(C) Ovaries, testes

(D) Psoas magnus [psoas major], iliacus plus pelvic reflexes

Outside left foot

(A) Kidney reflex

(B) Sigmoid

(C) Ovaries, testes

(D) Psoas magnus [psoas major], iliacus plus pelvic reflexes

Chart No. 18 - Measuring the Legs for Comparative Length to Determine the Side of the Most Contracted Electro Magnetic [Electromagnetic] Circuit Which Is One Definite Measure of Imbalance, Distinct from Gravity.

Grasping the side of each foot with a gentle but firm touch evert them to straighten the heels and bring them together slowly with the big toe joints matching. This gives the overall picture of the length at the bottom of the heels. Chart the short leg only.

The electro magnetic [electromagnetic] field on each side of the body is the overall current which is responsible for more tension on one side of the body than the other. See Chart 8 - Fig. 4.

In illness, the body is out of balance; there is more tension and obstruction on one side and this is the inherent weak side from birth, that shows up in every illness.

Another contact for measuring the legs is shown here with the hands under the heels and ankles - bending the heels out to straighten them - then bring them together and look for comparison at the heels for the length of legs. The short leg is the factor.

Keeping the electro magnetic [electromagnetic] fields in balance would be a fine health measure. Balance of energy currents must be restored in every sickness before health can be realized.

When the short leg has become long and stays long, it indicates that the tense magnetic field on that side has responded and normal repair currents are at work. The patient's improvement will verify it.

Even legs indicate improvement and are considered normal.

A similar contact is taken with the patient face down. Evert the feet, so there is a straight line down the center of each leg to the heel and compare them. Measurement differs slightly in this position from the front measurement.

Chart No. 19 - A Technique to Release Motor Energy Blocks Immediately Above the Pubis for Bladder-Urinary-Rectal-Uterine and Prostatic Trouble. Coccyx Correction for Piles and Coccygodynia.

Tension and soreness found in the rectus abdominalis [rectus abdominis] and the pyramidalis muscles usually means that the structures underneath are in trouble. Look for bladder, rectal, prostatic or uterine disturbance. However, the release of this tension above the pubis gives remarkable results. The thumb is placed over the spastic muscle, flat and level, like a rocker runner, to cover the area. Then with the other hand under the neck and the occiput, the body is raised gently for a good stretch. Hold it a moment.

Directional contacts on the contracted muscles next to the pubis, can be held without a neck stretch with good results. The lift is for coordinated correction and the release of heavy spastic muscles. One lift on the short leg side is usually sufficient at one treatment.

With the thumb close to the symphisis pubis [pubic symphysis] giving the contact an inferior as well as a posterior direction acts as a powerful correction for the superior pubis and shortens [lengthens?] the leg on that side. Muscle tension can be released on both sides but the inferior angle should only be used on the short leg side.

A correction of the anterior sacral base. Here the flat thumb is placed above Poupart's [inguinal] ligament, about its middle region, for directional pressure posteriorly on the anterior base of the sacrum. The head lift is used as above. This is applied to the opposite side of the short leg for the release of the anterior sacral base. It lengthens the short leg.

Contraction of tissues on either side of the coccyx is usually overlooked in most examinations because these lumps cannot be felt unless the tissue is engaged between the internal and external examining fingers. Spastic tissue at this vital spot interferes with the action of the ganglion of impar and its positive pole in the brain by reflex action. It is a vital factor in coccygodynia and hemorrhoids. For leg pains release the central energy blocks here.

This contracted tissue is the real motor energy block. One finger is inserted into the rectum to examine the anterior articulations of the coccyx and both sides for congested lumpy tissue. The first finger of the other hand slides along on the outside of the coccyx and tissues directly opposite the internal finger. It is between these two fingers examining with moderate pressure that many conditions are found which one finger alone would miss. For relief, the stagnant contracted tissues must be engaged between both fingers and the energy blockade released by pressure manipulation.

Chart No. 20 - A Stomach Release and Abdominal Contacts for the Stimulation of the Lacteals and Stagnant Energies.

Fig. 1 shows the patient on the back and the hand of the operator makes mild directional contact under the pylorus with the head lift to release stagnation by emptying the stomach.

Fig. 2 shows a free hand contact over tender areas on the abdomen with a partial twist and a firm grip on the tissues with the direction upward toward the opposite shoulder. The hand opens and closes repeatedly for a gentle stimulation to the muscles and fatty tissues.

Fig. 3 gives a double hand contact with a firm twist of the loose fatty tissue for stimulating the lacteals and producing better drainage. It is a digestive and bowel stimulation by directional energy against the electro magnetic [electromagnetic] flow.

Chart No. 21 - Sacral Release by a Support Underneath and Directional Force Applied Posteriorly and Laterally.

The anterior sacral base is usually the sore side and is tender to the touch, regardless of which is the short leg. Many times pressure on the same innominate [hip] toward the floor releases the articulate tension and pain in this neuter [neutral] joint.

There is a definite relationship between the anterior sacral base and the lateral atlas on that side. These joints need careful checking as they are the two poles of the housing of the vital forces. A posterior dorsal [thoracic] curve also has its relationship and effect on the sacro iliac [sacroiliac] articulation release.

This is the basis for most pelvic tension release. No bony adjustment is aimed at here. Only the release of spastic tissue by directional force correctly employed to balance the sacral base and the vital force relationship with the rest of the body's energy fields.

The posterior sacral base is usually on the short leg side. Test for it. The short leg will get longer if your finding and application is correct.

A contact over the posterior base of the sacrum with the elbow and a thumb contact under the anterior base on the opposite side on the tense thigh muscles with a lifting directional force toward the opposite shoulder. A moderately firm pressure is maintained on both contacts until relaxation takes place. It can be repeated. It releases sacral twists caused by motor blocks in the spastic tissues. It has a very good relaxing effect upon the entire body.

Chart No. 22 - Old Moves with New Impetus and Directional Force Applied to Energy Blocks to Release Them.

Blocks in the wireless circuits of energy fields are prior to muscle spasms.

Positive prana currents of motor energy pass thru [through] the heavy muscles of the back. These deep and superficial muscles and connective tissues can be released of energy blocks and waste deposits, by counter impulses of steady directional force applied at right angles to the tension lock.

All the contacts given here are for the purpose of releasing energy blocks in the deeper and anterior parts of the pelvis or spine immediately under the contact.

The contact with the elbow must be started gently and increased to the tolerance of the patient. Repeat if necessary, rather than hold too long. Sense the relaxation taking place. Short applications release tension. Long ones exhaust the tissues.

Contacts must be held long enough to make a change in the molecular energy circuits and effect the release of spastic muscles attached to vertebrae.

All heavy pressure and forceful technique is dispersing in its effect. It is of the tamas quality of energy, as a potential compelling force scattering accumulations and forcing electrons and molecules to seek other fields of attraction.

For high blood pressure this is a good therapy to release the motor energy blocks of the vaso motor [vasomotor] tension areas on the back.

The elbow contact can be on either side of the spinous processes in the groove, but never on them.

This type of steady and slow direct pressure upon any articulation that is fixed and chronic gives the connective tissue and the involuntary muscles time to let go.

It is also useful in lumbago spasms where the least movement causes a spastic contraction of muscles.

The thumb contact is on the tender fibres [fibers] of the gluteus muscles on the short leg side for tension release. The directional force is from posterior to the anterior of the body.

Chart No. 23 - Relaxed Hand Contacts - Single and Double - with the Current Flow of the Electro-Magnetic [Electromagnetic] Longitudinal and Circular Waves.

