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Losing The Name

I amNov 2, 2018, 8:01:16 PM

Birth certificate fraud & legal names

What is the birth certificate/name fraud? The birth certificate name fraud is a fraud that has been happening for years. It all happened at birth when your father and mother signed a record, or a certificate showing the proof of birth. What the government and CROWN did not tell you was that they created a legal fiction, with an all capital letters name; this is not you, but is just the piece of paper they signed. Because this contract/document was created fraudulently (you weren't told the truth about it), everything associated with the birth certificate/legal name is NULL & VOID because it has now been revealed.

Is there any proof/evidence of birth certificate fraud? There is proof all over the internet, and the birth certificate itself is the best known evidence of the fraud. A majority of birth certificates have very small writings on them for example “Canadian Bank Note”, American Bank Note Co”, “This document should not be used for identification” these are all signs that the birth certificate is copyright by the CROWN and clearly should not be used for identification purposes. Also check my other blogs.

Do I need to know all the details of how the fraud is committed? No, in fact all you need to know is that the fraud has been committed, and is still being committed by thousands every day. The most important thing to remember is that any use of the LEGAL NAME is committing fraud, and whenever someone asks you for Identification or for the LEGAL NAME they are aiding and abetting you in the fraud.

What is a legal name? A legal name is the name of a fictional legal person. It can be found on birth certificates, legal documents, ID cards, passports, bank cards and mail from government/corporations. It is often written in all capital letters. Black's Law Dictionary (9th edition) defines legal name as:  "A person's full name as recognized in law. A legal name is usu. acquired at birth or through a court order...it may be a single name (e.g., Prince) or include words not generally used in human names (e.g., Moon Unit)." p.1119

What is a legal person? Black's Law Dictionary (9th edition) defines a legal (artificial) person as:  "An entity, such as a corporation, created by law and given certain legal rights and duties of a human being; a being, real or imaginary, who for the purpose of legal reasoning is treated more or less like a human being." p.1258

How is the legal name copyrighted by the Crown? Under copyright law, a title of something cannot be copyrighted but the body of the works can. For example, there are many songs titled ‘Tonight’ but they all have different music and lyrics. The song title ‘Tonight’ can be used by anyone – it’s the music and lyrics that require permission to be used.

With regards to the LEGAL NAME (title), the NAME has been entered into a book (birth register) which itself has been copyrighted. This means the NAME has become part the body of works that has been copyrighted and thus, it requires permission to be used.

The page that the NAME appears on is copyrighted, therefore, by using the LEGAL NAME, it can be assumed/presumed that you are infringing on the copyright of the birth register book.
The document Crown Copyright for the Information Age lists documents that are subject to Crown copyright:

“Birth, death and marriage certificates, driving licences, and passports, land certificates and office copies of registers or title sheets” (p.29)
Source: Crown Copyright for the Information Age http://www.opsi.gov.uk/advice/crown-copyright/crown-copyright-in-the-information-age.pdf

How do I differentiate from the Legal Name? Remember, your true name is the one your parents gifted you; it was, and will always be yours. The confusion comes from the fact that the legal name and your true name sound the same; because of this anyone can automatically assume/presume that they are one in the same and that you are the legal name. You can still use your true name because it's yours; you just need to be very careful about when/where you use it. Agents of the system will automatically assume/presume you are the legal name, so do not give them any information that would allow them to assume/presume such thing - no full names or details that may attach you to a legal name (addresses of home/work, date of birth, etc.). It may help to break the programming of thinking the legal name is you by calling yourself something else for a while.

What name do I use when I can’t use the legal name? That depends on the context. Please see the question above regarding true vs. legal names and assumption/presumption. However, ultimately, you can choose to be called whatever you like.

Why should I lose the legal name? By using the legal name you are giving energy to (agreeing with) the system that is responsible for most of the harm in this world (war, violence, poverty, torture, people trafficking/slavery, drug trafficking, pollution and destruction of the environment, etc.) - are you okay with that?

By using the legal name you are consenting to be a slave of the CROWN Corporation (they own you and can do whatever they like to you) - are you okay with that?
Whenever you use the legal name you are committing fraud because it does not belong to you - are you okay with that?
Whenever you give the legal name to an agent of the system, you are making them guilty of aiding and abetting you into committing fraud - are you okay with that?
Need I go on?

Do I need permission to lose the legal name? No, unless you need permission from yourself. This is not a legal process, it occurs by changing your heart/mind.

How can I lose the legal name?  Step 1: Breathe. It gets easier.  No one's asking you to give up everything right now and walk away from the system and all your things. You're gonna do what's right for you at the pace you feel comfortable. Start by getting a better understanding of the concept.
Step 2: Fully understand the concept The aim is to really get the concept and truly KNOW that you are not the legal name.

Check my other blogs and posts.

When you really know who you are, the contract is broken on a spiritual level.  If it is your intent to no longer support the system of control that is enough to start with. If you want to do something in the physical to reinforce your change of intent, cut up an old library card or some other old ID card. You’ll know you’ve broken the spiritual contract when you feel really uncomfortable anytime someone asks you for a name.

Step 3: Baby steps Once your intent is changed and you know you are not the legal name, do what you can to help starve the system of its energy. Yes, you will still need to interact with the system to some extent to survive, so do what you need to in that regard; there's no crime in living. Keep reading, listening and discussing the concepts with others. Take more steps as you feel comfortable. Do what feels right for you when it feels right for you.

Standing in truth One of the best and easiest ways to stand in truth is to share this information with others. Use your existing connections/resources to help do this and get creative. For example:

Print Babylon Is Fallen flyers and hand them out, put them in letterboxes or leave them in public places

Email/write to people in the system (politicians, media, lawyers, etc.) and include Babylon Is Fallen and other info.

