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Mind Control Methodologies, Religion, Astrotheology, Exoteric vs. Esoteric, Mystery Traditions

I AmMay 12, 2020, 11:37:21 AM

Lets set out to offend anyone with religious sensibilities.  If you are easily offended when it comes to religion, please stop reading.  We are going to break down all the lies, all the deception, all the misinterpretations, the hiding of critical information, everything that has been perpetuated by mainstream religion, their doctrines and dogmas over thousands of years.

"I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church. All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit." - Thomas Paine

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This is exactly how it operates.

Lets talk about the word Religion itself.  The world is essentially controlled through words.  If we don‟t understand the language and the power that the language has over the human psyche and to influence the human psyche, we are going to understand very little.  The origin of the word is debated, and its time to put it to an end, based on logic.  Forget about all the wrong etymological and philological expert.  People are adamant that the word for religion comes from the word „to read‟ in Latin, lego, legere. 

Religion does not come from that root.  Do you say „relegion‟?  Is there an „e‟ or an „i‟ after the „l‟?  There is an I.  Religion is derived from „religare‟, the root being „ligo‟, ligare‟, meaning to tie, to bind, to fasten.  With the prefix „re‟ in Latin meaning „back‟ or „again‟, it means to tie back, to bind back.  This is the origin of the word.  Not to re-read.  The meaning is to tie back, to hold back.  What religion is, is right in the word.  The words tell us if we understand its constituent elements and if we understand where they come from.

It is a binding.  A binding means shackles, chains.  Another term for slavery.  It is indeed slavery over the mind.

Government is derived from gubernare, to control; mente, mind.  Government is the other part of the binding of the mind.  The two major sources of mind control are government and religion.  One form is primarily a left-brain form of control, government.  This binds the rightbrain hemisphere of the brain, which is intuitive, nurturing, compassionate, creative.  Government is the control, strong-arm aspect of this dual edged system of control that work hand in hand.  There has never been a separation of these two. 

And to be clear, we are talking about organized world religions, we are not talking about spirituality.  This is external worldly religion.  Government is the form of mind control that works through the left brain.  The logical, linear, time bound, physical worldly aspect of the brain.  It is a control system.  It bonds or controls the right hemisphere of the brain, ties it out of the way.   Government works through the left brain to tie down the right hemisphere of the brain.

The part of the brain that is really the weakest is the right side, the creative, nurturing and compassionate side of the mind.  Government is binding upon the right mind.  Religion on the other hand is the opposite form of psychological binding.  This form of binding or slavery works through the right mind, the more spiritually centered part of the brain. 

When this part of the brain is overly active, chronically, the left-brain hemisphere is not being actively engaged, so you are not using these two hemispheres of the brain in unison or in conjunction with each other, therefore the logical and physical aspects of human thought are being actively suppressed.  The right side of the brain goes haywire and dominates with an emphasis on other worldly things such as an afterlife or other dimensions, etc.

“Take the focus off of this world and what we are here to be doing, that is not important, what is important is what we do after this life.” Just as in the left brain imbalanced person that is left brain dominant, this world is all their is.  That is the only important, there is no importance in survival of consciousness after physical death.  Matter is all that has any significance, spirit is insignificant.

Both of these are total garbage nonsense that should be renounced and rejected from any holistically intelligent human being, being able to think critically in a holistic and balanced way.  You will see taht both of these are methods of control.  They are there to destabilize the human population to one brain hemisphere or another.  The force that has created both of these wants to polarize the world and create members of society that act as master, dominators and control freaks, while the other half has a completely right brain imbalance of consciousness who then bow down and accept their slavery.  Religion is good for that side of things, to get people to not play an active role.  It cripples the male principle, the active principle.

Non action, pacifism, “it‟s in God‟s hands, it‟s not important.”  BS thinking like the new age movement, thinking they can meditate their way out of slavery, not actually taking any real action int he world.  They think that they can think the world can be a different way and  magically it will happen.  Well it doesn‟t work like that.  You can think all you want a bout a better world, that is the first step of the process, but until you actually care enough and develop enough courage to take moral action in the world to change things, it will not happen on its own.  Anyone saying this is how it works is a deceiver.

Understanding these two forms of control, government and religion, going to work on two hemispheres of the brain, why they need to have people polarized like this, and have get as many believers in religious dogmas as they possibly can.  This is a deliberate and calculated effort.  They are set up to polarize people against each other, which inherently use the divide and conquer method of manipulation.  Polarize people on any perceived differences, and in doing so polarize them in fear.  This is fear based consciousness.  People tend to fear what is different from them, like a culture and set of beliefs that are different than they way they live their lives.