The contact hand takes a quarter turn on the skin to pick up the loose tissues to about a 45 [forty five] degree angle reinforcing one hand with the other in an upward movement toward the spine, with the relaxed body weight behind it. In this instance the direction is with the current flow of the electro magnetic [electromagnetic] waves for the purpose of overcoming energy blocks which cause inflammation and pain by resistance to the energy waves. The object is to restore and balance the energy circuits.

This a positive raja [rajas] type therapy of a vibratory gentle rocking motion with the greatest elasticity of impulses behind it. This superimposed force is released in definite lines and directions to influence the currents of the electro magnetic [electromagnetic] waves of the body. The direction can be from any angle which accomplishes release of energy blocks.

The angle and the direction is determined by the highest area on the back as the patient lies straight face down on the table with the head in a split cushion. Raised areas indicate tissue tension of various depths along each side of the spine. These currents must be balanced and tension blocks removed. The circular wireless horizontal currents which go around the body are also a factor here as well as the longitudinal north and south circuits from head to feet. See Chart No. 7

Chart No. 24 - Contacts with Both Hands on Right Side of the Body Against the Current Flow of the Electro Magnetic [Electromagnetic] Forces, to Counteract the Excessive Impulses Over the Muscle Fibres [Fibers] Which Keep Them Under Constant Tension or Spasm.

This type of therapy is accomplished by the application of a concentrated force applied by the operator with definite direction and speed to influence the currents of energy in the patient's body which control tissue function. This active force is of the principle of the raja [rajas] guna type of energy. It is a force, plus physical motion with volume and polarity direction. The application given here is against the electro magnetic [electromagnetic] current flow.

The operator stands on the toes of one or both feet to get the spring of the whole body behind the impulse as an elastic wave without the use of conscious force or push. It is a rhythmic rocking motion which delivers the impulse of an elastic volume behind it that rocks the body of the patient but does not punch it.

Local application of a positive force contact with each thumb on the longitudinal muscles of the back over areas of current block, each in opposite direction to the current flow for the release of spastic muscles.

Chart No. 25 - Contacts Above Poupart's [Inguinal] Ligament to Carry Impulses Across to the Opposite Shoulder.

A deep contact in the iliac fossa just above Poupart's [inguinal] ligament. After relaxing the superficial abdominal muscles the objective is the release of the psoas magnus [psoas major] and iliacus muscle and pelvic blocks. The direction of the arms is toward the opposite shoulder which the operator faces. It affects all the organs above it in that line, especially the stomach.

A fist and knuckle contact in the same area for the release of the superficial muscles. It is general and less penetrating but very effective if properly done. A gentle contact first, then steady and specific directional pressure upward until the tissues under the contact relax and reflex that release along the line of force toward the opposite shoulder.

The same purpose contact made with the thumbs of both hands. The right thumb is making a specific contact on the rectus abdominales [rectus abdominus] muscle just above the pubis. The thumbs make a softer contact than the finger tips [fingertips] and get a good hold on surface muscles. Direction is posterior and diagonally superior like the other two contacts shown here. When these areas do not respond - find the perineal reflex which controls spasms of intra pelvic [intrapelvic] muscles and leg reflexes.

Chart No. 26 - Very Important Directional Contacts on the Symphisis Pubis [Pubic Symphysis] for Bladder Trouble and Inflammation, for Menstrual and Leg Cramps and Pains, for Sinus Congestion.

The direction of the lines of force applied in a contact can be superior inferior or on an angle. The correctness is proved by the release of tension and soreness, as well as the lengthening of the short leg.

Chart No. 27 - The Jaw Is the Positive Pole of the Pubic Bone and the Ischium

Tonsilitis [Tonsillitis] can be detected as soreness under the jaw with a deep contact at No. 4. Release the corresponding area at the negative pole at the ischium. Tenderness found higher up under the condyles of the mandibles should be checked at the iliac fossa for its causative reflex.

The mandibular joint and the hip joint have a relationship of positive to negative. The four areas outlined here roughly relate to the four areas of the perineum. Structural and functional reflexes are present. It is possible to effect powerful specific reactions here at the positive pole with specific contacts on two points - one above and one below.

All joints are neuter [neutral] points where the energy crosses over, making flexion possible in the lines of force. When energy flows straight it is an extension of force. Through neuter [neutral] points it becomes mechanical leverage by change of polarity.

Patient on his back showing a contact under the jaw on both sides as a general stretch of soft tissues.

Chart No. 28 - The Three Poles of the Diaphragm in Its Respiratory Mechanism and Contact Areas to Influence It Anteriorly and Posteriorly.

Many chronic pains under the shoulder blade are a direct reflex from the lower abdominal region and can be released there. This reflex can be from the ileocaecal [ileocecal] valve, the gall bladder, or the ampulla of vater [hepatopancreatic ampulla], the sigmoid, etc. The current usually crosses over to the opposite shoulder and registers as a pain under it.

Fig. 1 shows the anterior view of the three poles of the diaphragm. The lower or negative pole is divided into two lateral (dotted) triangles and a neuter [neutral] one in the middle. The subpositive pole is marked on each side along the heavy thigh muscles. The entire negative pole is an extension anteriorly of the perineal line over the thighs as the negative respiratory pole in running. Contacts on the negative or the neuter [neutral] pole with one hand and on the positive pole above with the other has a very soothing effect on the patient. Find the tender spot on the negative, neuter [neutral] or lower positive pole first then place a moderately firm contact on the muscles in the direction upward to the superior contact over the shoulder muscles, on the same side or diagonally. Hold for a moment until the tension relaxes. Thus release the sore spots from the negative, neuter [neutral] or positive poles below. The contact on the shoulder is a firm grip on the muscles.

Contacts may be made anywhere along these diagonal lines wherever the energy block is found. The short leg side usually presents soreness over the mastoid bone, with definite soreness and congestion over the glutei muscles on that side. A pressure contact with the thumb over the sore muscles, from the posterior to the anterior, releases them and lengthens the leg. Then a hip correction can be made over that articulation easily. A North Pole Stretch will release the superior energy block around the foramen magnum on that side.

(A) Positive pole of diaphragm and respiratory reflexes and its posterior triangles

Fig. 2 gives a posterior view of three poles of the diaphragm and its triangles above and below as respiratory reflex centers. Please note, that the two lines drawn from the head of the femurs to the middle of the shoulders cross at the 10th dorsal [tenth thoracic, T10] vertebrae [vertebra] which is the center for the diaphragm. See the chart on page 50 in "The New Energy Concept of the Healing Art", Anterior and Posterior View of Skeleton and Its Lines of Force for Therapy.[1] The patient lies face down. Here a positive contact on the tender spots of the outside of the thigh is used with a firm grip on either of the shoulder muscles - or from a neuter [neutral] contact of a tender spot of either buttock to the shoulder. These two contacts are of a negative firm pressure type and are held for a moment until relaxation takes place. This is a dense muscular release where the center of the muscle needs to be emptied in order to function freely.

howing the body cavity divided by the diaphragm into thorax and abdomen

(A) Thorax

(B) Diaphragm

(C) Abdomen

The diaphragm is the main respiratory muscle doing the most important work in life. Every cell needs the life energy contained in the breath; without which they cannot survive. Its polarity function and minute distribution of fine energy waves is a most important factor to reach cellular tissue. Polarity contacts are very soothing to the patient, having a repolarizing effect. Tender and congested areas indicate energy blocks. The diaphragm is the functioning neuter [neutral] pole of life. Its powerful effect as a shock treatment by vomiting and its curative effect upon insanity have been clearly demonstrated by Dr. Bernard Aschner of New York City.[2] Truly the diaphragm is the firmament which divides the energy (waters) above and below. It is the bridge where mind and life cross into the emotional vital field. Its rhythmic motion truly supports the energies above, lifts and activates the contents below.