Print posters/flyers or stickers to put in public places

Write on sidewalks or walls in chalk

Create your own t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.

How do I know who I am? With regards to a legal name, you know who you are if you fully understand the distinction between your true name and the legal name. Your true name is the one your parents gifted you; it was, and will always be yours. The confusion comes from the fact that the legal name and your true name sound the same; because of this anyone can automatically assume/presume that they are one in the same and that you are the legal name. You can still use your true name because it's yours; you just need to be very careful about when/where you use it. Agents of the system will automatically assume/presume you are the legal name, so do not give them any information that would allow them to assume/presume such thing - no names or details that may attach you to a legal name (addresses of home/work, date of birth, etc.).

How can I prove who I am when I don't have any ID?
You don't need to prove who you are with any ID, if you are in front of the person that is proof enough. If you are taking baby steps and still use your bank and need to use ID until you are ready to drop everything, just remember you are not the LEGAL NAME on the ID, and you are using the ID for necessity.

If I am committing fraud when using a legal name, do others commit fraud too when they use my name or if I use their name? Yes. No legal names belong to you. All legal names belong to the Crown Corporation so it is fraud to use any legal name that was given away to the Crown via a birth registration. Only the legal name 'Jane Doe-755' may be used without committing fraud, and it must be used with benevolent intention.

What is the importance of my intent?
Anytime you intend to do anything, it is already a spiritual contract. Every thought is a contract. Be mindful of your thoughts, are they good or bad?

Benevolent vs. malevolent intent What is your intention for using the information here? This information is provided for the good of all; those who wish to use it for purely self-serving purposes may not like the consequences - but hey, it's all about free will choice... they'll either learn from it, or not.

The power of intent If someone can channel your intent (and absolute creation power) by keeping you thinking in a certain way, how powerful could they be? We have been conditioned by society (esp. school and media) to think in a way that upholds and serves the system - this includes being the LEGAL NAME. The trick is to gain control over you intentions/thoughts so that they are yours alone; make a conscious decision about what ideas you agree/contract with.

Why is it wrong for me to sign something?
Every piece of the system's paper is their intent to contract. You affirm your mental intent to contract with the system by touching any of this paperwork. It is not actually the signature but your touch (fingerprint=DNA seal/spiritual intent) that confirms the contract in the physical world. Your mental intention is the spiritual cause and you touching/signing is the physical effect. The intention must exist before you take the action.

What legal steps/paper documents can I take to become free?
There are no legal steps to become free. Anything legal is FRAUD because it requires a LEGAL NAME (Crown Owned). The good news you are already free, and as soon as you recognise who you truly are all CONTRACTS are broken. You can send documents to all legal departments and any company of your  choosing to help you get a better knowing that you are free and not the legal name, you can start with documents written by Kate Of Gaia. Be sure to read them before sending them, you do not have to alter any of the documents; they are perfect the way they are and are very powerful.

What are the traps for people losing their name? 
Giving out your name automatically to anyone who asks We have been conditioned into believing that our name and the LEGAL NAME are the same thing. We've been using the LEGAL NAME our whole lives, so it's easy to give out a LEGAL NAME whenever anyone asks 'What's your name?' We are name-a-holics who have no control over when or where we use a name. This can be a tough habit to break. A suggestion for breaking this conditioning is to call yourself something else for a while.

Still thinking that you received something in the mail If you go to the mailbox and find a letter addressed to a LEGAL NAME and think it's for you, think again! Whenever you think 'I got a letter' or 'My legal name got a letter' you are spiritually re-contracting with that name. Remember to correct yourself: it's not for you and it's not your name.

What should I do with mail addressed to the legal name? Please forward ALL LEGAL NAME bills, etc. to the rightful owner of all of humanity's debts, the Crown Corporation....they created the legal name fraud to enslave humanity (placed the order) so they pick up the tab. See the very bottom of this document for details.

How can this be a solution to my/the world's problems?
How does any of this name stuff help solve real problems - like chem trails, wars, corruption, poverty, etc.? All legal names, corporations (including so-called governments), militaries, munitions factories, and countries (including Israel and Gaza) are registered and owned by the Crown Corporation. Still believing you are the LEGAL NAME or are using it to profit is giving your energy to the system and fuelling its wars, violence, etc. In other words, consenting to be the LEGAL NAME is agreeing to support these things. 

By changing your mind/intention and not being the LEGAL NAME, you starve the system of its energy by removing your consent/money/time/effort. The more people who learn about and act on this information, the sooner these harms will stop. The system needs people and their energy to carry out these harms against others and the planet. 
The governments, military, police, corporations, etc. are made up of people like us. They want to live their lives and be happy too, but are often ignorant of how the system works and do not know how they are contributing to it. Those who do know may be in fear and waiting for more support before they feel safe enough to make a move. So keep spreading this idea to others so we can all stand in truth together.

Losing the name is way too difficult, isn't it? Only a few people will do that, it won't work for all. Losing the name is as simple as changing your mind. Are you the legal name or not? If no, then all contracts are broken. Taking further steps to lose the name can be as difficult or as simple as you choose. It's best to take baby steps and do what feels right for you at each moment. Think of it as working out at the gym, for every different exercise, you gain the confidence and muscle to continue on to the next baby step. With every baby step you leave behind everything attached to that step and gain more and more confidence. Losing the name will work for everyone, because at some point in your life you never had a ID card, drivers licence, passport, credit card, insurance, a leased vehicle, or even a mortgage. Losing one of these things is like cutting a string attached to the name, and with each string you cut the more confidence you build, and the more trust you will gain in yourself and the universe/creation.

