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Mind Control Methodologies, Alchemy, Tha State of Our Food, Nutrition, Consciousness

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The Key to Life and Death is everywhere to be found, but if you do not find it in your own house, you will find it nowhere.  Yet, it is before everyone's eyes.  No one can live without it.  Everyone has used it.  The poor usually possess it more than the rich.  Children play with it in the streets.  The meek and uneducated esteem it highly, but the privileged and learned often throw it away.  It is the only thing from which the Philosopher's Stone can be prepared, and without it, no noble metal can be created.

People who blindly follow socially accepted values, beliefs and behavior are no longer connected to the Mysteryof this thing and therefore "throw it away."

Medieval Alchemists frequently referred to this thing as " the corner stone the builders forgot."  In other words, it is something important that is not an integrated part of our current civilization.

Sometimes these intimations are only obvious at quiet times, or when we focus our undivided attention on the present moment, or enter deep meditation seeking to learn the true nature of reality.

To Alchemists, Consciousness is a force of Nature that can be harnesses and purified through prayer and meditation and then added to the experiment just like a chemical ingredient.

Magic has the power to experience and fathom things which are inaccessible to human reason.  For Magic is a  Great Secret Wisdom, just as reason is a  great public folly.

Within every living thing there exists a  Hidden Star that is that thing's Quintessence.  One of the symbols for the Quintessence is the Star. In general terms the "Star" is the truest part of anything, the Divine Thought that gives things their form and being.

Too much reliance on intellect instead of intuition will surely spell disaster for the world.

We have assimilated the Sun's Masculine Spirit on Earth, and it has led to great technological advances, but out Lunar, Feminine Soul has been pushed away in the process.  The Key to Transformation is the union of Solar and Lunar forces: the Sacred Marriage of the Sun and the Moon.  Instead there exists an estrangement between them, and correspondingly,
between our own Spirits and Souls.

Our intuition lies in our innocence.
Your head must bow to your Heart.


We are what we eat, but it is more than that, we are what we put into our bodies in totality.  Not only what we eat and drink, but what we watch, hear, pay attention to, read, etc.  we must be careful as to what we put into our body.  If we put junk in, junk comes out.  Good stuff goes in, good stuff comes out.  The truth is simple to understand, not complex like the dominator and controllers want you to think.

Problems in our food that hold us back as a species. Another component is the air we breathe, the polluting vehicles, and the chemtrails particulates. We can change our food now, but the air supply is not in our ability to change at this moment.  Its a global connection.

We build ourselves into better human beings by maing higher consciousness choices about what we take into ourselves.  Everything is made of information, including us.

Hypocrates - let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food. Understanding of what generates health and well being.  Sadly in modern age most of our species is wildly off the track on what generates health.  We have to get back to these simple fundamental principles.  What we need to generate our health are the foods we choose to eat or not eat.  Many in freedom movement are not healthy eaters.  many people only have a partial picture of the whole dynamic that is taking place.

Why food has a connection with consciousness, because food is tied to the brain.  When we do not have quality nutrients entering the body, we significantly imbalance the brain, specifically the neocortex.  This is the part of the brain that really needs proper nutrition to function properly as the executive command center of the brain, the higher mind functions.  Destabilization of neocortex will fundamentally changed our behavior for the worse.  We will revert to the reptilian brain, base consciousness survival, me me me thinking, pure egoic selfishness, hoarding, not caring about fellow human beings, personal survival is most important, screw everybody else, complete identification with physical and material, no thoughts of morals.  Right brain, slave like mentality, go along to get along, dont challenge authority, become docile.

Most conventionally grown produce uses large amounts of chemical pesticides and fertilizers to grow the food the way that they grow it.  Crops are sprayed to keep pests away from eating them and cutting away at the farmers profits and yields.  They kill pests but have a toxicity that goes
into the food that we then consume.  If you think taking produce and washing it off thinking the chemicals will be gone, you are wrong.  The chemicals are systemic throughout the food.

Chemical fertilizers are used to turn over the soil and replenish the depleted nutrients from the soil.  In organic farming you need to rotate crops to give the soil time to replenish its nutrients. Solutions will come, but need to emphasize the problems with our food.  Not to be negative, not to inspire fear, but to educate what is going on with our food.  If we want to become healthier, improve bodies and minds, we need to get active in how our food is produced and sold.  We have power in purchasing.  Food producers will listen to what people want.  We can vote by what we spend our money on.