Chart No. 29 - Respiratory and Autonomic Sensory Reflex Therapy for Mental-Emotional and Nervous Tension Release.

This is a gentle relaxing technique by the use of the penetrating prana energy in the breath, which must reach every cell of the body. It is a sensory contact applied through the poles of the diaphragm, by gentle polarizing contacts as in perineal therapy [see Charts 30 and 31]. The application of the introduced neuter [neutral] force is of the principle of balance (sattwa [sattva]).

It should be used first to relax the mental, emotional nerve centers and to balance the active spinning chakras in the wireless field. Other treatment may follow.

Deep rhythmic breathing assists the energy to travel with the neuter [neutral] life current in the body.

The two thumbs and the big toes are neuter [neutral] energy conveyors because they are in the center line. One thumb opposes and supports four polarized currents in the four fingers, making skill and a firm grip possible. It is a practical illustration of the one river of energy (the ether) flowing out of paradise and splitting into four branches.

These 5 [five] rivers are 5 [five] modes of expressions of the soul thru [through] energy currents. They become the 5 [five] motor and the 5 [five] sensory centers and they flow as 5 [five] currents thru [through] the 5 [five] fingers and toes. Thru [Through] perception and mind action, they become motion and skill thru [through] the sense of touch.

The fingers must not touch each other while giving this sensory-polarity treatment. The lightest touch or proximity counts in polarizing sensory centers.

The buttock lines posteriorly are extensions of the perineal line of the negative pole of the diaphragm. They reflex to the positive respiratory lines above. Sensory currents are ingoing currents. Gentle contacts accomplish much with a positive finger on the negative pole and a negative finger on the positive pole merely directing energy thru [through] polarity and respiration. Every cell is alive; tissues respond to the rhythmic flow of prana energy in the breath. These gentle impulses go deep and release sensory mechanism blocks by polarizing and balancing of the superior and the inferior or the within and the without. It is like perineal technique, a therapy for balancing respiratory, emotional and sensory energy currents.

Chart No. 30 - Perineal Contacts in Relation to the Neck, Shoulder, Elbow and Hip.

Deep and concealed energy blocks cause chronic diseases thru [through] spasms of tissue and stasis. For those conditions a steady and firm contact is used on the spastic muscles of the perineal floor. The applied line of force follows the blockade into the pelvis and holds it to toleration until it lets go.

Used in all nervous and thyroid cases, for sleeplessness, neck and general tension especially in neurasthenia and respiratory symptoms.

A left lateral atlas is usually an emotional block.

Contact No. 1 releases the atlas on the opposite side.

Perineal treatment correctly done will unlock energy blocks quicker than most other methods because it deals with the vital force of emotional locks and frustrations. For this purpose a light contact is used to relax gently and allow for release of surface energy blocks by sighing, crying, heavy breathing. Etc.

Treatment should be repeated several times until the spastic sore spot vanishes. Correlate it with the other external areas given here.

All reflexes come from below. Impulses of energy come from the brain. All energy flows in circuits or waves. Organic function demands energy. If blocked anywhere pain is the result.

Chart No. 31 - Perineal Therapy in Connection with Knees and Ankles.

Fig. 1 traces numbered reflex areas which correspond with each other. The perineal area around the anus reflexes functionally to the earthy triad of the abdomen and knees. Contacts here are useful in all digestive disturbances. In pregnancy and all leg trouble this technique is a revelation in its far reaching effect.

The area immediately around the outside of the ankle is an airy and glandular functional reflex. Its use is indicated in glandular disturbance and kidney condition. Any puffiness here is a kidney symptom. The heels are pelvic, generative and emotional reflexes. In pregnancy, great relief can be obtained by releasing the spasm of the inter-pelvic muscles which often affect the legs severely. In addition venous stasis is released by this relaxation, nervous tension balanced, and circulation improved because of the energy block release.

The doctor can also stand in front of the patient for a deeper contact area 1 and 2 specifically for prostatic, uterine and digestive reflexes; also to release the atlas and axis on the opposite side of the body. These are central regions and need steady and deep pressure impulses over spastic pelvic muscles near the pubic bone. Patient is on side with knees flexed high. The doctor reaches over the lower legs to make the contact on the perineum. The angle of the direction of force applied here is very important for specific results.

The first finger is used to locate the tense fibres [fibers] in the perineum, because it is negative and more sensitive. For perineal therapy application the second [middle] finger is used, because it is positive stronger and longer to make a better contact.

In making a tissue contact on the perineum for treatment, a half turn of the finger to the right takes up the loose tissue and gives the best result in a light contact which relaxes the body.

Fig. 2 shows a No. 1 perineal contact, superior and medial in direction; light at first, then heavier. When the tense and tender areas let go, the contact is slowly released. Any two numbered areas may be treated against each other to release soreness caused by energy block. Posteriorly, the achili [Achilles] tendons are reflexes to the lower lumbar region. The os calcis [calcaneus] bones are reflexes for the sacrum and coccyx. In lumbago and lower back pain, it is very important to release the negative energy block here. These external areas are manipulated or held by heavy pressure, if it can be tolerated. Deep directional pressure held steady acts like the accumulated water that breaks the dam more completely than a lightning stroke or an adjustment.

Chart No. 32 - Contacts for the Release of Energy Blocks in Digestive Areas of Polarity. Fig. 3 Illustrates Release of Motor Tension Areas.

All currents which cross over from one side of the body to the other in curves or diagonal lines are of the bipolar brain energy and the caduceus.

The vertical electro magnetic [electromagnetic] currents and gravity force stay on the same side.

Figs. 1 and 2 could be shown on the opposite side of the body where they would be liver and gall bladder reflexes and blocks. Many chronic pains in the left knee which are often mistaken for a bone disease are gall bladder reflexes and will clear up fast when the correction is made.

Chart No. 33 - Relationship of the Joints as Neuter [Neutral] Points and Their Polarity from Superior to Inferior.

There are 5 [five] major joints on each side of the body which have a definite relation to each other. The mandibular [temporomandibular] joint, the shoulder, the hip, the knee, the ankle, all joints are flexion points and neuter [neutral] in relation to the whole. Correlate the troubled joint with its superior or inferior polarity; ankles to shoulders, hips to the mandibular [temporomandibular] joints and the wrists. Uterine and pelvic reflexes are often found here. Knees reflex to the umbilicus and to the elbows on the same side.

In the lower triad, the hips are positive, the knees are neuter [neutral] and the ankles are the negative reflex joints.

Arms and legs have similar reflexes, both being extension levers, release all lower joint reflexes. Hold the sorest spot and manipulate around the other joint tissues.

The superior joint or area becomes positive in relation to any inferior one, no matter what its general over-all polarity might be in relation to the whole, because primal energy flows from the brain above as the root of the Tree of Life, and of the nervous system downward to water the Garden of Life, the human body.

Reactions are from below upward, like the glow of vital force, the satisfaction of a hot meal. The inferior supports the superior and reacts via the return energy flow and by gravity pull.

Chart No. 34 - Pelvic and Hip Adjustments for Every Tender Area in the Glutei Region.

Draw a straight line from the tender spot found to the head of the femur. That gives the line of force for the position of the leg and the femur for the adjustment. These adjustments are not mere hip corrections but are a release for spastic tissue and bony relationship caused by it.

Find the most tender spot in the dotted region over the glutei muscles.

Three positions of the hand on the hip and the leg in relation thereto for a correction.

The lower lumbar and interpelvic structures and spasms are released by this simple adjustment. First however all anterior and perineal energy blocks of the pelvis should be removed.

Both hands on the body for an adjustment, according to the lines of force. It is first a stretch, then a very mild natural correction with a very short range of adjustment, ½ [one-half] inch or less.