How do we ensure not to end up in the same situation again (like after a revolution)? To make sure we don't end up in the same situation is actually quite simple, and the answer becomes more clear by losing the name and gaining the trust of the universe. When you lose the name you start finding your true self, and when this happens you stop allowing others (Government, Law, Friends, Family) to tell you what to do. You get a new pair of eyes to feel and see what has malevolent or benevolent intentions/actions towards you or your loved ones.

Babylon & the Dead vs. Living realms
What is Babylon? In literal terms, Babylon was a city in ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq). It was known for its great wealth, impressive walls and buildings, hanging gardens and its codes of law. Metaphorically, it is referenced many times in the Christian bible as a symbol of great evil and sin; it has also be used by other cultures/groups to symbolise various things, e.g. the Rastafarian movement uses the term to describe the system that has oppressed them. 'Babylon' is used here as a metaphor to describe the system of control that has enslaved humanity via the legal name. In particular it refers to the system of commerce that the entire world has been made subject to.

What does 'Babylon Is Fallen' mean? As described above, 'Babylon' refers to the control system that has enslaved humanity. Our intention for Babylon is for it to be fallen, i.e. for the control system and all its horrors (war, poverty, greed, torture, exploitation of people, etc.) to have ended.

Why is it 'Is Fallen' and not 'Babylon Is Falling' or 'Babylon Will Fall'?  Time is an illusion, the only moment we ever exist in is now; the time is always now. If Babylon was only falling, it would always be falling and never be fallen. If 'Babylon Will Fall' it would be suspended in the now moment as still standing and never get around to falling at all.

What is the difference between a 2D reality vs. a 3D reality? 2D reality is the realm of dead paper fiction - legal names, birth certificates, corporate fictions, laws, legal rules (acts/statutes), money, economic systems, etc. 3D reality is the realm of living people, animals, plants, minerals, etc. Everything in 2D reality exists as ideas (as words/symbols) on paper that we made up. None of it has any power or life until 3D living people agree with those ideas and decide to act on them. A legal name is just a concept represented as words on paper/in a computer system - just like a character in a book/script, the legal name does not have any 3D existence/life until we agree to take on that character role and act as it. We give it a voice; we give it life. If we don't agree to act as the legal name then it remains a dead 2D paper fiction that has nothing to do with us.

How can people be dead when they use a legal name, they are still breathing? 'Dead' in this context refers to being spiritually dead. People may appear to be physically living but if they don't know who they really are, and are heavily conditioned by societal programming, then they're just existing as part of the system and not really living their lives.

Do the dead not work for the living? In a sense, yes. For example, if you do not consent to be a legal name, police officers take on the role of peace officers acting to help and protect you if others try to harm you/try to make you answer to the name.

Housing & utilities
How can I buy a house/apartment/piece of land to live without using a legal name? In order to buy a house, or even rent a place to live, you will need to use the legal name and that is fraud. If you already own or mortgage a home/land or apartment you may continue to live there and you will not need to continue paying the bank. Another option many people are willing to do, and some are currently doing, is taking a foreclosed bank-owned home. You may just move into one if you want, and you do not need permission.

If the living occupies a fraudulent dead corporate bank property, who is squatting on whom? The bank claimed ownership of the property via fraudulent means (legal names were used and they deceived people by not divulging the true nature of the mortgage contract/lending process). A fraud revealed is NULL and VOID, therefore, the bank does not own the property.

How can I rent a place to live without using a legal name? You may find people in your city willing to rent a basement apartment or even a house without leasing it and without requiring a legal name. The best option would be to find a friend or even family who may help you out and let you stay with them.

How can I get utilities (power, water, internet) without a legal name?  Getting utilities is a little more of a task for some people to do, depending on your situation. The first and best option for those who currently have no utilities currently operating, would be to just turn on your water from the main water valve usually in front yard or on street, then for your electricity, you may need to find someone you know to turn it on at the main electrical box. For those with utilities still turned on, it would be recommended to try and cover the electrical box (weld metal around it) and the water valve (pour concrete over) and this will stop the City from trying to turn it off. Internet is usually accessible all over cities or towns, by driving up the road to see if there are any open networks, or libraries around locally. There may be other options, there are people looking to find a way to access satellite internet for free.

How can I pay for my utilities without a legal name? No options are available to pay utilities using a LEGAL NAME, but you may find a friend who is willing to pay them for you. Remember using the legal name is fraud. If you are taking baby steps you may continue to pay for your utilities until you are ready for the next baby steps. Additionally, all utilities are in the legal name, which is Crown-owned. You are not the LEGAL NAME; therefore, all bills are for the CROWN and not you.

If I don't pay my utility bills, won't they get shut off? Not necessarily. A Sydney woman received utility bills for 8 years after her death - the utilities were still on but no one was paying for them. But if you want to, you can do as mentioned above - you may buy concrete mix to pour over the main water valve, and you can also find some scrap metal to weld over the main electrical box, this will stop them from being able to turn them off easily.

How can I pay for my mortgage without a legal name? Perhaps first you consider whether you should be paying for a mortgage at all. Who really loaned who money? What really happened when you went to 'get a loan' was that that you lent the bank manager/employee money so they could buy the house for you to be a tenant in. It was the bank employee's loan and you took the role of guarantor for them. They skipped out on their loan from day one and left you to pay their debt.

