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Persons and Law

Luminous⚖️SovereignJul 22, 2018, 11:14:49 AM

Introduction to the Deception

This blog will outline the hidden truth within New Zealand’s legal system and not just New Zealand with which once you properly understand, you will be armed with the knowledge necessary to take back control of your life from the powers that be and remember exactly who you are and how much power you really have.

By spreading this information we aim to help create strong and empowered families and communities once again that do not need to rely on ‘the system’ for everything in life but above all, we want all humans to be able to remember what true freedom really is and how we must all have it in order to propel our global society into the new paradigm of peace, love and abundance.


It began at birth when the creator gave all of us the gifts of life and liberty along with the free will to enjoy them and the responsibility to respect the rights of others.

As people started to live together in societies, there was nothing to prevent individuals from infringing upon the rights and freedoms of one-another. Once that happened there were only two choices; either protect our own rights or elect a group of individuals from within the society to protect our rights for us.

The obvious conclusion was that if we all worked together to protect each other’s rights we would all benefit and so we chose the latter and thus Common Law, which is based on natural law or common sense, began to be formed. It was, and still is, the duty of every human being to protect the Common Law as it protects our fundamental rights not only for ourselves but for our future generations.

The Common Law that has developed over time has but one purpose; to protect our individual rights as we see them, our life, our liberty and also our property. The purpose of Common Law was never to restrict or destroy any of those. Its sole purpose, then and now, is for the preservation and protection of these rights.

However throughout history, law has been corrupted and used in ways it was never intended to be used. New statutory laws have been created to control and enslave whole societies for the benefit of those in power. For example, we can have the full force of the law brought down upon us with a parking violation or income tax irregularity.

These offenses do no harm to another human being and in no way violate any other individual’s fundamental rights, so we ask "who made these laws and how did they gain the force of law over me”?

The answer is that they never did! We must just understand the legal matrix which has slowly been pulled over our eyes in order to find the fruits of our freedom.

Common Law vs Statute Law

We the people are governed by two sets of law; Common law and Statute law. The Common law protects our rights as given to us by our creator, whether one believes that to be God, nature, or the universe.

Under Common Law every individual’s rights are innate to themselves. Each individual decides what is fundamentally right and wrong and their rights cannot be created nor destroyed by anyone or anything. “We the people” in turn lend those rights to our government, on a very limited basis for the greater good of the community. Our rights never, ever came from the government.

Common Law is comprised of a few centuries of judicial decisions which are all based on this one very powerful rule: you must not infringe upon the rights, life, liberty or property of another human-being. If an infringement of any of these occurs, a jury of 12 people representative of your community is gathered together in a properly convened Court de Jure (i.e. legitimate court) with a judge as the administrator and they will decide whether or not an infringement has taken place and a sentence will be agreed upon if a guilty verdict is reached. All jurists must agree unanimously on the outcome or the case is dismissed.

The idea being, that having 12 random members of the community deliberate and determine the outcome, there will not be any opportunity for corruption to occur.  Once a decision has been reached the case then sets precedent and becomes part of the common law of that country.

Statute law is a separate layer of government created legislation which is drafted by the Parliamentary Council Office and is then voted upon in Parliament in a democratic fashion where the majority can vote away the rights of the minority. It is enforced in De Facto Courts (i.e. illegitimate courts) which are all we have in New Zealand today.

Statute law makes it lawful for your government to fine you, arrest you and even imprison you for acts which do no harm to any other people and they have now recruited our peace officers (Police) as corporate policy enforcement officers and they are patrolling the streets gathering revenue for their directors every day!

In New Zealand and about 80 other countries worldwide, Statute Law is used for total control of the people and the corporations operating within. However as all human beings are born free and equal with no oaths to anyone but their creator - statute law can only be enforced through consent. It is not possible to force people to consent to Statute Law, as that would be tyranny, so therefore the government has to trick us into consenting (see below 12. Contracting).

Chances are you do not know this and have never been informed of this. If you were educated in the “public fool system” where they no longer teach about human rights, it highly likely that you will never have heard such a choice exists. Chances are you are a highly competent lawyer or minister of parliament and still are completely unaware of this simple truth and due to your expensive education (i.e. brain washing), you may find this emotionally hard to accept.