Chart No. 35 - Gentle Rocking Motion and Stretch for the Pelvis to Relieve Spasms and Blocks in the Muscles of the Hip Joint.

Fig. 1 shows the operator standing behind the patient with one hand fitted lightly to the shoulder to draw it backwards. The other hand is on the thigh. The thumb digs into the tense muscle fibres [fibers] above the hip joint, anywhere up to the crest of the ilium wherever they are found. These have a definite relation to the lateral respiratory and intercostal [intercostals] muscles. A gentle rocking motion aids in relaxation. Many corrections of tissues can take place easily. This move may be used on heavy patients, where hip correction is too strenuous for the operator.

Fig. 2 shows a stretch and a gentle rocking contact in the opposite direction when it is indicated by shoulder and hip tension. Here the operator stands in front of the patient. No force is used; it is a relaxation by short rhythmic motion. The contacts vary with the tension and the energy blocks found in that area. Fixed and resistant muscle fibres [fibers] yield to resilient impulses, when the negative pole of the muscle attachment can be polarized to operate normally.

Chart No. 36 - Scapula Lift for Brachial Plexus Release

Contact of the fingers under the scapula inserted anywhere along its ridge from the bottom to the top, wherever it is hardest to get under. The hand is supported by the knee, which does the lifting, the foot rests on a stool or table-brace. The next move is to pull the shoulder over with the other hand on to the contact. The knee raises and lifts the shoulder. When the scapular muscles are so tight that the fingers cannot get under them, then, the big toes joints and the transverse arch of the feet should be released because they are the negative poles which hold them bound by their wireless current block.

The lift on the point of the shoulders accomplishes a brachial plexus release and a general well being [well-being] often follows. Patients gain weight and do better after the shoulder blades are freed. Mental and physical loads are carried over the shoulders and are bound up with life thru [through] respiration and by groans.

The completed contact under the shoulder blade with the forearm of the other hand in front under the shoulder joint, the hand extended to gently push the head down for a more complete relaxation and stretch of the neck muscles, freeing tension and energy block over the brachial plexus. It is a valuable move in all respiratory, heart, and nervous conditions, and for recuperating energy.

Chart No. 37 - Adjustment of Toes in One Move - Big Toe Adjustment and Its Reflexes.

The firm grip of the right hand over the toes, ready for the adjustment. The movement is a quick motion of the entire hand, bending the toes down and pushing the arch up from underneath by the finger contact. This releases tension all over, especially across the shoulder girdle where it reflexes to.

The finger contact clearly under the transverse arch. One finger tip [fingertip] under each joint is the preparatory point. It is a release for nervous tension and emotional locks thru [through] the brachial plexus. It is the negative pole to the shoulder girdle as a respiratory release.

Do not use this adjustment on an arthritic joint.

The big toe adjustment given here is a valuable move for the release of tight shoulder blades which the doctor cannot get under to lift; also for sciatica and prostate trouble and enlargement. The womb, too, has a reflex here, and lastly, it is the bunion adjustment. The correction is made by a sharp smack against the big toe joint with the soft part of the palm near the third thumb joint. It will give a click most of the time. The object is to break the lock and fixation here of the energy currents that affect many parts of the body. Secondly, the physical objective of the bunion adjustment is to replace the cartilage of the toe joint by a sharp blow. This joint when locked is stiff and sore. If the doctor succeeds in breaking that lock, even with a very light slap of the hand, the toe may be very sore and turn blue where the venous stasis is released. Be sure to tell the patient, first. When there is no fixation and stasis, this correction does not hurt.

Where there is soreness a mere pull of the big toe will be sufficient for a powerful reaction. All other toes can be treated likewise when the patient permits. It releases shoulder and neck reflex tensions. It is most helpful in sciatica.

The big toe joint has a powerful reflex action near the center line and could be compared to an atlas adjustment at its most negative pole. Of the special senses it has a reflex action to the nose, the tongue, speech and hearing center above.

Chart No. 38 - Foot Adjustments for High Arch and Low Arch Through the Cuboid.

The feet are sensitive structures and need care and attention plus proper shoes. These bones can be molded easier than any other group and many reflexes and pains can be eliminated by it. The feet reflex to the entire body.

The right hand grips the arch of the foot firmly.

The left hand makes a contact with the soft portion of the third phalanx of the thumb on the palmar side, pressed against the cuboid bone on the outside of the foot, and supporting the heel with the fingers.

The adjustment is a twist of the right hand and a quick short thrust by the left hand. It frees the lowest joint of the big toe plus replacing the cuboid and raising the arch. It reflexes to the middle part of the body and is tonic in its effect.

The reverse adjustment for a high arch. The first contact is made on the foot over the highest spot on the top of the arch by firm pressure with the strong middle finger upon it.

The kidney reflex area in each foot is adjusted in the same way as the high arch.

With the thumbs under the arch, push the foot headward and with the anterior contact firm. Then the adjustment is a mere steady push of one contact against the as a stretch. Then a quick short pull and it is done. When indicated, the adjustment can be heard distinctly. Usually it does not hurt. It reflexes to the middle of the back.

Chart No. 39 - Occipto-Temporal [Occipitotemporal] Contacts and Positions.

Adjustment position for the temporal-occipital region plus a 7th cervical [seventh cervical, C7] and 1st dorsal [first thoracic, T1] correction, all in one move.

The principle of this contact is based upon the crossing over of the brain currents in the neck and its letter X effect on tissues. A gentle correction given here is supported by the entire hand. It gives by itself when the line of force is correct and indicated by muscle tension. A relaxation of the lower poles must be accomplished first or it will not stay put.

Position of hand on occiput for a stretch to open foramen magnum opposite to the adjusting contact. It also has a positioning effect on the temporal bone.

Chart No. 40 - Rotation and Sidebend [Side Bend] Stretch to Open the Foramen Magnum

Contact for a stretch on the occiput and the neck muscles to open the foramen magnum with the other hand underneath in the same position acting as a fulcrum

Double contact in action or the rocking stretch movement to line up the head vertically with the body. The occipital condyles are inside of the atlas articulation and control atlas movements. Pulls from below also act as leverage on these muscles. Often a left lateral atlas is released by a perineal contact in all emotional conditions and especially in pregnancy. Use it first.

Double contact on the temporal and occipital bone for a lateral side bend stretch

Showing the contact from the side view. The hand must fit the head and support it. The movement is a gentle molding stretch no force is necessary for best results. Cells and tissues move with the vibratory rhythmic impulse of the life force in the breath.

Chart No. 41 - A Stretch of the Occipital and Upper Dorsal [Thoracic] Region. Adjustments of the Upper Dorsals [Thoracics] By Two Methods.

The neck is the etheric field of energy out of which the lower ovals and centers are formed by reflection from above. See Chart 1. From this center flow out the four rivers of energy to the lower four centers or chakras and return to it as a circuit. Therefore we find that the neck is the proverbial center that catches everything in its position as a link between the head and the body. In physiology we find that the cranial nerves reflex there, especially the pneumogastric [vagus, CN X] and its abdominal reaction. The two sympathetic ganglions also have their influence in the neck with reflexes from below. No wonder most persons are neck conscious when they are under mental-emotional tension or have indigestion of various kinds. Techniques of reflex therapy which release causes of the energy blocks from below should be used first before any attempt is made to treat or to adjust the neck.

Fig. 1 shows the patient lying on his stomach with the face turned to the side of the contacts. The lines of force to be influenced are shown by the arrows. The left hand is on the tender area of the occiput which has been under tension. The technicians [technician's] right hand is on the right side of the spine over the upper dorsal [thoracic] vertebrae which are the negative pole of the tension area. The two contacts are a stretch along the lines of force and the adjustment is merely a little move at the end of the stretch. There must be no rotation movement on the head. This would produce a twist in the neck muscles which is undesirable.