Bring up the negative to make a diagnosis.  In order to correct wrong and make changes for the better, we have to look at the negative.  This is how we make diagnosis about things that are ailing us.


dia-by way of gnosis-knowledge by way of knowledge we will know what is wrong, be in a position of power through that knowledge to take appropriate action to correct that wrong.  Wisdom, what you do with what you know.  Applied knowledge, for the right reasons.

Chemical fertilizers go hand in hand with chemical pesticides.  What generates health?  What we put into our body and mind, what we feed ourselves is what we become.  If food is laden with chemicals, we are putting junk information into our minds.  This is what is nourishing the brain and thought processes.

What we care enough to do is what we will manifest in the world.  If we dont care enough to change our diet, care enough about ourselves to change our diet, what does that really say about our self-respect level?  We have to care enough about our own mind-body connection.  We have to care about the practices to grow food.

Max Heindel, Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception The ignorant use of the generative force is primarily responsible for all the pain, sickness and sorrow we experience.

What we care about is what we experience.  What we do not care about and choose to ignore we will experience in a different form, especially if the universe is trying to call our attention to them and we are willfully ignoring them.  Sadly this is what is happening witht he sickness/paid/sorrrow that people undergo through the physical illnesses they experience because of what they choose to eat.  They are not making a higher consciousness informed decision about the foods which they take into their bodies.

“Innocence, however, is not synonymous with Virtue. Innocence is the child of Ignorance and could not be maintained in a universe where the purpose of evolution is the acquisition of
Wisdom. To attain that end, a knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong, is essential, also choice of action. If, having knowledge and choice, man ranges himself on the side of Good and Right he cultivates Virtue and Wisdom. If he succumbs to temptation and does wrong knowingly, he fosters vice.”

Willful choosing of what one knows to be wrong. For some reason, want to suffer more, want to choose the wrong, want to continue in the path of ignorance, so rooted and attached to the way they are doing things they dont want to say the biggest most powerful words uttered by human voice: I WAS WRONG!  The ego has bound them so completely they would rather choose ignorance, tsickness, pain, sorrow, suffering -- unto death -- rather than admit they were duped, deceived, simply wrong, simply didnt have the information, dont want to look at new information and use their will to change their behavior.

Food has everything to do with care and attention.  We have to become aware of whats in the food that is harmful, toxic, poisonous, then use that knowledge to change our choices.  No one said it was easy, just that it is simple and right.  This information is available,but only through a minimum amount of seeking to desire to improve your body-mind connection.

Preservatives To keep food on shelves for longer periods of time. McDonalds fries, 6 months, time lapse, still in the same state.  That is not natural.  Natural food spoils.  What does it need to stay in the same state for 6 months?  How many chemicals are in them to preserve them for this long?  Do they really need to keep them looking good for 6 months time?  Are they on the shelf for 6 months?

You can make the change.  A little bit of knowledge, and using will power, make the change.  Understand/knowledge info, care to change your diet, will to change.

Alchemical riddle IMAGINATION is the key to life and death.  It is that thing from which the philosopher stone can be prepared.  if we cannot imagine a beter outcome, we cannot create one.  if we cannot imagine a different way of being, we cannot make that way of being become manifest in our experience or our world.  This faculty of humanity has been devastated in our current humanity.  Pounded out of children, indoctrinated out of our youth in the education system. imagination - key to philosopher stone

Pesticides, preservative, fertilizers, processed food.  Pre-packaged foods is sold for your convenience but is processed and preserved.  Fresh organic foods are the key.  Processed foods are nutrient deficient.  Colors and dyes are added, especially to childrens foods.

Dyes, artificial and chemical additives to change the color of food to make it look a certain way.  not even necessary, they are only superficial aesthetics.  They are harmful in our food.
Bleaching of eggs, flour, sugar.  People think white is purity, sanitary, clean.  But bleaching is not good, they are low in nutrient value.  White refined flour and sugar has no nutrition.  Worse than sugar is high fructose corn syrup.

schools diagnosis: oppositional and defiant children

Excitotoxins Artificial sweeteners Open up the blood brain barrier.  Toxins are normally filtered of the blood system, but now they are getting into the brain as neurotoxins, excitatory neuro transmitters = excitotoxis Damaging to the central nervous system. Make you jittery, headaches, reduce cognitive function and ability to concentrate.