Natural law, like the law of gravity, does not require belief.  When it comes to religion, belief is always required.  These are dogmatic ideologies.  These are not philosophise based on principles which are based in truths.  These are beliefs and their foundation lies in dogma.

You can believe or disbelieve in the law of gravity.  You are bound by it under natural law.  Binding conditions that are true and immutable.  They cannot be changed and it does not matter whether you believe in them or not, these laws are in effect.  When it comes to religion, people always talk about whether you believe in it or not.  Right in the word belief we have the prefix „bel‟, one of the gods of one of the cultures of the ancient word, Ba‟al.  It encapsulates the dark aspects of the sun.  It is a symbol. 

It is somewhat synonymous with other sun gods and other gods that represent the bringers of light.  Similar to Lucifer in one aspect.  Similar to Set in Egyptian tradition, the Phoenician-Canaan tradition, etc, when it comes to beliefs that shape the modern religious dogma.  Dogma is unchallenged belief.  You can believe in something and constantly challenge it to verify it.  You need to be believe you can be effective and create positive change int he world before you can do it.  You need to believe you can come to know the truth, otherwise you will never set off on the journey to know the truth.

It is a required belief to begin with.  If you want to want to start the journey of learning the truth you have to become aware that you do not know and believe that there is something out that there for you to find that you don‟t know about.  Belief in itself is not bad, the emphasis is on Natural Law, that it exists, and it does not matter whether you believe the extent, it is.

You can verify this information by taking the time to learn it on your own.  You can make up your own mind about this.  Whether you discover these truths or not is up to you, and one of those truths is that religion is  a form of mind control, and it does work through what is known as astrotheology.  Particularly the three big religions of the world, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Dogma, unchallenged belief.  This is the worst kind of belief.  It becomes an entrenched meme, growing deep roots into the psyche of an entire population and then runs on its own.  It‟s a self perpetuating mechanism of thought.  Dogma is set up to make a system that inherently protects itself by having people deeply believe in and never challenging the fundamental basis upon which those beliefs are based.  They often do this by occulting the original sources from which the religion was derived from and changed from.  This is what we need to get down to, the mystery traditions, to understand what religion in the modern world really is.

When knowledge becomes occulted and taken out of use by the general population, how it can be used against them as a weapon and form of mind control.  A select few will have access to that information while remaining hidden from the rest.  This information contains knowledge about aspects of the human psyche and the human consciousness, then this information can be distorted and twisted and made into a weapon to be wielded by those who don‟t have peoples best interest at heart.

Exoteric vs esoteric.

We need to break past the exoteric aspects of religion and get down to the hidden esoteric meanings of it.  Lets explore these meanings.

Exoteric means relating to the outside world, external.  Those who believe in these religions are looking for a force outside of themselves, to free them from their own immoral actions placed in the world collectively.  Something exoteric is known amongst the public, and is popular, and is intended for the general public.  Jesus is the son of god, the savior of the world, lamb of god, are the exoteric aspect.  Exoteric is derived from the Grrek word Exoterikos: outer, outside.

Esoteric is the opposite.  It means from within.  It comes from the Greek Esoterikos: within, into.  Esoteric things are intended for a small group of people that is separate or sequestered from the general population, a reserved group, a secret club.  Esoteric means reserved for the initiated. Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with specialized knowledge or interest.

When you get passed the exoteric, that which is on the outside, the shell or wall that needs to be broken through to get to the core mystery tradition that lies beneath it, which is the real mystery, the esoteric, occulted from the general population

We want to first start looking at some of the exoteric belief systems of religions.  The outward traditions put out there for the masses of people.  We are going to look at the shell first to understand why the shell has been set up there, to hide the truth.

The Dartboard of Truth Can be looked at as top view of pyramid.  As you go inward, or upward, there are fewer and fewer people with occulted knowledge concentrated into the hands of few.

At the center of any of these traditions, there is a core foundation that is based int he principles of truth.  Sadly it is such a small center and it is so buried by the exoteric garbage heaped on top of it over centuries that very few people can see those core principled traditions that lie at the foundation of most religions.  They are there, but the problem is, like all any other control structure, religion has been institutionalized , and its main gaol is not to teach truth, but to preserve itself as an institution at any cost.  Truth be damned if the cost is the survival of the religious institution.  They keep the exoteric cover story that control the masses of people and fill their collection plates.