Fig. 2 shows an elastic adjustment with the thumbs on the transverse processes of the upper dorsals [thoracics] with complete relaxation this is a unique technique in the correct direction of the lines of force and there is little hurt attached to it. A rocking directional tension release is most effective in relieving energy blocks which cause soreness and pain.

General rule for correcting anterior upper dorsal [thoracic] vertabrae [vertebrae]:

The upper dorsal [thoracic] curve must be brought to the posterior before any correction for anteriority can be made. The higher the curve is placed posteriorly by bending the head forward on the chest, that much more leverage is applied to the upper six dorsal [thoracic] articulations for the correction of anteriority. When the patient is lying on the stomach a fairly firm suitable size cushion should be placed under the chest, to bring the peak of the posterior curve on the articulation where the anteriors are to be corrected by any method, in this position. For correcting rib articulations this is a good position with a firm support under the chest. It can be done without pain with the head in a split cushion - face downward.

Chart No. 42 - The North Pole Stretch.

Contact on the occiput with the middle fingers for the north pole stretch after relaxation of tension

This is a move to restore the position of the occiput and atlas, which are pulled inferiorly by the attached muscles. The object is to release the compression between the vertebrae on the cartilagenous [cartilaginous] disks. This can be accomplished sometimes all along the spinal column when relaxation is complete.

A gentle moulding [molding] stretch is used first to release and test tension and the advisability of an extension of the head. If too loose or too tight no adjusting pull should be given.

Position for a stretch and an adjustment to release compression by a pull straight headward from the occipital base contact. The jaw area is used only to steady the head and make the hold firm.

Chart No. 43 - Head Moulding [Molding] Therapy and Its Definite Effect on Body Areas.

Top of a baby's skull

Showing the bones of the cranium not yet grown together.

Is it possible that these five bones of the sacrum have a definite relationship to the five bones on the top of the head like the foundation of a house has to its roof? These five bones are moulds [molds] of the five energy fields or tattwas [tattvas] and the five life energy currents of prana flowing thru [through] their central contents and nerve centers.

The superior oval is the mental field; the governor. The inferior triangle is the vital sustaining force and field. One is the crown of man, the other was called the sacred bone. What force of potential energy lies hidden here? And what are its mysterious possibilities when raised to fully awakened consciousness? The space in between is the neuter [neutral] pole of the life energy; the sustainer (Vishnu) the supporter and preserver of organisms.

Every contact on the body has a definite reaction, especially over vital centers and representative polar reflex areas. In molding the head or the neck which are superiorly located, the whole body is influenced by direct impulses and by releasing energy blocks due to reflexes from below, these areas are also benefitted. The molding of the cranial bones is an art in itself. Everything depends on keen observation an elastic and firm touch, and the skill of the operator. When working with great interest and attention a doctor can learn direct from life. The moulding [molding] process involves directional force used plus the polarity reflexes. The central axis of the body's energy field is definitely influenced by external impulses of energy applied which reacts thru [through] the wireless energy whirls, flowing thru [through] the meninges like an induced current and effects the tension of the cerebro spinal [cerebrospinal] fluids locally. The skull is a hollow band shell in which the ultra sonic [ultrasonic] energy current of the soul reverberates like the music of the spheres and is thus broadcasted; the brain acting as the converter and switchboard for the whole body.

Chart No. 44 - Special Sense Functions of the Brain and Their Representative Locations on the Head.

These external areas can be influenced by manipulation to react through the brain as a physiological stimuli.

Fig. 1 belongs to the other chart of anatomical reflex areas in the head. It is left here on purpose, to show the connection between the mechanical aspect of molding bones and its reflexes to the body and effects thru [through] the brain, its convolutions and the cerebrospinal fluid. Figs. 2-3 and 4 give general areas for the expression of the finer quality actions of the soul which manifest as faculties thru [through] the mind and build their respective representative location of organs in the brain to express these mental qualities and impulses. No attempt is made here to teach phrenology, but merely bring about a link of understanding, that soul function has everything to do with body and mind function.

All psychiatry has its roots in the mind, which operates these faculties thru [through] representative brain areas. Since it is estimated that from 40 [forty] to 60 [sixty] percent of all diseases have a psychosomatic origin it would be well to give this aspect more attention. An intelligent entity lives in this body, and it is not a mere chemical-mechanical laboratory. Every reaction depends on the central action of this soul in the body and its fine ultra-sonic [ultrasonic] vibratory energy currents.

A physiological phase could be added to psychiatry by finding the weaker faculties and deficient organic representation and build them up by mental exercise like training for a vocation.

Chart No. 45 - A Specific Contact in the Sitting Position for Adjusting Fixations of Dorsal [Thoracic] Vertebrae and Anterior Dorsals [Thoracics] - a Stretch of the Spine for the Release of Gases.

Figs. 1-2 show the preparation for the lift and the contact points on the hand over the spine. This can be done on either side.

The contact for any anteriority is on the vertebrae below it so the fulcrum is on the anteriority of the joint by the support immediately below it.

This contact can also be used on the transverse process for rotation or fixation of spinal articulations.

Fig. 3 shows the application with the elbow supported on the knee of the operator as a fulcrum. The operator's other arm is in front of the shoulder with a hold on the patient's elbow for the lift. This can be a gentle rocking motion and stretch of any articulation in the spine to separate them and hold them for a moment for the reflex release of gas in the bowels and tissues.

The adjustment is merely an increase in the lift and the fulcrum, raised by the supporting knee. It is easier than it looks and needs but little force.

Fig. 4 shows the application in the upper dorsals [thoracics] with the head bent further forward for the correction of the anteriority of any vertebrae selected.

Extreme tenderness on the spinous process is usually a definite indication of it. However, any fixation may act like an anteriority and should be treated as such

Chart No. 46 - Brachial Plexus and Shoulder Release in the Sitting Position for Respiratory, Digestive, Circulatory Trouble, and Shock.

Fig.1 shows the same arm lift and knee position on the chair as in Chart No. 36. The thumb and the fingers slide under the shoulder blade as the shoulder is lifted. Both contacts are all around the shoulder blades where the tension is found.

Any doctor should be equipped with a good manipulative art which can be skillfully given on an ordinary kitchen chair for the relief of many ailments and pains. In treating the spine sitting up, a greater leverage can be applied with a fulcrum at any point to separate articulations, and to correct anteriority by placing the hand as a fulcrum over the spinous process on the vertebrae below it. For the release of gas pressure and acute indigestion this type of procedure has an advantage over table technique because gases must go up and this helps the patient to belch freely. Chronic liver and gall bladder patients are usually full of gas, due to an incompetent ileo caecal [ileocecal] valve and colitis. Even in office treatments the patient should be degased [degassed] first, in order to get relief and make further therapy more effective.

Fig. 2 shows the left hand of the operator fitted over the anterior part of the shoulder, pushing backwards, while the fingers of the other hand slips under the blade as far as possible; then the right knee lifts the contact and the whole shoulder.

Chart No. 47 - A Well Supported Move in Sitting Position for Muscle Release of the Neck and Dorsal [Thoracic] Region Down to the Ninth Vertebra.

Contact of the fingers behind the ear on the jaw, and the hand on the neck so that the head can be rotated.

Note the support on the neck and shoulders so there is no strain. The middle finger is behind the ear.

The bracing contact point on the high shoulder side. This contact is on the muscles pushing them toward the spinal groove. It can be anywhere on the neck, or the dorsals [thoracics] down to the 9th [ninth] shown in Fig. 3.

This is just one phase of removing energy blocks in the motor area after having duly released the sensory blockade in the anterior and inferior body areas.

This is done with patient sitting on the treatment table, special chair, or any chair. The operator stands behind the patient facing his back.

