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Hip Hop Crime Syndicate and the Drug Council. and The roots of the Hip Hop Agenda, Islam, Paedophiles and Cults

Luminous⚖️SovereignJul 4, 2018, 10:21:30 AM

The African American Mafia is an influential organized crime group in the United States operating as enforcers for La Cosa Nostra. All the black organized crime syndicates are involved in sex trafficking of white women and children. The Corsican-Sicilian mafia which is operating in Baltimore and is overseen by corrupt CIA and FBI agents sell the opium to the Lucchese crime family in New York City and they provide a portion of it to D-Block which is a rap group and organized crime group operating out of Yonkers with Sheek Louch (Lucchese), Jadakiss, and Styles P as rappers and bosses and them and their associates then run it to the block gangs in various cities on the East Coast. The Lucchese crime family operate in Yonkers with their Tanglewood Boys.

D-Block are selling heroin to various block gang sets in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts and these block gangs then fight each other for dominance in the cities. Back in 2005-2006 they turned nearly every street in my nearby city into individual gangs with the most dominant block gang calling itself D-Block. Once the crime increased the local police brought in the federal agents which federalized the local police. D-Block then launders their money at their D-Block Car Wash and Gas located in Yonkers as well as launder drug and criminal profits through their D-Block Records and other businesses like juice bars. Businesses like car washes, bars, and strip clubs deal in mostly cash and this is useful in laundering dirty money.

The Tanglewood Boys of Yonkers deny he is a member however they said that to protect him. D-Block are probably the highest level black mafia in the United States and are the most powerful mafia organization in the rap industry. As the heads of the Black Mafia in the United States Sheek Louch represents the Lucchese crime family, Styles P represents the Gambino crime family, and Jadakiss represents the Genovese crime family and they are the reformed Council formerly headed up by Nicky Barnes. The Diplomats are a Harlem rap group and them and their Purple City Productions associates are like a continuation of the East Harlem Purple Gang which was allied with the Council. Dipset includes the rappers Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana. Frank Lucas was a hidden front man for the Council. The Cuban rapper Fat Joe who is from the South Bronx along with his group Terror Squad work with the Cuban Marielitos gangs which also operate out of the South Bronx. Members of Terror Squad include the rappers Cuban Link, Triple Seis, Prospect, and Armageddon. Capone-N-Noreaga are a rap group taking their names from mafia boss Al Capone and the dictator Manuel Noriega.

Noreaga or NORE did about 3 years when he was 14 for an attempted murder. The movie American Gangster was about Frank Lucas and Jay Z made a music album associated with the movie. Jay Z is like the modern Councils “Frank Lucas.” D-Block are also working with P Diddy who they were originally signed to under Bad Boy Records.

P Diddy is a front man for the Genovese 116th Uptown Crew headed up by Liborio Bellomo. P Diddy was signed to Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records and today Diddy is worth over 800 million. P Diddy and the rapper Shyne who was signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records were arrested for gun possession and attempted murder. P Diddy got off on all charges and Shyne did 10 years in prison and took the fall as P Diddy’s patsy. 50 Cent is working with P Diddy today. The Lucchese crime family supplied opium and heroin to the Council and they still do to this day. Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, and Styles P are known in the Council as the Three Wise Guys. They are probably the most legitimate mafia organization within black organized crime.

Members of Wu-Tang and Dipset are likely members of the modern day Council including Jim Jones, Hell Rell, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah. The rapper AZ is likely a member of the Council. Masta Ace is an associate of Wu Tang and pure evil. Method Man is involved in white sex slavery. Their influence and credibility with street gangs has put them high up within organized crime. D-Block are connected with Ruff Ryders and Cassidy a Philly rapper as a former member. DMX is another criminal rapper. Cassidy and his Larsiny Family rap group oversee some street gang’s criminal activities in North Philly as a proxy for the Greek Philly Mob which operate in North Philly and they also work with Albanian Mafia associates. Cassidy was tried for murder and got off on time served during his trial. Murder Inc. is a rap record label run by Irv Gotti and Chris Gotti taking their names from the Gotti family and the name Murder Inc. from the Jewish Mafia. Artists involved with Murder Inc. include Ja Rule, Black Child, and Bobby Brown. Irv Gotti was charged and investigated for money laundering.

Meek Mill is a South Philly rapper with a long criminal history formerly overseeing some street gangs in his territory as a proxy for the Philly Mob. Meek Mill was doing 2-4 years for violating parole. Beanie Sigel is a South Philly rapper signed to Jay Z’s Roc-a-Fella records and is also overseeing street gangs in the Philly region. Beanie Sigel takes his name to honor the Jewish gangster Bugsy Siegel. The rapper Freeway is an associate of Jay Z and Beanie Sigel. Freeway works with the Philadelphia Black Mafia. Jay Z is the top boss of the AVLN founded in Chicago which has moved into New Jersey. The Rockefeller Foundation financed the AVLN and this is why Jay Z calls his record company Roc-a-fella. Jay Z is working with the Chicago Outfit and Colombo crime family which are both owned by the Colonna family of Rome. Wu Tang are another rap group overseeing street gangs and are working with various organized crime groups.