However the truth remains that the Common Law that respects individual liberty and freedom is still alive and well in New Zealand and Statute Law in no way gives any politician, policeman or any other government agent any authority over us unless we consent. To understand how they trick us into consenting all we have to do is understand who WE are within THEIR legal system.

Who Are You Within Statute Law?

It is important to remember within statute law which kind of person you are.

In order for the Government to control the people according to its whim, they had to invent a system that would make the people believe that their rights came from government instead of God. In America they did this by taking over the education system and dropping certain subjects such as civics from the curriculum.

Over a period of time they indoctrinated the people of America into thinking their country was a Democracy instead of a Constitutional Republic and started introducing Statute Law as if it was normal. To make people believe they were obligated by this statute law the government created a new language for its laws  and redefined the word ‘person’ to include two separate entities.

They created the “natural person” which is used to describe a flesh-and-blood creation of the creator known as a human-being, and the “artificial person” which is a fictional entity which all Statute Law applies to. Here are the legal definitions:

Natural Person – Persons in the ordinary sense of the word as opposed to artificial persons or corporations.
Artificial Person – An entity recognised by law but which is not a real person e.g. a company.

As creator of the artificial person, the Government can demand anything it wants from the artificial person. As a fictional legal entity, an artificial person does not have feelings and cannot be hurt. It can be subject to slavery and complete domination by its creator and the artificial person must obey its creator.

Since the day we were born we have all had an artificial person representing us within Statute law. It was created for us when our parents registered our births. Did you consent to that?

There are many different kinds of artificial persons including VOTER, TEACHER, LANDLORD, TENANT, TAXPAYER, DIRECTOR, SHAREHOLDER, CARDHOLDER, OFFICER, EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE, COMPANY, CORPORATION, CITIZEN, RESIDENT, DRIVER, and so on. Remember that you are none of these unless you have signed a contract saying that you are.

Interpretation of Statutes

The government in association with the Parliamentary Council Office drafts and creates Statute Law. In these Statutes are words. These words are the very basis with which the Statutes are formed. Without the words, there is nothing. Without definitions of the words, there is also nothing.

This is why there are subsections and definition sections within Statutes to properly define the words used within them, a government act solely to state principles and rules for the interpretation of the words (the Interpretation Act) and law dictionaries solely for the purpose of further defining these words.

The language used by the Parliamentary Council’s Office in these statutes is so far from normal English that it has even been given a name of its own: Legalese.

The definition of Legalese is as follows: The technical talk of the legal profession, the argot of lawyers; Wording that resembles how a lawyer writes, especially such that is confusing to the layperson.

The layperson or common man cannot read this language. It is for the sole purpose of confusing and hence controlling him.

Also to interpret their Statutes you must be aware of the principles of interpretation. A lot of words are re-defined in statutes so they may have a meaning different from their ordinary Legalese meaning. When searching for the definition of a word, the hierarchy shown below applies. You have to look down the priority list until you find the word definition for which you are seeking:

Priority Order of Word Definitions 1) Subsection of the Statute in question, 2) Definition section of the Statute in question, 3) Definition section of Statutes having the same subject matter, 4) Interpretation Act, 5) New Zealand Law Dictionary, 6) Oxford Dictionary of Law (British), 7) Black's Law Dictionary (American), 8) New Zealand English Dictionary

Imagine having to follow this rule for every word within the thousands of statutes that are supposed to govern our conduct! Well luckily there are only a couple of words that need defining in order to prove that their statutes don’t apply to us or infringe upon our rights. By the end of this page you should understand the definitions of these words and be able to unravel the legal matrix very easily to enjoy the fruits of your freedom.


To illustrate why the definitions of words within statutes are important, let’s look at the definition of the word ‘apple’:

APPLE -a firm, edible, rounded fruit.
But, not all firm, edible rounded fruit are apples are they?