The head is used as a supported fulcrum to position the atlas thru [through] its condyles within the ring of the occiput and to release and free cervical and dorsal [thoracic] vertebral fixation and tension by gentle rhythmic moves. Spastic muscles are inhibited in this pressure glide toward the center line and energy blocks are removed by the directional force employed.

Chart No. 48 - A Final Move for the Correction of a High Shoulder.

The completed contact from an anterior view. This procedure is very valuable where no table is available and release of the neck tension is necessary, as well as relief over the brachial area. It is a powerful leverage and vertebraes [vertebrae] will line up easily as you go along. Any tense muscle area can be held longer or gone over again. A correct and relaxing movement given here, will open the foramen magnum and free the atlas. The shoulder contact is stimulating in its effect.

The contact arm fits over the patient's shoulder and the hand supports the entire neck, so there is no strain whatever by an unsupported leverage. It is not the old T.M [temporomandibular?] movement for adjustment. The objective here is to move energy blocks by stimulation and muscle tension release.

Chart No. 49 - Extension of the Neck in Sitting Position for Headaches, Gas Pressure and Occipito-atlas [Atlanto-occipital] and Foramen Magnum Release.

Contact point of the hand laid over the first dorsal [thoracic] vertebrae.

The hands with the fingers and thumbs under the occiput where they fit. The left hand is placed on the forehead above the eyebrows.

The head is pushed back onto the hand which acts as a lift to the head, by the firm support of the bottom of the hand on the vertebra prominence or on the first dorsal [thoracic], depending on the size of the operator's hand and the length of the patient's neck. It is merely a lift by a posterior flexion over the hand. No force or jerk should be used. Repeat several times as a directional stretch to release blocks, pain and congestion.

Chart No. 50 - Successive Moves of a New Upper Dorsal [Thoracic] Lift for Anteriority and Relaxation When Indicated.

Fig. 2. The hands are for contact on the occiput. Note how the thumb fits close to the shoulder, and the arm is firmly placed under the armpit nearest to the body. No space for strained leverage is given. The bend of the head forward is determined by the degree of anteriority in the upper dorsal [thoracic] region and the amount of flexion possible without strain.

Fig. 3. The anterior view of the hold, ready for the lift, which is against the chest of the operator. The bend of the head must bring the dorsal [thoracic] anteriority posterior, and at this point, the fulcrum of the chest is applied in a gentle lift.

Test the position first. If it hurts at all, no lift must be given, for there is no lower dorsal-lumbar [thoracolumbar] compensation. A correction now would result in spastic muscles which cannot compensate.

Chart No. 51 - Replacement of the Tendon of Biceps for Arm That Can Neither Be Raised Completely Nor Brought Backwards.

The contact lifts the tendon back into the groove of the humerus and holds it there while it is rotated to a normal position.

Patient is on the back with the arm flexed to take the strain off the tendon. The humerus is rotated forward by laying the elbow on the table and the hand flexed on the body. The thumb then takes a firm contact immediately under the slipped tendon and pushes upward, at the same time the humerus is rotated posteriorly by bringing the flexed arm up toward the head - even with the table. The contact is held and the arm is straightened out.

Chart No. 52 - Exercise for Opening Nostrils and Sinuses - Relief of Head Congestion.

A brand new approach to exercise for opening the sinuses and nostrils and to relieve that stuffy feeling in head colds.

The position is face down with the legs flexed and the feet swung outward as far as possible until there is a strain felt in the hip joint and sacroiliac articulation.

Then swing the feet past each other medially, and outward again. Repeat this for 5 [five] or 10 [ten] minutes, several times and the head will clear and the nostrils will open. It can be done on the floor or on the bed and repeated as often as needed.

The factors that produce it are first: the pumping action of the hip joints and muscles stimulating the sacral center and fluids reacting upon the medulla oblongata and the cerebellum. The serpent force of the sun and moon energies or the caduceus from the brain are activated at the negative pole, which opens the breathing centers in the head.

The other point is the fact that the feet in the motion of crossing each other cut the electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] lines of force emanating from them, acting like a dynamo in producing a muscular tone effect on the body. This demonstrates the fact of the inferior producing an effect upon the superior by the return current flow.

Chart No. 53 - Checking For the Tense Leg and Hip Which Is Usually the Short Leg and Releasing It By a Torque and a Rhythmic Movement.

Fig. 1 illustrates the test on both feet. One resists more and does not go freely towards the median line when pushed gently with a finger. Sometimes the test has to be outward as well, to compare tension and resistance in the opposite direction when present.

Fig. 2 places the foot and leg with the greatest tension, in a position toward the median line, by lifting the foot away from the other and rotating the thigh gently toward the middle to take out all the slack. No force is used. It merely lays the leg in the right position.

Fig. 3 shows the lower hand on the inside of the thigh and the other hand spread out on the abdomen with the thumb above the symphysis pubis [pubic symphysis] on the abdominal muscles to control the direction. Now a light rocking motion is started in which the patient's body rocks as a whole until the tension of these muscles is released. There is no thrust, no force, and no push.

Chart No. 54 - The Os Calcis [Calcaneus] Bone As the Negative Reflex Pole From the Positive Occiput and the Neuter [Neutral] Sacrum Affecting the Posture and Functions of the Body. Posterior View of Leg Distortions Through the Feet.

Normal heel in line with the leg, which allows free rotation in either direction.

Both heels out of line, and easy to bend in one direction only

Contact on the foot, and the thumb on the most tender spot just above the heel, for reflex action, and bringing it in line.

Contact held with one hand while the other hand is rotating and rocking either the thigh in the same direction for hip release, or is applied to the back or the neck for reflex release by just holding both contacts.

A complete finger contact near the heel for reflex release, and a contact with the thumb on the diaphragm area, holding both firmly for release of tension in the forehead sinuses or difficult breathing.

(A) Pressure here affects the diaphragm and releases muscle tension, clogged nose and stuffiness in the head.

Chart No. 55 - Rotation of Feet and the Correction of the Os Calcis [Calcaneus] Position in Relation to the High and Low Sides of the Hips, and the Entire Back.

One hand on one heel and the foot for leverage, and one hand above on the back, neck, or thigh with a rocking motion. This aims to release the inferior block and tension, through the control areas above, namely the superior positive and the neuter [neutral] pole on the back. Correction above is applied where blocks exist thru [through] occipital contact. The leg may be flexed to reach the occiput or back, to inhibit or rock the area. This can be done on either side one at a time with emphasis on the tense short leg side.

There is usually a heel soreness and a severe occipital tension found on the short leg side. Sometimes it crosses over from one heel to the opposite occiput. Raised portions of the back also show the muscle pull there, which is released by rocking and heel lineup. This is the polarity way of balancing bad feet by lining them up with gravity and releasing muscular tensions thru [through] the electro magnetic [electromagnetic] circuits of the body. It accomplishes more than mere heel lifts and arch supports aim at.

A straight line drawn thru [through] the center of each acetabulum gives the weight bearing gravity center of motion in the body. All motor impulses of the body expressed as physical motion, reflect to this center line. The body must maintain a balance between its force of muscular impulses and the center line. The body must maintain a balance between its force of muscular impulses and the center of gravity momentum. This is a high point in therapy and easily achieved by this method of polarizing fields and forces.

Chart No. 56 - Correcting Body Rotation Thru [Through] the Hip Joint Articulation and the Os Calcis [Calcaneus] Position and Reflex on the Side of the Short and Tense Leg.

The lower contact is on the os calcis [calcaneus] as shown here with a firm contact - bending the foot outward while the thumb pushes on the tense and tender spot on the heel bone to release its friction and line it up with the center line of the leg as shown on Chart 54, Fig. 1 + 3. The patient lies on the side with the short leg up so it can be treated.

