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Know Where you Politically Stand Before you Speak

I amNov 7, 2018, 8:27:43 PM

Political Standing: Creditor, Debtor or Administrator: Where are you?

Even though we all know something is gaining more and more control over us, this will help your awareness of what is happening. We are often informed of the controlling outcome of such a system but understanding how the system has achieved this amazing power over the minds of men is another story altogether and is something very rarely mentioned. Where do you politically stand?

The system that controls the mind is a very clever [criminal] defect built into a Quasi Trust Law system where a fiction. but appearing true. three way trust has been set up and on the surface gives the false impression that it is true and correct, however, in fact, it is a three way trust, (House of the: Creditor, Debtor and Administrator) but, only two houses (Office) of such a three way trust are occupied at any one given point in time! (This would render a trust defective with only two parties present unless a deception has been employed)

Believe it or not, this defective fraud trust setup against us can also be very dangerous to the Administrator (Judiciary, Magistrates, Lawyers and Government) if one comprehends such a deception within such a quasi trust, however, the deception that benefits the Administrator (Foreign De-Facto Government) is so clever and complex and unexpected that such a deception has become the standard adoption for converting the creditor into the debtor causing the administrator to fall automatically into the beneficiary standing in order to take advantage of the missing creditor!… (That was you)

The chance of this backfiring on the private corporate contracting foreign administrators has been so small that such administrative governments have gotten away with this deception since 1230AD, I assume, however, if this deception is exposed to a greater mass, or becomes available to people that have not sworn an oath to the BAR, (Masonic death oath) it would cause grave danger to such an administrative foreign entity, by converting the administrator back from creditor into administrator and converting the debtor back into the creditor, (Where he started from) causing all debts to be settled by the Administrator (Settled by the Judiciary because the debtor returned to the political standing of the creditor) and may also be a reason why such administrative foreign governments are panicking about the citizens being armed with firearms because of the backlash against such a private foreign administrator in relation to their actions relating to their total breach of trust against such citizen masses…

Now for the twister! … The elite that have administered this deception have offered you a (Deceptive) share in their crime and that implicates you as the criminal. How? did you apply for a license to do anything? a license is a permit to commit a crime!, are you a resident? a resident is a person that lives on land he/she does not own! Are you a “citizen” being a trustee of a private company that was acting as the true governing administrator of the land you are living on. Where did such an administrative government derive from?… Was it the: District of Columbia, being registered to the UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, being a private foreign bank: US FEDERAL RESERVE. So, now when you complain about the crimes of the foreign administrative corporate government attacking you, it is you that have become criminally involved with such a foreign governing entity because you “applied” for a license to commit the crime of serving a foreign power. You gave it your vote, you gave it your consent by applying to act as “holder-trustee” of its accounts.

So before one attacks the foreign administrative government of the land you live on, one may be wise to make sure that one is not involved with such a government before uttering its crimes, for it is only ones own fault that you granted it such power in the first place by accepting its titles, licenses and privileges, and by denoting its crimes, you denote yourself as the criminal because of your own ignorant involvement with such a foreign administrative private corporate power.. You accepted its license to commit treason against your own nationality.

So only knowing half the story or half of the deception is dangerous, its when you know your own legal or political standing, (Creditor, Debtor or Administrator) you will have the ability to know when to speak and when to shut your mouth.

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