For this reason a legal definition MUST include EVERYTHING it defines otherwise it would create uncertainty. In the legal world, definitions carry with them significant force and therefore must be defined extremely clearly. So let’s look at the definition of the word ‘definition’:

DEFINITION -The process of stating the exact meaning of a word by means of other words. Such a description of the thing defined, INCLUDING all essential elements and EXCLUDING all non-essential elements, as to distinguish it from all other things and classes.

Here is a legal Maxim (legal guideline) that clearly backs this definition up: Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius - The inclusion of one is the exclusion of another.

So by definition, the definition of a word must include everything it defines. The word ‘includes’ is one of the most confusing words you will come across when trying to interpret statutes. It has been used deceptively to hide the truth about who these statutes apply to. Here are some definitions of the word 'includes’:

Includes: verb - absorb, to be composed of, to be formed of, to be made up of, to bound, to bracket, to circumscribe, to classify, to close in, tocombine, to compass, to comprehend, to consist of, to contain, to cover, to embody, to embrace, to encircle, to engird, to envelop, to hold, toincorporate, to involve, to merge, to put a barrier around, to span, to subsume, to surround, to take in, to unify, to unite.

As you can see the word ‘includes’ is very restrictive. There are ways to express an enlargement of the word 'includes' when you need to by sayingincluding, or, and includes, or, also includes, or includes without limitations.

The Main Event

The main understanding we aim to convey in this page is which kind of person you are within Statute Law. The definition of the word ‘person’ is the main event in conveying that message.

In the ordinary world the most ordinary meaning of the word person is a human-being. But when reading government created statutes in the legal world, we have to follow the rules for interpretation as outlined earlier. The following definition comes from the interpretation act 1999. It has defined the word ‘person’ for use within ALL government created Statute Law in New Zealand. It is not redefined in any of the acts.

PERSON -includes a corporation sole, a body corporate and an unincorporated body.

It includes all essential elements and excludes all non-essential, as to distinguish it from all other things and classes. The definition includes a corporation sole, a body corporate and an unincorporated body (all artificial persons). Therefore it includes artificial persons ONLY! There has been no enlargement of the word ‘includes’ expressed so we know the definition is restrictive to that which follows. So now we ask ourselves:

Am I an artificial person? NO.
Do I have an artificial person? YES.
Am I responsible for my artificial person’s infringements on Statute Law? HEREIN LIES THE DECEIT!

The Magnificent Deception

The prosecutor must create legal joinder between us (the human being) and our artificial persons. There are a variety of ways that individuals have dealt with standing in court and dealing with this subtle deception. Some refuse to accept joinder, some accept it and assume the position of Executor of the Trust (the strawman), some simply take ownership of the strawman and proceed from there.

The New Zealand courts have confirmed on public record that they are courts for the purpose of administering New Zealand Statue Law under the District Court Act 1947, and have stated that they are not there to determine human rights.

These are human rights including the right to choose the jurisdiction that one wishes to stand in, and other inalienable rights repeatedly documented throughout history beginning with the Charter of Liberties and the Magna Carta at the beginning of last millennium, carrying through to our own Bill of Rights in 1990.

It begs the question what would have gone through the minds of those who founded the UN and then proclaimed our human rights in 1948, only to have world governments (at least New Zealand’s) and the judiciary so out of order 60 years later.

Society - are you a member?

At this point we should define exactly what a society is.

SOCIETY - a number of people joined by mutual consent to deliberate, determine and act for a common goal.

And who do statutes apply to:

STATUTE - a legislated rule of a society which has been given the force of law. (The force they have been given is derived from the common law) So if you are a member of a society you must abide by its rules. Are you a member of any societies? The very fact that you are a human being and live within the same geographical region as other human beings and share a common goal of pursuing happiness means the answer is YES. But are you a member of their society? Herein lies another trick!

When we were born our parents were tricked into registering our births on their database and we were issued with a Birth Certificate. Every time we identify ourselves using this birth certificate or any other identification derived from that birth certificate we are identifying ourselves as a member of their society.

Just try and refuse to register your child and see what happens! They will intimidate you with all sorts of threatening letters for months but will eventually give up as they know they are committing fraud by telling us we must register our children.