The upper contact is usually from the anterior around the head of the femur to the crest of the ilium where the greatest tension exists. Pressure is applied on tight bands of musculature and held firmly until relaxation takes place. In this manner the area around the acetabulum is released of spastic fibres [fibers]. The direction of the contact is across the tense fibres [fibers] found. The heel bone contact is held at the same time to establish coordinated correction and energy flow by polarity. Holding these two contacts for just a few minutes will often produce astonishing results. The short leg will lengthen and the body line up on the gravity string will be normal or much improved.

This can be done on either side of the body where ever [wherever] the short leg is. The position of the patient on the side assists the operator in applying leverage at the heel and at the acetabulum tensions found. This unique move of double contacts can be applied to other bones in the foot and the glutei fibre [fiber] tensions. There is an energy current flow established in the patient thru [through] the release of pent up waves in the hyper tensed areas. Better conduction is established thru [through] polarity contacts.

Fig. 2 illustrates gravity pull from the heel bone thru [through] the sacro iliac [sacroiliac] articulation to the occiput by two straight lines. The dotted lines illustrate energy waves radiating from the occiput plus muscle pull on each side of body thru [through] the hip joints, which produce tone and correct posture or distortions of the body in relation to gravity. The external lines of posture are from the occiput thru [through] the hip joint to the heel on each side.

Chart No. 57 - Polarity Contacts on Rib Heads and Spastic Shoulder Muscles from Posterior to Anterior to Clear Blocks of Digestion and Liver Function.

Fig. 1. Patient sitting up or lying on the side. These contacts on the left side of the body are mostly for indigestion and gas. When present the rib heads and shoulder blade muscles are very tender to the touch. Hold contact moderately firm until soreness is less or a gurgling response from the digestion is heard.

The shoulder contact is held with pressure until the spastic or rope like [rope-like] muscles soften. The area is suggested by the same rib heads anterior and posterior.

Positive contact finger of the left hand for anterior contacts.

Energy flow is promoted by polarity contacts from posterior to anterior.

Thumb contact on posterior rib heads and points of thumb contacts on spastic muscles on the shoulder blade.

0 Neuter [Neutral]
- Negative
+ Positive

Chart No. 58 - The Ear Canals as the Superior Centers of Gravity in the Head, around Which Local Circuits Whirl.

To increase the central function of ear, one finger can be placed into the ear canal, grasping the whole lobe firmly between it and the thumb outside, moving and stretching the outer tissue in relation to the center and fixed areas.

Have patient hum while taking polarity treatments, improves the effect on the positive contact. Body areas will vibrate to right pitch. Higher locations need a higher pitch, lower ones a lower pitch.

Fig. 1 shows the center of the ear canal with its four major directions of gentle force which may be applied to illicit [elicit] reflexes in the body. The ear canal is the positive pole of the center of gravity in the body. Normally it is controlled by the semicircular canals and fluids thru [through] the sound mechanism of vibratory whirls and impacts. Reflexes from the body also affect it. This center has the same relating position to the head as the umbilicus has to the body in relationship to parts above and below it. The motor center in the back responding to both, is between the 2nd and 3rd lumbar [second and third lumbar, L2, L3] vertabrae [vertebrae]. It is a straight line thru [through] the sensory umbilical center to the posterior spinal center which is the physical weight and gravity center of the body.

Fig. 2 gives two general lines of force applied to the anterior for sensory reflex responses.

The tregas [tragus] or small lobe can also be grasped firmly, stretched, and rotated with extension releasing energy blocks for better function of hearing. These moves have definite reflexes through sound waves on the central core of the body's energy column.

(A) Head

(B) Neck

(C) Chest and lungs

(D) Diaphragm

(E) Abdomen

(F) Umbilicus

(G) Pelvis

(H) Vitality and long life

Fig. 3 gives the representative areas of the body on the ear. Redness, discoloration in any one area can be a diagnostic clue, like a white or yellowish discoloration in this lung area for pneumonia and other lung diseases. The abdomen is represented in the middle area of the ear. The pelvis is represented below the ear canal. A large lobe below it shows great vitality and reserve energy. It is equivalent to buttox [buttocks] tone which is the negative pole and the wrist bracelets which are the neuter [neutral] pole and indicators of vital force. A person who has both can go thru [through] an illness with more energy and react better to therapy than those who do not have that inherited share of vitality. This simple observation is of value to the doctor. Earlobes, wrist lines, buttox [buttocks] tone, spell reserve energy.

The two general lines of directional force which may be applied to the canal point to the posterior for motor reflex release. This can be polarized by applying one contact on any anterior part of the body with a positive finger.

Fig.4 shows the double application of the little fingers in the ears to clear local reflexes and tenderness found in most ear canals.

Gurgling sounds may be heard as abdominal reflexes respond from this area. It is a valuable aid to relaxation to clear the positive sound area whirls and fields. See Chart No. 8. Cranial bone corrections have their key center here thru [through] the sphenoid bone. Test for directions by the reactions in any of the four major lines of force shown here

Chart No. 59 - Principles of Local Wireless Current Flow in the Body and How It Can Be Influenced by Polarity Contacts to Flow from the Circumference to the Center.

The thumb of the right hand contacts the center in the palm of the hand or in the sole of the foot. The positive middle finger of the left hand is placed above it on a triangle line held firmly for one half a minute or so until polarity flow is established. Then the thumb moves upward to the place where the finger was and that contact moves upward to the next triangle nearer the center on arms or legs. Each is treated separately wherever blocks exist; as spasms or as paralysis. The thumb is a powerful neuter [neutral] pole; the middle and the little fingers are warming and relaxing as positive actions. The first and the ring finger are cooling and tonic for flacid [flaccid] tissue as negative poles.

The effort to start the return sensory current from without inward from joint to joint to the center by clearing blocks from station to station on the way.

Every joint is a breaking point or a crossover of a certain type of energy flow supplying this field and function. On the triangles above and below the line of flexion are found responsive manipulative contact points marked as dots.

Chart No. 60 - The Negative Reflexes of the Colon Found in the Legs Between the Tibia and the Fibula.

Manipulative movements in the direction of the energy flow are soothing. Movements opposite to it are stimulating in effect.

On the right leg anterior the energy flows toward the foot on the left leg anterior - away from the foot and upward. Fishes show energy flow anteriorly.

(A) Ascending colon

(B) Cecum [caecum]

(C) Descending colon

(D) Sigmoid flexure

The negative pole of the colon is in the legs as illustrated. Aching legs and knee joint pains especially along the outside of the shin bones are colonic reflexes of irritation, stagnation and gas pressure. They can cause headaches and heart symptoms.

Contact 1. From the arch of the foot to the colon reflex area on the leg.

Contact 2. From the outside of the foot to the colon reflex area between the tibula [tibia] and fibula, also straightening the foot by holding the contacts.

Contact 3. Contact on the same colon area on the leg may be held anywhere on the dotted line and another contact on the colon itself can be made to balance the neuter [neutral] pole above with the negative blocks below to eliminate them. The object is polarity of current flow not massaging. All contact should be made with the same attention as striking keys on the piano or typewriter.

Chart No. 61 - Co-ordinated [Coordinated] Polarity Stimulation of the Airy Reflex Centers in the Arches of the Feet with the Colon and Its Reflex Centers in the Legs.

Patient is on the table. The doctor stands on the left side with his left hand over the toes of left foot, the fingers supporting the joints under the arch of the foot. The contact bends the toes down firmly lifting and stretching the arch. The tension is held for a moment, then is relaxed and the movement repeated several times. This stimulates the brachial respiratory positive center by reflex action. The same can be done on the right with the opposite hand on these areas. The right hand is over the left leg with the thumb pressing on the dense and contracted tissue blocks in the colon reflex area between the tibia and fibula. Coordinated action in these two areas send their reflexes to their respective positive and neuter [neutral] airy centers above for better intake of oxygen and elimination of CO2 [carbon dioxide]; also releasing gases from the stagnant neuter [neutral] colon.