If I don't pay my mortgage, won't I lose my house? You will not lose the house because they require a legal name which is fraud; once a fraud is revealed every contract with the legal name is NULL and VOID. Additionally, the mortgage is owned by the Crown via the legal name. You are not the legal name, therefore, the mortgage is the Crown's responsibility and not yours.

If I don't pay property tax, will I lose my house? As mentioned above: the contract/lease/mortgage uses the LEGAL NAME, this is fraud so renders it NULL and VOID.

Working, money, loans & general living
How can I keep my job if I lose the name?  If you already have a job and you know who you are, then you can keep it if you need it to survive. Take other steps to stand in truth/starve the system instead. Also, consider how your current job/location may also be used to assist spreading this information (e.g. the resources you have access to or the people you know) because one of the best ways to stand in truth is to share this information with others.

How can I get a job or earn money without a legal name? If you can find people who are willing to pay you cash, then that could be an option. However, this may be challenging because other people still believe the system is legitimate and may not agree even if you explain your reasoning. Your survival is the key issue here: do what you need to survive. If you have to use a legal name and sign for things to get an income then do it - so long as you know you are not the legal name and that it is not your intention to commit fraud. Take other steps to stand in truth/starve the system instead. One of the best ways to stand in truth is to share this information with others.

How can you live without income? Firstly, you don't need to be without income because of this information; you can keep your job/income to survive - the important part is you change your intention and know you are not the LEGAL NAME. If you really want to give up your current job/income, then you can find other ways to survive (family/community support, barter/exchange of energy/time) - the universe will look after you when you stand in truth.

How do I keep my stuff (house, car, etc.) without using a legal name? First of all, the Crown already owned your stuff if it was registered in the LEGAL NAME. Of course you did not know this when you registered it, but now you do. If you know who you are now, then you can protect your stuff by not using the LEGAL NAME. The system needs the LEGAL NAME to confirm its ownership of your stuff. If you do not consent to being the LEGAL NAME and they cannot presume the connection between it and you, then they cannot access your stuff.

How can I have a bank account without a legal name? If you don't have a bank account then you cannot get one without using the legal name (committing fraud) - the system requires this information to create an account. If you already have a bank account and you need it to survive then it's fine if you know who you and it is not your intention to commit fraud. Take other steps to stand in truth/starve the system instead. One of the best ways to stand in truth is to share this information with others.

How can I pay my loan without a legal name? Perhaps first you consider whether you should be paying for a loan at all. Who really loaned who money? What really happened when you went to 'get a loan' was that that you lent the bank manager/employee money so they could buy what you wanted. It was the bank employee's loan and you took the role of guarantor for them. They skipped out on their loan from day one and left you to pay their debt.

Is it possible to lose the name and stop forced garnishments of pay checks? (e.g. tax, court-ordered garnishments) No. One cannot receive a pay check without a legal name. Garnishments could only be stopped by no longer creating an official pay check. A solution could be to work for cash-in-hand without using the legal name.

I get government benefits and I'm disabled - I need to keep my name or my family will starve - what do I do? Living is not a crime. If you need this money to survive that's fine, so long as you have changed your intention and do not wish to commit fraud. The most important step is understanding the concept of the legal name fraud. Take other steps gradually. You are actually using the system's energy (money) against it when you walk in truth and spread this message to others.

How can I send/receive mail without a legal name?
You don’t need to use a legal name to send/receive mail - any name can be used, it is the address on the envelope that matters. If it’s really necessary, you can still use the legal name to send/receive mail, so long as you have changed your intent. Know that you are not the legal name and do not have the intention to commit fraud.

Driving & travel
How can I travel in my car/bike/truck without a legal name/licence? You don't need a licence to drive/ride. If accidently you left your licence at home you could still drive perfectly well without it, right? Licences are only required by those who are under jurisdiction of the legal system, i.e. those who ignorantly believe they are the LEGAL NAME or knowingly consent to be it.

How can I travel in my car/bike/truck without registration plates/tags? Again, these are not required to travel. Registering your vehicle hands the ownership of it over to the Crown Corporation by your use of the LEGAL NAME. If you really want to own your vehicle, don't register it and remove the VIN tags. If you are concerned that driving without plates may cause too much attention, use expired plates or get some novelty plates instead.

What about insurance? I want to be able to help people if I am in an accident. Having insurance requires a LEGAL NAME, so you will not be able to have it without one. It is possible to negotiate payment to an injured party without using the legal name and having insurance.
However, if you have insurance, or think you need it, you are scripting an accident. Insurance is for those of unsure mind (in=not, sure, ance=mind), i.e. you don’t trust in your own ability to drive without causing harm to others or yourself. When you trust in yourself and the universe/creation, insurance is not necessary.

How can I travel between countries without a legal name/passport/ID/papers? All forms of identification are only required by those consenting to the LEGAL NAME. It is possible to travel without these if you are not the LEGAL NAME. Inform people who ask you for ID or a passport that they are requesting documents that identify a legal person, which you are not. It may be useful to have some extra information to show/give to people in these situations (e.g. Babylon Is Fallen flyer).  See also Elizabeth's story, Travelling without a legal name, for an example.

Justice, law enforcement & legal
What about legal remedies, freeman, sovereignty stuff? Anything legal is part of the control system because it uses the LEGAL NAME. Being a citizen requires being a LEGAL NAME. The so-called legal remedies are keeping people trapped in the system because they are driven by a need for winning/vengeance, the need to serve their own material interests and fear.

Is it wrong to pull over if law enforcement flags me down? If anyone waves you over you should stop and offer assistance as there must be some kind of emergency, and you are a caring and loving being. If asked for anything other than assistance, then it's obviously a hijack by CROWN pirates, and you don't submit to them, as they, nor their employer, have any authority/jurisdiction over you. You are not obliged to speak to them or give them anything. Neither resist nor submit. Be polite though.