Once you have the larger picture it can be a burden.  The task we have is to disseminate the information as widely and as freely as possible and to make ourselves available as conduits of information.  The great work is to understand these truths and then speak them.  The universe is spoken into existence.  The reason we are in the mess we are in is that the people with the poisonous world view have  propagated it through their voice.  They have continuously propagated and reinforced this message of deceit.  Our job is to combat that with the voice of truth.

The ego is the most powerful thing that is holding these people where they are.

What are we supposed to do? Have to understand the totality of the big picture, the tapestry of this information as it pertains to what is going on in the world and how it affects our lives on a day to day basis and then put it into a format that can be readily understood by other individuals and then share that information with whoever will accept any part of it.  This is an information war, what changes us is information.  Connected with that, there has to be care enough to take it in, will enough to change, change the quality of our attention and help others to change the quality of their attention and use our will to continue to do the right thing.

Anarchy, no ruler; Monarchy, one ruler.  When there is internal anarchy, when a being does rule the kingdom of the self, do not know thyself, no ruler ship over their internal kingdom.  No understanding of the components of their consciousness and how they manifest the reality that they experience.  They are not a sovereign.  They are not monarchs of self.  The one ruler of self, internally of yourself, the only thing you are allowed to be ruler of.  There will be external monarchy, a force that wants to rule over that being as its one ruler, a monarch ruling over the anarchist being in internal state.  The more of us in internal anarchy the closer we progress
towards external monarchy.  The more of us that become true monarchs of self internally, in that kingdom there is only one ruler: each individual.  When that happens, each person is a sovereign ruler over their own consciousness, then there will result external anarchy.  There will be no rulership over other individual beings.  That is the great work, to make that process happen within the beings on this planet.


knowledge is not power, knowledge put to use in action is power, that is widsom knowledge is potential for power.  we can put the information out there and give the potential for action.

trans fats
chlorine, arterial grooving
fluoride from aluminium manufacture, phosphorus, and uranium added to prisoners of war, calcified pineal gland, destroyed will to resist, destabilizes thought processes, creates imbalance in the neocortex, critical thinking more difficult, resistance to control, standing up for yourself The ones puttin gin the flueoride may not know this, but they are the ones puttin gthe poison in our water.  They dont care, as logn as they are geting their pay check, they dont care its  a poison going into the water supply.

We take the actions they want us to take.  We want a paycheck.  We go along with their system.  We are our own enslavers.  Once we get out of those modes of thinking and get to a higher level of consciousness that situation will.  We will stop enslaving ourselves by not doing actions that are immoral and wrong.  The best way to start that process is to stop eating poison.  When we eat healthy food we start building our brain in a better way, allowing us to make more informed decisions and choices in what we do and how we act in the world.  That is why food is so critically important.  They need to control peoples minds and softened up to do that.

You are what you eat.  Body has a component to it that acts like a biological computer that is affected by the food we eat.  It is one part of the holistic whole that comprises our physical makeup.  The body is not simply a computer because it is connected to the mind and spirit.  These 3 levels works as one in conjuction.  Body the lowest, mind above that, and spirit above all.  In order to control the middle layer, the mind, the controllers need to destabilize the body.  If the body is in good functioning condition with proper brain health, the mind is harder to manipulate.  Food is a powerful weapon for a controller wanting to exercise control over a population.  The mind is the layer they are going after, the spirit cannot be controlled.  Spirit in uncontrollable because it is the base essence of all that is.  If they ultimately want to control the body they have to control the mind layer which is the buffer between the body and spirit.  The best way to do this is to attack the body and destabilize brain.  The brain is the liaison between the body and mind.  This is why this is happening to our food supply.  This is by design.

The psychopathic social engineers understand perfectly how this works.  They understand this because they are occultists and utilizing knowledge that is the most ancient forms of psychology.  The study of the human psyche which has existed and has been passed down through generations via different networks of occult and secret societies.  If you do not recognize this, you are missing a big part.  This is something “truthers” do not want to look at.  They want to think its all political.  Who can we vote in to represent us and fix it?  You talk about the occult, and they do not want to talk about it.  They are little tent pitches, saying they will go up the whole mountain with you to the top, but you try showing me showing up near the summit area and I don’t like it, so I’m setting up my tent here at ⅓ or ½ way up the climb to truth and enlightenment and saying this far and no further.  It is a dangerous thing to have half knowledge, discarding what you are not comfortable with without investigation.  Condemnation without investigation is the epitome of human ignorance.  Anyone who thinks like this is asleep.  Its not a bout being perfect.  No one can be perfect.  It is about becoming more enlightened, closer to what is perfection than what is not perfection.  Isnt perfection the most correct, most accurate, fully right?  Shouldnt we try to be as right, and not wrong, in our thoughts, emotions and actions as we can?