Most parents are uneducated about the system and comply immediately not knowing the implications of what they are doing. Once the child is registered the government takes legal ownership of it and it becomes a CITIZEN bound by the rules of the society.

To illustrate the government ownership concept, ask yourself this: How could CYFS (Child, Youth and Family Service) legally take away a child which does not legally exist? Get it? The government has legal ownership of you and your children and that is why they can dictate the rules of your lives to you. Unless you remember who you are!

Every human being has the option to be a member of their society if they please. There are certain benefits of being a member but you also give up certain rights when you join. The amount of taxes you have to pay to them immediately sours the deal but every human being has the choice. To confirm your membership, all you need to do is sign on to the electoral roll as soon as you come of age (commonly age 18). By doing this you are giving your consent to the government of that society to make the rules. Unfortunately in the New Zealand society they do this using the principles of democracy so if you are part of the minority that gets outvoted you basically lose your rights within the society you joined.

There is however an “out” from society if we choose to use it and recently in time many people have chosen to step out as they have started realising exactly what is going on (i.e. slavery). They’re asking the question “how did I become a member without consenting”. The government knew they would have to provide an “out” for the real flesh-and-blood human beings who had awoken from their slumber, as not doing so would be tyranny, so they created the ‘natural person’ within the legal system to recognise them.

Stepping out of their society is the one true avenue of protest that “we the people” have that can actually make a difference in the case that our governments get out of control. If we take away their funding (i.e. taxes on the people) we take away their power.

The government does not provide forms for us to do this so we use a NOTICE OF UNDERSTANDING AND INTENT AND CLAIM OF RIGHT signed and witnessed by a notary public to withdraw our consent to being a member of their society and thus governed by its laws.  As a courtesy it is recommended to give the directors of the society 10 days to deliberate and determine and reply to you in writing. If they do not, they have accepted your notice by acquiescence (silence) and you are free to govern yourself under common law.


With being sovereign comes a greater deal of responsibility. When freedom and self empowerment starts spreading throughout our communities we regain our sense of responsibility to one-another and we will be able to strengthen our ties and end the competition that is driving us all apart.

Policy enforcement officers (once upon a time peace officers, or Police) who are paid to dish out fines all day should focus on that which is a breach of the peace or infringement upon another human-beings rights. They swear an oath to keep the peace. Sovereigns should remind them that is the Law, and not the Statute. There are many laws to quote to Police Officers that they are required to keep, the Bill of Rights has a few written there.


Ever wondered why your name appears in capital letters on every single one of your government issued documents? It is so they can tell the difference between the natural and artificial persons. Currently there is no government issued identification available for the natural person as they do not want you to be able to identify yourself as such and freely exercise your rights.

When you were born the government conned your parents (using the “every person must” deception) into registering your name on its database. As soon as they did this, they stole your name and created an artificial person (corporation) with exactly the same name as you and provided you with a birth certificate as a receipt. Unbeknown to you, you have been using this artificial persons name to represent you since the day you were born.

The only way you can tell the difference between yourself and this artificial person is by seeing its name on paper. Artificial persons names are always shown in CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA (i.e. capital letters), whereas the names of human-beings in law (i.e., natural persons) are always shown in Capitis Diminutio Minima. Take a look at your driver’s licence and your bank cards now. Black’s Law dictionary 2nd edition defines this use of capitalisation as follows:

Diminutio. Lat. In civil law. Diminution; a taking away; loss or depravation.
Capitis Diminutio Minima (meaning a minimum loss of status through the use of capitalisation, e.g. John Doe) – The lowest or least comprehensive degree of loss of status. This occurred where a man’s family relations alone were changed. It happened upon the arrogation [pride] of a person who had been his own master, (sui juris,) [of his own right, not under any legal disability] or upon the emancipation of one who had been under the patria potestas. [Parental authority] It left the rights of liberty and citizenship unaltered.
Capitis Diminutio MEDIA (meaning a medium loss of status through the use of capitalisation, e.g. John DOE) – A lesser or medium loss of status. This occurred where a man loses his rights of citizenship, but without losing his liberty. It carried away also the family rights.
CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA (meaning a maximum loss of status through the use of capitalisation, e.g. JOHN DOE or DOE JOHN) – The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave.