What do I do if I have an encounter with law enforcement? Stay calm and stand in peace, love, truth and honour. Remember they are people too. Remain in a calm & neutral place with good intentions. If you're looking for a fight, you'll get one.
Give no legal names or identifying details Calmly explain why you cannot give them a LEGAL NAME (it's fraud and you don't want to commit fraud) and how them asking you for a LEGAL NAME is them attempting to aid you into committing fraud (you don't want to make them guilty of that). Don't give up any details (e.g. addresses, birth dates) that may allow them to presume you to be a LEGAL NAME.
Sign nothing If you sign their documents then you are consenting to play their game and be the name.

Take no orders  Accepting an order/suggestion from them grants them authority over you. If you (the living), accept an order from them (the dead), you are consenting to be under their jurisdiction, even without using a legal name. Politely decline and explain that they can’t give you orders until you are under their jurisdiction via the legal name (wish them a nice day and be on your way).
Be prepared for their attempts to bluff you  They will to do anything they can to get you to consent to being a name, including being extra nice or threatening you with jail, etc. Make it clear that you are not a legal name and will never consent to being one. Remember they need a LEGAL NAME to legally do anything with you, it's written in their own laws. If you are dealing with low-level officers, they may not be aware of this, but those above them will. When you make no confessions to legal name...they can't play the game to make you the "game"/prey.

What do I do if I receive a ticket/fine? Who received it? Was it addressed to a legal name? If so, that's not you - you didn't receive anything. If this is something that arrived in the mail, send it to its rightful owner, the Crown Corporation. See instructions at the bottom of this document.

What do I do if I receive a court summons? Who received a court summons? Was it addressed to a legal name? If so, that's not you - you didn't receive anything. If this is something that arrived in the mail, send it to its rightful owner, the Crown Corporation. See instructions at the bottom of this document.

Don't we need the legal system to keep criminals from harming the innocent and defenceless? The current legal system is part of the control system that is harming the innocent and defenceless. Lawyers, judges, law enforcement and military are agents of the Crown because they have sworn an oath to serve the CROWN CORPORATION, CITY OF LONDON, STATE. They may appear to 'help' sometimes but their allegiance is to the Crown. These people need to be woken up to the true nature of their service and their assistance in enslaving humanity.

Without legal name, how can I report someone at the police station for crimes against me? Just like you normally would, but without using a legal name. You'll likely need to explain that them that you are not, nor will ever consent to being a legal name.

Can I still be punished for crimes or trespasses? Yes. If not under man-made law, then by universal law. If you have harmed another, especially intentionally, then the universe will ensure you get what you deserve. This information must be used with benevolent intentions. It will not protect those who are using it for harm or to exact vengeance on others.

Are laws useful? Civil Law, Common Law, etc. These are still part of the legal system, and thus, part of the control system that is oppressing humanity. Some people may argue that these are useful because they contain valid ideas about how people should act and how a crime should be handled if it occurs. However, some may argue that man-made law has the tendency to be morally relative - i.e. that what is right and wrong is decided by the opinions of the decision-makers and can change on a whim (e.g. prohibition), and that there is no objective right and wrong - this is dangerous because it can result in situations of 'one rule for the rulers and another for the ruled'. Additionally, others may argue that any man-made law is redundant because it is duplicating natural law, which is essentially the idea of 'do no harm'.

Don’t we need government/authorities to keep us safe? Most of the crimes, wars and violence are actually a product of the CROWN Corporation’s system, including government. The governments and legal systems are owned by the CROWN and ultimately work to maintain this system, not to bring peace and justice to the people. The CROWN’s system of money/commerce creates artificial scarcity which leads to poverty, fear, crime, violence and wars over food, resources, land, etc. Mainstream media portrays a false reality to promote fear and division (class, religion, race, borders, etc.) which keeps people in ‘survival mode’ so they don’t see reality as it truly is – keeping people in fear makes people easily controllable. 

The belief in an authority outside yourself is a false and dangerous one. Police, military and government employees throughout history have harmed and murdered innocents because they claimed ‘I was just doing my job’. They received orders to kill or kidnap but did not question whether it was right – they just did it because authority told them to. This is still happening today. No one has the right to kill, harm or steal from another human being. No one has a legitimate right to rule over anyone else. Government at its very essence is immoral because it infringes on the rights of individuals. It uses coercion to get people to comply with the law – stealing money (taxes), stealing freedom (prison), etc.

Taking care of your family
How can I be without a legal name when I have children and a partner?  Losing the name starts by changing your mind - this doesn't affect anyone else so it's easy to do. Taking other steps should be done gradually and only when you feel comfortable doing so. If you want to take steps that directly affect your family, think it through carefully first and also discuss it with them. Remember, you don't have to do what others have done (giving up homes, jobs, etc.). There's no pressure; it's not a race. Do what feels right for you when it feels right. If you need your job, etc. to survive, that's fine, you can keep it; the important part is that you know you're not the legal name. Consider how your current job/location may also be used to assist spreading this information (e.g. the resources you have access to or the people you know) because one of the best ways to stand in truth is to spread this information to others.

How can I take care for my newborn children and give them a good life without a legal name? Start by standing in truth and not getting a birth certificate for them. When you walk/stand in truth the universe/creation will take care of you and your family - everything you need will be provided.