The doctor stands on the left side of the patient and his left hand is over the middle of the arch of the left foot and the thumb makes a firm contact below the left ankle on the outside over the reflex area of the sigmoid and the psoas muscle. See Chart 17, page 24, Book 2. The foot is rotated outward and held while the right hand thumb and fingers contact the area over the sigmoid or psoas muscle on the abdomen. This can be used on either side for the release polarity current reflexes. This arch contact can also be used in connection with working the colon reflexes between the tibia and fibula. As the doctor stands on either side of the patient these contacts become the natural position for the hands without crossing them over each other.

For prostatic and uterine treatments the left contact goes a little lower on the heal [heel] with the right hand over the muscles of the symphisis pubis [pubic symphysis].

Chart No. 62 - Negative and Neuter [Neutral] Reflex Areas in the Body for the Treatment of Lumps in the Breasts, also Aortic Reflexes in the Legs.

The breasts are secretory glands on the anterior superior portion of the body. The mammae [breasts] have a direct reflex to the uterus in the female and to the prostate in the male via the finer central core wireless energy currents of the caduceus. The neuter [neutral] sensory reflex of this watery triad is in the pelvis anteriorly and in the buttox [buttocks] posteriorly as a motor vital reflex. Congestions, lumps and very sensitive spots in the buttox [buttocks] have a relationship to the breast and its stagnant areas. The most negative pole is on the back of each leg as marked here, which give direct reflexes to the breast and the nipples. These areas are usually very tender on the legs. Working on the leg area with one hand and on the buttox [buttocks] or brachial area with the other, polarizes the action in these two fields. When the shoulder area is included and the reflexes balanced with the negative and neuter [neutral] poles, the breasts function better by the wireless current flow. With the patient on the side, a gentle rocking motion is the procedure on either two areas at once. Or with the patient lying face down, a gentle rocking motion headward is applied by any two contacts.

The breasts are not treated directly. The calves of the legs will act as a diversion treatment when heat or counter-irritants are applied. Blistering in this area gives excellent reactions because it is in the negative field where the real clogging exists in the energy field and in the tissues.

The back of the knees are reflexes of the abdominal aorta. Often we find an enlargement there of the tibial artery which throbs. On the left leg it indicates back pressure in the abdominal aorta and heart damage. The thrombosis is causing sufficient pressure to dilate the artery here like a bulb. It should be supported by an elastic bandage, and the resistance area polarized. It is usually below the dilation where the thrombosis is active in arterial obstruction. Above the dilation or ulcer in venous obstruction leeches applied to relieve this block below the arterial dilation is the only logical procedure. This has to be repeated several times because arteries are located deeper and drainage through the capillaries must be relied upon. The King of England[1] had an arterial thrombosis. The neuter [neutral] pole area around the umbilicus should be freed.

Chart No. 63 - The Ideal Posture and Rocking Balance Stretch for the Release of the Downward Airy Currents of Energy in the Body Which Govern All Expelling Functions of Gases, Liquids and Solids. Frees the Back Pressure from the Heart.

The object is the release of blocks in the tissues by motion while these fields are in proximity under a polarity action as well as a muscular pull. Tone and freedom in the pelvis is the objective. This vitality release in the most vital field in the body aids health. The posture is easier with shoes on at first. Try barefooted later as it gives more stretch. Clothing must be free. Only practice conquers and accomplishes. Three minutes several times a day gives good results.

When a person feels tired, restless and cannot relax to go to sleep or feels indisposed in any way it means that the energy currents of the body are not operating as they should. There is interference difficult to interpret. We feel weary. Taking the postures for just a few minutes each, will start the current flow and will make resting a real pleasure. Feet should be flat on the floor.

This posture is the final stage of many gentle efforts of squatting which stretches the muscles by degrees and not by force. For this position the feet are fairly close together to obtain more support on the colon from the thighs, for the final stretch with the breath from the inside. The downward force - called apana - in the East is activated by this posture. Gravity assists the elimination of liquids and solids. Three airy fields in the body are acted upon at once in this final stage, which makes the downward currents of energy move by releasing the most negative area blocks first in the calves of the legs. The neuter [neutral] pole of this airy principle is in the colon, which becomes a storage for gases, pressed by the thighs, and the arm pull inward on the knees. The positive pole is the chest, as the intake. The brachial plexus is the governor. The arm pull must stretch the area between the shoulders so it is felt. Then a deep breath can be used to stretch all the spinal muscles from within against the head, pull forward, on all these tissues. The response will be felt at once, even vertebrae will adjust themselves naturally as by an inner lift. Gases will roll, and liquids and solids follow the air block release. Vital forces are freed to move as the five vital winds in the body. A rocking motion is now added forward and backward and from side to side as well as a turning rotation if possible.

Chart No. 64 - A Posture Stretch for Youthful Elasticity through the Release of Vital Force and Blocked Energy Circuits in the Heavy Pelvic Muscles, Freeing the Hip Joints by Gentle Stretching through Rocking Motions.

This posture frees energy in the pelvis which can be used by contacts of the hands and thumbs on the positive pole of the head for the release of reflex actions almost anywhere in the body in self treatment. The two thumbs on the bridge of the nose, and hand touching the forehead affects the central area of the body. A rocking motion activates all these contacts. The hands can be placed on tender spots on opposite sides of the head, in front and back diagonally opposed and held while rocking and stretching in all directions for release. It can also be used for head moulding [molding] in this manner. Fingers can be locked over the top of the head to mould [mold] the parietals. It is polarity reaction which is the active factor in all these responses. The area under the lower jaw gives definite pelvic responses, for toning or release of tension. Using the left thumb or the first and ring fingers for toning contacts. The right thumb and second [middle] or the little finger positive release the roof of the mouth gives a range of reflexes that are astonishing. One thumb fits perfectly on it while in this posture. The right thumb will open the sinuses instantly and help drainage in cold etc. Stomach reflexes can be elicited at once, if you reach back far enough. The tongue also holds a host of reflex responses to contacts. A few seconds on the right reflex does wonders.

This posture is started with the feet farther apart than the posture described in Chart no. 63. Just comfortable to accomplish a stretch and motion on opposite muscles and tissues. The person eases into this posture slowly and gradually, without force, keeping the heels on the floor. The arms are placed on the inside of knees, the hands are clasped, pushing the knees apart gently and comfortably until the stretch is felt in the thighs and the hips. The thumbs support the head which is bent forward. Now a gentle rocking motion is started for balance of forces and their release in motion. Forward, backward, from side to side and rotation if convenient. Two or three minutes several times a day are sufficient for fine results. The hip joints will be freed and the sacro-iliac [sacroiliac] articulations and the lumbar vertabrae [vertebrae] will benefit by this polarity normalizing movement. Deep tension, spasms, and tissue stagnations will disappear. The elasticity of the step will come back as well as the pleasure of walking. Benefits will be felt by young and old alike. Daily practice does it. Wasted and flabby tissues will be toned and take on a normal appearance. The sagging buttox [buttocks] which is the sign of vital exhaustion will become normal again, through perserverance [perseverance] of practice, aided by quick cold showers over the buttox [buttocks] and hips. For the short time and effort spent in this vital posture, vital effects will be noticed by each person, young or old. Symptoms and pains will change when life currents flow again. The flush in the cheeks will be felt in the postures. The sparkle in the eyes can follow if continued. A youthful life at 65 [sixty-five] is possible through polarity energy currents flowing in their fields again.