There are four different levels of capitalisation used in names of ‘persons’:

  • john doe  We start with the human-being
  • John Doe  Capitis Diminutio Minima. This is the natural-person.
  • John DOE  Capitis Diminutio MEDIA. This is the quasi natural/artificial person
  • JOHN DOE  CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA. This is the corporation / artificial-person

Here is a summary of the rights and freedoms of the above ‘persons’:

  • The human-being has all the unalienable rights and freedoms as provided by God and protected by common law.
  • The Natural-Person has the rights and freedoms as provided by man with the Magna Charta, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Bill of Rights. All these documents state is the obvious –that we are all free and equal.
  • The Quasi-Natural/ARTIFICIAL-PERSON has lost some rights, but not all rights. At this time it is not evident how to quantify which rights have been lost.
  • The CORPORATION/ ARTIFICIAL-PERSON has benefits and privileges as provided by the creator of the Corporation (government).


Remember ALL LAW IS CONTRACTUAL and the human being's right to contract is one of the fundamental rights of freedom.  A human being's private contract cannot be trespassed by the government and its creations (corporations).

For example if a human being has a private contract to buy goods from another human being, there is no requirement for either to pay any taxes (i.e. GST) on the transaction, unless they agreed to in the contract. In the same way if a human being has a contract to do work for a company or corporation, the corporation may not deduct taxes off the workers pay unless the worker has agreed in writing.

Such transactions are outside the jurisdiction of Statute Law. When you sign an IR330 for an EMPLOYER, what you are doing is signing a contract to say that you will act as an EMPLOYEE and thus allow the IRD (Inland Revenue Department) to tax your income. To reiterate this let’s look at sections 4 and 5 of the Wages Protection Act.

No deductions from wages except in accordance with Act Subject to sections 5(1) and 6(2) of this Act, an employer shall, when any wages become payable to a worker, pay the entire amount of those wages to that worker without deduction.

Deductions with worker’s consent (1) An employer may, for any lawful purpose, (a) With the written consent of a worker; or (b) On the written request of a worker make deductions from wages payable to that worker.

These are the Statutes that all EMPLOYER’s are bound by as they are artificial persons. So, why does the IRD swear black and blue that income tax is mandatory for all citizens? Because it is! A CITIZEN is an artificial person and subject to all government created statutes the same way an EMPLOYEE is. So are you an EMPLOYEE or a human being? Remember who you are!

When you apply for an I.R.D. number or a driver’s license or register your property, you enter into a contract with a private corporation to abide by their rules in return for certain ‘benefits’.

As it is your right to do so, it is also your right not to do so. You have the unalienable right to earn a wage without taxation, drive your private conveyance on the highways and use and enjoy your property without having to pay for the so called ‘privilege’.

To answer the age old question “but what about the roads”? Roads are paid for by the petrol tax which is collected at the pump and the diesel tax which is collected through road user charges. In New Zealand they take in over 2 billion dollars every year.

As you are a sovereign you are free to pay these if you please, but no-one can tell you it is compulsory! Roads are the property of the people and may be used by anyone regardless of their political status or views and regardless of whether or not they have been sealed by taxpayer dollars.

In fact every good thing we have in New Zealand could be paid for using good old fashioned user-pays. This is what is called the “free market” where no government can interfere on the goings on of the people unless rights have been violated.


The governments intentional blurring of the lines between the crown created legal entity known as the ‘ARTIFICIAL PERSON’, and you; the flesh and blood creation of the creator known as a human being is breach of trust. It is our duty to keep our governments in check, as the ultimate result of our ignorance is tyranny - and this is what we are seeing around the world today.

Capitalism is exploiting the earth’s resources at a completely unsustainable rate and the monetary system has been taken over by private banksters who have us all running on the hamster wheel trying to pay off debt which has been created out of thin air.

We are at a point in history where we have to choose. We will choose to recognise our true self-empowering potential by claiming our rights and working together, or we will choose to allow a good system which has been corrupted by those who have dedicated themselves to selfishness.

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