How can I protect my family from the system and ex-spouses? So, let's say you have some cop, lawyer, ex-spouse, government agency etc. trying to make claims against you...you know, like steal your children, home, cars etc., the simple truth is, and you can tell them this...."without my consent to be a LEGAL NAME that belongs to the CROWN, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING registered through that legal name CANNOT be touched, taken or controlled by anyone and that includes my children, home, cars, etc. because only confessing to be a legal name that belongs to another could allow that to happen and you will never get me to confess or be assumed/presumed to be that legal name ever again...you lose...I don't deal with fraudulent criminals...have a nice day” when you make no confessions to legal name...they can't play the game to make you the "game"/prey.

What if I am in divorce proceedings and we are in court already? First of all, know that it's not your divorce, the CROWN owns your marriage. Secondly, you've consented to being the LEGAL NAME already, so you may want to correct that. Notify everyone involved by sending copies of Kate’s writings: As Per Your Fraud; Babylon Is Fallen; I, Who Shall Not Be Legally Named; and others that will explain to the parties involved. If you know you're not the LEGAL NAME, you won't set foot back in a court room.

Explaining to others (esp. family and friends)
How can I help others in the process of losing their legal name? Tell them about this idea. Plant the seed of truth and then let them be. It is not your role to save anyone else (the desire to do so is matrix programming) so do not force the matter - it is their free will choice. If they do seek more information then offer it. Direct them to Kate's writings and the radio shows so they can do some of their own research, and discuss the ideas with them.

Won't all of my friends and family think I'm nuts if I try to explain this to them? How do you know that will happen? You do not know for sure what will happen if you haven't tried it yet. Be careful of scripting outcomes you don't want (See 'What is scripting?' further down the page). You may be pleasantly surprised at how well people receive it. Many people are aware this world is messed up but are still puzzled as to why; this information may finally explain that mystery for them. However, do consider that other's reactions may depend on your intention, how well you explain it, as well as their own life experience and level of social conditioning.

How can I explain this idea to other people? Before trying to explain this idea to others It may be helpful for you to feel confident in your knowledge. Suggestions for achieving this include reading all of Kate's writings and listening to key radio shows. Call into the shows or use Facebook/Skype groups if you have want to discuss the idea further. It may be useful to write the ideas out in your own words (maybe pretend you’re writing an email/letter to someone explaining it) or practice explaining it aloud while you're alone.

When explaining this to others Ensure you're intent is good and you're coming from a calm and neutral place - if you are in fear or trying to impose this information on them, it will affect others and they'll be less receptive.

Be aware that you cannot force other people to change their minds The best you can do is to explain it (plant the seed) and let them be - if you force the issue, they'll feel attacked and won't be receptive to it. If you lack confidence or think they're going to be especially resistant/fearful it could be useful to frame the idea as a hypothetical/fictional one to begin with; you could ask them to be a 'sounding board' for an interesting theory/story you've been thinking about - this may make the idea more neutral and less threatening - at the end of your discussion, you could then pose the question 'What if it were true?'
Be prepared to answer questions Remember when you first encountered this idea? You probably had many questions too and were confused or even scared about what this meant for you. Be patient and have compassion for them - their heads are probably spinning due to the questions and program short-circuiting caused by this info.

What if my friends and family don't agree with me? That's okay. It may take some time for them to get it, or they may never get it. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion and it is their free will choice to act on or deny the information. It is also your free will choice to stand in truth - if they're good people they'll likely respect you for that. You don't need to 'save' or 'wake up' anyone else by trying to convince them of anything (that's a program you need to free yourself from). The only person you need to concern yourself with is you. Stay the course and keep working on yourself. Keep seeking the truth and take responsibility for your thoughts, words, actions. You are the only point of consciousness in your reality, so by changing you and standing in truth, you will save those you love anyway.

I've been explaining the 'no name game' and it keeps falling on deaf ears - am I having any effect? Hard to say. How do people react when you explain the idea?  It may be useful to ask them what they think and check whether they understand the idea and its full impact. It's possible they do not fully understand it or may not want to understand it because they find it threatening. Finding out you've been lied to your whole life by the people you trusted is painful and overwhelming. Denial is sometimes preferable. Additionally, this information will evoke fear, so again, denial may be preferred. 
Also, keep in mind that this concept is so simple that it's difficult for people to get or accept. People are used to things being complicated and tend to over-intellectualize everything. If they are receptive to hearing about it, you could try explaining it in different ways. Encourage them to ask questions or explain it back to you in their own words to check their understanding. Have patience and compassion for others who are willing to acknowledge and understand this truth.
If people have trouble seeing how this information is relevant to them, it may be useful to consider their current situation and personal values and tailor your explanation to them. What does this information mean to them personally? How does it affect their lives? How can it help them? e.g. If they're having issues with loan repayments or been threatened with having their children taken away by social services then presenting this idea as a possible solution will likely peak their interest more than a generic explanation.
If they are not receptive at all, forcing the issue may damage your relationship with them. Remember it is their choice, and this is a tough pill to swallow! Don’t get into emotional debates with them, just walk away and focus your efforts elsewhere. The people you love will be saved by your ability to stand in truth anyway.

What if my friends or family do think I'm nuts after I explain it and reject me for standing in truth? This can be a threatening situation for those who want to stay standing in truth. Naturally, we all want to be loved and accepted by those close to us, just as we love and accept them. Being rejected by others usually evokes feelings of fear for our own survival. If you care about these people, you'll likely want to work through this issue to maintain your relationship.

Remember, their reaction is not about you Others' may have strong reactions to your views because they feel threatened by the information you're sharing - in this case, their reaction is not about you personally. It could be useful to discuss their response with them to address their fears.