***The economy depends on peope spending.  If you dont by all the crap out there, ppl lose jobs.  The system is erroneaous from that standpoint.******

This is social engineering. This is by design.  People are being poisoned by design.  This is a difficult things to accept.  A tiny fraction is controlling all these industries of government, finance, etc know what they are doing and they are calculating it deliberately.  They know how
this mind body spirit connenction works and they are out to weaken the body.  Attacks on every front on the body.  Arterial grooving, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, margarine is pure poison.  It creates heart disease. Chlorine.  Homogenized dairy, eat raw dairy, raw cheese, raw enzymes still in that are not killed in pasteurization/homogenization.

MSG, taste enhancer excitotoxins, ignite son the surface of the tongue, people get addicted to things with MSG in it.  They get a rush like a drug.  That is how they make food taste better.

Fast food diet junk.

GMO, round up ready, dead seeds

genetic modification big part of the problem mark will only speak about it at nov 14th ufo congress thingy

Smart organic practices can feed the world many times over easily.

Caging animals for food, injecting with growth hormones and anti-biotics for developing physical ailments.  We don’t have the right to do that to other sentient beings.  The law of karma, principle of cause and effect: that which we do to other life will be done to us.  Universe is a gigantic mirror, putting back out what you put in.  Natural law exists and is in operation.

Earthlings, what we do to other life will be done to us.

High fructose corn syrup, manufactured chemical process, not natural.

Police eating crap food, not helping their cognitive faculties, rational thinking etc.

Light bread means little nutrient value.  hardier bread is more organic.  Sprouted grains are the best.

Picking fruit before ripe, ripens as it is on route.  Need to get it transported quicker,  quicker grow time since picking it too soon, maximizes profits, but is crap food.

factory farming

We are penned animals possibly because we do this to other beings. Methodology #9 out of 14 popular methods of mind control.  They have multi-faceted techniques to get into our body-mind computer system and hack it.  They control us at the level of mindbody connection that most of us are unaware of.  This is subtle manipulation in many cases and is done without the awareness of the person being manipulate or controlled, at least at the conscious level.  This information is about bringing these methodologies to peoples attention so that they can empowers themselves and steal the methods of manipulation used to control.

Awareness, taking proper action in a state of awareness.  A storm is coming, we prepare for it.  We recognize the alteration in our food, become aware of it and act properly in the right way.  Only when we take the right action do we empower ourselves.  Chinese Taoist philosopher Yung Ming “To know and not to do is not to know”.  If you we don’t convert knowledge into action, it is useless, it caries with it no power.  It becomes powerful in the action stage, which is the male principle.  We open ourselves up to knowledge using the feminine principle of receptivity, of opening our minds.  Proper moral action in the world is the male principle, once we have the knowledge.

Majority even if they know what is wrong with the food, saying yes yes I know, but they are so conditioned to the taste, they are like children who only want the taste.  “I know thats bad for me, but I dont want to give up the taste I am so conditioned to have bombarding my taste buds.  I am used to having this food in the house, I dont want to taste something different, I’m used to this.”  Its all fear based self imposed suffering.  All these health problems and yet people keep eating it.  How can this be?  Their will has been destroyed.  They do not have the will to change.  The will is destroyed by the food you so you cannot have the will to change, catch 22.

**Focus on people's pleasure principle, the base pleasures that we idealize, create bad food that tastes good***

Government and Food
Codex Alimentarius
Code of Food

The goal is to outlaw nutritious foods and the vitamin and mineral supplements that people to choose to take as drugs, and therefore need to be regulated and controlled by government.
Ian Crane
Rima Ladow

There shouldn't be anything called a controlled substance.  Anything we put into our own body is our own personal responsibility.  There should be education about substances, there should be responsible use of substances by their own freedom of choice.  Controlling drugs and having someone decide for you what can and cannot go into your body is ridiculous.  Anyone who accepts that does not understand what true freedom is, nor what true responsibility is.  “What if someone acts all crazy on drugs”.  Well then they are going to be held accountable for their actions of being crazy and whatever they did.  if you want to drink tons of alcohol and then you beat your wife, well guess what, you are going to held accountable for this wrong act, and you will pay dearly for it.  If you take meth and drive and kill someone, well you are going to be accountable.  Since you choose to be free and thereby result in taking someone elses life, I dont think your life is worth what it was prior to that violent act of taking an innocent life.  You should be allowed to choose what substances go into your body.  Why?  Well it goes down to fundamental principle of ownership.  Who ones the body?  Do you own your body, or does someone else own your body?  If you own it, you decide what goes into your body, if someone else does, then they decide.  I KNOW no one else but my consciousness owns my own body.  It is my vehicle for the expressing of my consciousness in this reality.  I get to tell myself what happens to my body.  It is about personal responsibility.  People want to run away from personal responsibility, so agreeing to comply with these forceful control is ok for them.