Lets look at what the concept of modern religions really are. Astrotheology.  Must look into this topic.  But here is an introduction.

As far as the word is concerned, we have latin atra, star; and greek theos, god; and greek logos, word:  the word of god in the stars.  That is what astrotheology means.  Indeed,w e call the stars the heavens.  When we say where is God, people point up.  They don‟t point inward, they point outward.  See how this works?  They have convinced people through astrotheology to equate god with being something that is outside of themselves, to something within as the words attributed to Jesus says that the kingdom is within.  Religious dogma would have people believe god is completely outside themselves, outside of this world, and having them looking outward instead of inward.

This is an interpretation of the gods in the heavens.  Astrotheology means the equating the divine with the bodies of the heavens that are in space.  As viewed from this planet, there are three different types of heavenly bodies, types of lights, we can see at any time.  They are the sun, the most obvious, the moon, mostly at night but can be seen int he day at times, these are the two biggest.  And then we have the smaller lights in the heavens, we call these the stars, the distant suns like our planet goes around. 

The lesser lights also include the planets in our solar system.  Although a greater distant form the earth, we recognize they are closer than the stars and that they have movements.  They are still distant from us but appear as lights in the heavens.  Venus is the brightest object int he sky other than the sun and the moon.

We have the sun, the moon, and the stars and planets.  These are known as the three astrotheological sects or cults.  They are derived from the beliefs and traditions of the ancient world, but they come down to us as the three major religions of the modern world.

Astrotheology is equating the divine creative power of the universe with the actual physical matter of the universe.  This is another things hat makes this a form of m ind control.  In the exoteric sense, what is being equated as power is matter, not spirit as power, not the underlying creative force.  When we equate the divine force with actual physical matter it is not equated with spirit but with the actual object itself.  Just as how time controls the mind by us looking at it as a physical quantity, how time is money, and not having enough time.  Time is base dont he movement of these cyclical objects thus equating time to materialistic principles, namely the movement of physical matter.

WE have to understand this is how the subconcsious mind relates things.  IT takes one thing and relates it to another.  We don't have to understand the intricacies of how that is working at a conscious level work it to be working at the subconscious level.  A lot of the symbolic representations are working at the subconscious level.  Until you understand the traditions of atrotheology and how the symbolism works, you are not going to bring it to the conscious level.  Anyone who takes the time to look into astrotheology, even for a short time, will make light of what religion really is.

Lets look at the solar cult.  The cult of astrotheology that is based on the sun.  In talking about time, there is the division of the days with the sun, the moon, and 5 other planets we can see with the naked eye: mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn.  Each day is given to the gods of the heavens.  The weekend is given to the Judeo Christian cults.  Saturn is the Judean day Saturyday where the sabbath is from the Friday sundown to the Saturday sundown, and the Christian day Sunday, reserved for the sun god.  Friday is for Islam, based in Venus, dark feminine in galaxy.

82m On Zeitgeist, we cannot take the wealth from everyone to redistribute.  Doing it with control is communism.  Doing it freely is good.  People need to realise we are all on this planet together, as one suffers we all suffer. We can all help each other by coming to an elevated consciousness.

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105m Synchromysticism, words and symbols are connected through events that actually take place in the world, and the universe is ordering and structuring this information to teach us a lesson if only we are conscious enough to receive the lesson.

107m Kennedy Assassination and Killing of the King, Osiris Isis cannot find phallus, last component of male principle of action. Set divided Osiris into pieces of consciousness, the feminine principles care is the only one that can unite them.

There is light and dark in all forms of esotericism and mystery traditions.  We need to get out of the thinking that all forms of the occult are bad and evil.  It is what we do with this knowledge that has been hidden.  DO we bring it to the light of day, expose it to the world?  Good works are done in the light of day.  We bring them out, we tell people what our intentions are and we act in accordance with out intentions for all to see. 

Not hidden in secrecy, not veiled.  If we are doing that with the proper moral intentions in mind we will be doing those works in the light of day.  If we are in the control freak personality,m trying to subvert other peoples consciousness and put them under our control, we will take the knowledge that has been occulted in the ancient world, we will pervert it and twist and it and use it against those who don‟t have the same level of knowledge, and doing this will necessitate doing it under the cover of darkness.

Humanity is not going to get out of the mess it is in until the occult is not the occult.  Until we unoccult the occulted information.  We need to make the esoteric core tradition into the exoteric so that more people have access to this deeper knowledge about the self.