Stay calm and neutral If you can stay calm & neutral place about the issue, it should minimize their defensiveness. This may be easier said than done if you are feeling hurt, but it will help the discussion progress so you can understand how they feel and let them know how you feel.

Respecting each other's views and free will choice One would hope that others would be able to respect your views as you would respect theirs, especially if your views and subsequent actions do not affect them directly. When your views and potential actions do affect others directly, respecting differences may be more difficult. Others may feel threatened, not only by the information but by the consequences of you acting on it. They may be fearful that you will bring harm to yourself by creating conflicts with 'the system' (and thus being fined, going to prison, etc.) and especially fearful of you dragging them into a conflict with 'the system'. Others may fear for their survival through loss of jobs/income, material wealth, etc. due to this information. It may be helpful to discuss their feelings and your feelings about the information and its consequences. See if you can negotiate a win/win situation in which both your needs/concerns and their needs/concerns can be met - there are many ways for you to take baby steps towards standing in truth that may not be so threatening to them. Over time they may become more receptive/comfortable with the information which will allow you to take further steps.

If talking doesn't work Remember their reaction is to the information and not you personally. Consider giving them some time and space, and try talking with them again later. If that still doesn't work, just let them be.

Being true to yourself: The bottom line Remember that this is your life and you have the right live it how you wish. If others actively prevent you from being benevolent and standing in truth, then they are not respecting your autonomy and are harming you spiritually. Additionally, you are harming yourself if you allow others' opinions to prevent you being true to yourself. Any situation where we come into conflict with loved ones is going to be difficult, but ultimately, you need to ensure your own happiness and wellbeing. Do what is right for you so that you can be true to yourself.

Can I still be in a relationship if my partner doesn’t support me? Relationships need not end just because people don't see eye-to-eye on something. Whether your partner is in fear or just doesn't believe any of this, if you care for each other you may be able to work something out. Discuss the issue to find out their feelings and to express your own. You may be able to negotiate a win/win situation in which both your needs/concerns and their needs/concerns can be met - there are many ways for you to take baby steps towards standing in truth that may not be so threatening to them (e.g. you sharing this info to others). Over time they may become more receptive/comfortable with the information which will allow you to take further steps.

Healthcare, government & infrastructure
Can I go to a doctor or hospital without a legal name? Yes, if you attend an emergency ward then they have to treat you, even without a legal name. Kate of Gaia and others have already proven this is possible. Let them know that you are not a legal name, nor will ever consent to being a legal name. They'll have to enter something into their system for official purposes, but if you don't have a legal name then they'll just use variations on John/Jane Doe to fill out their paperwork.

Don't we need government to run hospitals and build infrastructure, etc.? Hospitals, roads and other infrastructure are useful and someone needs to create/maintain them, but currently, this comes at the expense of humanity's freedom because they are taken care of by governments. Governments are registered corporations (owned by the CROWN) operating to uphold the current system of slavery. While governments may appear to do useful things for people (citizens), this is ultimately to keep the corporation running and the workers (citizen slaves) happy. Governments are part of the system that is creating and maintaining the wars, poverty, people/drug trafficking on this planet. Is it okay to support governments that create/maintain harm against others just so we can have roads, etc.?

But without government, who will build the roads, etc.? The same people who do it now. Politicians and tax collectors don't actually build anything. Government doesn't create anything of value – it’s a parasitical entity that oversees the slaves (citizens) on the plantation (corporate country/tax farm). Organisation and cooperation can still occur without the coercion of government. Without government, existing organisations would still be able to build infrastructure and provide services, just like supermarkets/grocers provide food for people.

Is there an enemy? Who is it? Do I have to "fight" to be free? In the literal/external world, enemies appear to be everywhere and this makes us believe we have to fight everyone else to be free (e.g. governments, banks, big corporations, other countries, etc.). However, the need to fight anyone is an illusion that keeps us going around in circles. Freedom, happiness and peace come from within because you are the only point of consciousness in your reality; everything outside of you is a reflection of what is inside of you. If you are divided within/against yourself then you are your own enemy. Fighting yourself will not achieve freedom or peace. The need to fight is an illusion. True love and acceptance of self is the only way to achieve it. Change what is within (heart/mind) and you will change what is without (your reality/external world).

Who has the power in our world? In the literal/physical world, the people hold the power. The system is like a house of cards (or a pyramid) and the cards on the bottom (majority of working people) are holding up those above them (aristocracy, police/military, bankers, presidents, politicians, royalty, etc.). The entire structure is held up by the people at the bottom (majority) and without them the structure would not stand (i.e. the system would not function). Those at the top (minority) appear hold the power because they have enslaved the minds and bodies of the general population to maintain the structure which works for their benefit. But ultimately, the literal/physical world is just an illusion.
In the spiritual realm, you are the power in your world. You are the only point of consciousness that really exists in your reality; the rest of the people are actors in your 'movie'. Everything outside of you (physical world) is a reflection of what is inside of you (your heart & mind). If you change your mind, you change your reality/universe (including other people and your situation); therefore, you have the power. Your own awakening can be measured by those around you.

What will it be like when all lose the legal name? Who will be the authority? When people remember who they really are, they will know that everyone is equal because others are just another version/perspective of themselves. When you know the truth, you know that are your own authority (you always have been, but you unknowingly gave your power away). Thus, everyone will be their own authority.

I am American (or other nationality), right? What does being 'American' (or other nationality) mean to you? You should be aware that countries are corporations registered on the Washington D.C. Security and Exchange Commission. Consenting to be a citizen of a 'country' via the use of the legal name, makes you an employee of that corporation, and thus, a slave. All country corporations are sub-branches of the Crown Corporation (City of London), so by extension, you are also a citizen (slave) of the City of London. Do you really want to be in agreeance/contract with that idea?