Back to the government trying to control everything.  HR 875 bill trying to ban organic gardening for personal use.  Control all sources of food, control all sources of dietary supplements.  Absurd, trying to reclassify things as drugs.  These people have a god complex.  Their corrupt power has gone to their head.  ***thats whats it all about again*** They make laws and hide behind them, and think they are above the laws they make and think they can dictate to the people of the earth as gods.  Law in NY trying to ban used book sales.  Video game manufacturers now trying to prevent game resell, making game only activated with 1 purchase. Cops would actually enforce a piece of nonsense of banning the sale of used books.  The level of brain damage in these neanderthals is amazing, just for a pay check.

aspartame = phenylalanine

As long as people keep buying sewage, then the manufacturers will continue to produce sewage for our consumption.

If you think the government is there to help you and protect you, then you have no concern since you trust them.  But if you dont trust government, then you can start to learn how they are not protecting you.  To get out of the asleep cycle you need to admit you were wrong.  The best way to start is with a blank page, give up all assumptions about what you think you know.  Dont bring your baggage with you, watch, listen, read, take in information form an eclectic variety of sources.  Gather the information and come to your own conclusions about what actually is.  The only way to do this is to put the time in and to put the attention in and you then weigh that information in balance, in a critical way.  Does this new conclusion fit with the former perceptions?  If it does, then continue along the excitotoxin trans fat physically degenerating state.  If the conclusions is not in congruence with your previous perceptions, then you have to say to yourself “I WAS WRONG”.  Once that admission is made, then you can employ behavior to change your life.  If we do not change and act, we are going to lose even the ability have good sources of water and food.

“thats what its all about”

There are people who have cancer, getting pieces of their body cut out, walking around with hernias because of their weight, with all kinds of heart diseases.  At this point of knowing the food is bad, and you continue, you have very little self respect.  You have done it this far, you dont care what else is done to your body.

Communion through the psilocybin. Stop neglecting the body, the body is important, the body is needed, it is an integral part of the whole.  What you are doing to the body is wrong even if you may know about the spiritual side.

So many health disorders can be resolved by bringing the body back into balance with the food we put into our bodies.  Sad that medicine is so disconnected to nutrition.  The Greek doctor Hippocrates: let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.

The health food store owners arent saviors or great people, they are doing this for MONEY, not to help people.  Look at the price of the health food.  Wholefoods is no angel.  Jacking up prices to ridiculous levels, they know people who want to buy this will pay the price, those that have the money that is.  Those who cannot afford cannot eat as healthy.

Healthy food is not taking 2x the cost to make.  It is another racket of greedy people taking advantage of people who want to be healthier.  The profit margins of a place like Wholefoods is a big rape.

Pricing keeps a lot of people out of this.  They want to shop for convenience and price.  Since organics aren’t omnipresent, they would n eed to travel more, they loath doing that as it upsets their normal routine to attain those foods.  People know they should be doing something but they are too lazy, they want the shortcut.  Like thinking you will just magically get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, dont need to work for it.  Dont need to do deep reading or amalgamate large quantities of information, and weigh that with your critical thinking capabilities.  No no, it will just happen on its own and it will suddenly take place.  The false law of attraction of thinking something will make it happen is not real, get out of your new age drug!

Irradiated food
changing fundamental structure of food, thereby changing us also

Psilocybin, sacred mushroom, allegro,church stamped out mushroom religion made communion dead, a symbol only now.  Int he past communion was an active thing, to change consciousness to show you the higher level of consciousness available, then bring you back to your current state to show you this is your work: to integrate that higher level of awareness, here and now.

Com - to bring together
munio - to strengthen, to build

to come together to strengthen and build together

Mushroom is sacred communion if used in proper context.  Do not play around with these consciousnesses. Go into that with ego, you will come out of it with less ego.

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