Ideas that divide people are used to control them The concept of countries, states and fictional borders (as well as class, race, gender, religion, political party, sports team, etc.) have been used to divide people and set them against each other. Keeping people divided and fighting each other makes them easier to control – this is a key tactic used by the Babylon system for thousands of years. Being polarised into thinking that some people are 'right', 'good', 'better' and 'more important than' others is dangerous thinking because it allows the justification of harm towards people who are seen as 'wrong', 'bad', 'worse' or 'less important than' others. It is this kind of thinking that helps create and sustain the inequality and injustice we see in the world today.

Define yourself in your own terms Ultimately, you can define yourself however you like, but perhaps you should ask what being 'American' (or other nationality) means to you. If your self-concept is based on ideas that justify harm to yourself and others then perhaps it's time to reconsider things, e.g. What is important to you? What kind of human do you want to be? What kind of world do you want to live in?

Taking responsibility for your life
What is scripting? Scripting is planning what's going to happen before it actually happens. By thinking that certain events are going to occur before they do, we make them more likely to occur because we believe they probably will. Our thoughts and beliefs affect how we perceive the world as well as how we feel and behave. When we believe something to be true or that something will happen, we tend to only see, feel and things that will support our beliefs - this tends to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Additionally, by doing so, we exclude the other possibilities that could occur by not seeing or considering them. This is unfortunate because many people focus much of their attention on the things they do not want and, as a result, end up getting it. 

Learn to control your thoughts so you don't focus on negative possibilities and learn keep an open mind about positive possibilities. Live in the present moment, without expectations, and be open to experience.
It can also be useful to question any beliefs about whether you 'should' 'must' 'ought to' or 'have to' do anything. Thinking you 'have to' do something is you agreeing with someone else's idea - do you really 'have to' or is this something family/society has convinced you of?

How do I overcome FEAR? Overcoming fear is done by facing them & saying you have no power over me it is something we were taught, a program from without, from others, our parents, the system, it is the main control mechanism! So to lose the fear is also to see that it comes from the voice of others, not the self! We weren't born with fear! We learned it! 
Indeed, F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) is all in our minds. Fear can be overcome by knowledge and experience. Examine your fears and consider these questions, “Is my fear justified by evidence?” “What evidence is there for/against it?” “Is it logical for me to fear this?” “What information/experience would help me dispel my fear?”

How can I stop giving my power away? Take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Instead of merely agreeing with the ideas of others, learn to think for yourself and discern whether those ideas make sense or feel right for you. Question everything - and that includes what you're reading here. 
Beware of MATRIX programming that:

promotes division/polarisation within yourself, or between you and others (borders, factions, religions, race, class, money, etc.)

promotes fear, hate and harm to yourself or others, or the idea that one person is less important/valuable than another

encourages you to look outside yourself for answers/happiness/salvation  (material wealth, drugs, gurus, religion, government, etc.)

tells you what to think, who to be or how to live your life instead of being true to yourself (pop. culture, school, government, religion, etc.)

How do I stay focused and calm? Breathe. By slowing your breathing, you slow your heart rate which makes it easier to be calm. Stay in the NOW. Clear your mind and focus on dealing with what is in front of you.
Fear and anxiety mostly come when you are not in the NOW, (i.e. when you worry about the past or future). It's when you start questioning what is going to happen later today, tomorrow, or the next day that you'll fall apart (e.g. 'What if this...?' 'What if that...?').

What does it mean to stand in truth? Being able to stand your ground on what you know to be true, even when those around you tell you're wrong, weak, stupid, crazy, etc. This may take the form of speaking the truth, or acting in accordance with it and not in violation/opposition to it. It includes taking full responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions using them with benevolent intent for the highest good of all. This can be difficult because those around us often have different ideas about what is true, good, or right and may ridicule or threaten us. It requires great courage and confidence to stand your ground when those around you see things differently, so don't worry if you find it hard initially. Like everything else, it takes practice, so take little steps towards feeling confident about what you know and where you stand.

When I stand in truth the universe will back me up. How does this work? Think of the universe/creation as parents who want what is best for the whole family/all that exists. When you stand in truth you act for the highest good of all; Mum & Dad like this because it's what they want too so they offer you extra support. When you don't stand in truth, Mum & Dad are still there for you but you don't have their extra backing. They give you the freedom to experience both positive and negative things so that you may learn how to be responsible and benevolent just like them. If they did everything for you and didn't allow you to make mistakes, you wouldn't learn the lessons you needed to become a responsible, benevolent being.

Dealing with mail addressed to the legal name
Any mail addressed to the legal name is not for you. Opening someone else's mail is mail fraud, so instead, send to its rightful owner, the Crown Corporation (just like you'd send on your neighbours' mail that accidently got delivered in your mailbox).
The point of this process is not to get the Crown to pay the bills. It’s to show that you know who you are and who the LEGAL NAME really belongs to.

Things you'll need Sticky labels

Step 1
Stick labels with the Crown Corporation's (City of London) address on BOTH sides of the envelope as the sender and receiver.  Note: ensure you cover up the legal name, any other addresses and also any BAR codes so they cannot be read by scanners

The Honourable Lord Mayor c/o William Chapman Private Secretary and Chief of Staff Mansion House London EC4N 8BH

Note: DO NOT write ENGLAND on the address because LONDON is a country separate from ENGLAND.

Step 2
Send! - No postage stamps required since all mail with no postage paid ALWAYS gets sent to SENDER - the Crown