RZA or Robert Fitzgerald Diggs who lives in New Jersey is a boss of the AVLN and works with Asian gangs, the Irish Mafia, and Five Families. RZA is the most evil rapper that I have come across and he is also a 33rd degree Freemason. Andrew Gigante and John Bokun manage RZA along with the DeCavalcante crime family with Simone Rizzo DeCavalcante Jr. G-Unit and Mobb Deep operate out of Queens and work with the Five Families and oversee both the Bloods and Crips in New York City. G-Unit is involved with making gay or bisexual porn. Gangsters are faggots. G-Unit are involved with cocaine and prostitution. 50 Cent oversees both the Bloods and Crips and he is extremely dangerous. The rapper Papoose and his rap group Thug-A-Cation run a powerful street gang in Brooklyn involved with trafficking weapons and drugs. Papoose is pure evil.

Lil Wayne is from New Orleans and signed with Cash Money Records along with Birdman its co-founder. Birdman was charged with possession of a pound of marijuana in 2007. Lil Wayne was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana and did one year in Rikers Island and later was arrested for possession of narcotics for sale. Cash Money Records is a New Orleans crime family proxy overseeing criminal gangs in the New Orleans region. The New Orleans crime family is headed up by Joe Gagliano along with Marcello family associates. They run and infiltrate some Louisiana casinos and are involved with criminal trafficking with the Gulf Cartel. The Spanish Bourbons own the Gulf Cartel and their French cousins the House of Orleans own the New Orleans crime family. B.G. is another rapper signed to Cash Money and received 14 years for illegal gun possession and witness tampering.

Cash Money is also located in Miami, Florida where the Trafficante crime family operate and they work with the Gulf Cartel and Cuban Mafia and have associates of the Five Families managing criminal operations. DJ Khaled is a Miami based music producer connected with Jay Z’s Roc Nation, Terror Squad, and Cash Money. The mafia in Florida are involved with trafficking large amounts of cocaine. Rick Ross is a high level mafia associate and gangster rapper from Florida who has been charged with possession, kidnapping and assault. The rapper Rick Ross takes his name from the drug trafficker “Freeway” Rick Ross.

The Trafficante crime family oversee the Georgia region as well with Vincent LoScalzo as a top adviser. T.I. is an Atlanta rapper signed to Jay Z’s label. He was convicted of federal weapons charges and recently opened a strip club. The mafia run most of the strip clubs in the United States and use them for money laundering, prostitution, and drug dealing. Detroit’s Black Mafia operate in Georgia. Gangster rappers and their record companies are criminal fronts. They promote crime and then use their associates to provide drugs, weapons, and organized crime skills to the street gangs. La Cosa Nostra is using the Black Mafia as a line of defense similar to the way the Sicilian Mafia use Camorra and N’Drangheta as their defense in Italy.

The Black Mafia Family are an African American Detroit organized crime syndicate involved with the rap industry and have been associated with the rappers Jay Z, T.I., Young Jeezy, and Fabolous who worked with the Black Mafia Entertainment’s Bleu DaVinci. Bleu DaVinci’s cousin is the West Coast rapper Ras Kass. The Black Mafia Family are a proxy for the Detroit Partnership. Dr. Dre runs the Crips in Los Angeles and is worth over 800 million. The rapper the Game is an admitted Blood and runs the Bloods in Los Angeles. Dr. Dre and the Game are both closely connected with G-Unit which are involved with the Bloods and Crips on the East Coast. Snoop Dogg is a high level Crip. Suge Knight is a boss of the Crips and an extremely evil thug. La Cosa Nostra oversees and profits from all these criminal fronts and uses these rappers to manage gangs which operate as their defense.

Jay Z is worth over 800 million and is working with the Genoveses, Colombos, and Chicago Outfit as well as Jewish white collar mobsters and Arab gangsters. Jay Z assisted by providing intel for the killers of Notorious BIG for Jay Z’s plot to take over the New York rap/mafia industry. Tupac and Suge Knight had BIG killed and Jay Z helped them. Tupac then faked his death and moved to Cuba. Jay Z and Beyoncé went to Cuba to have a meeting with Tupac a few years ago.

Lyrical themes in todays Hip Hop are all about materialism, partying, gold chains, brands and sexual debauchery, it also as a backdrop narrative, moves for the destruction of all respect between the sexes to ensure they have a long generation gap in which they can destroy the most potent opposition to the banking dream, the family unit.

In London this year alone, up to April 17 2018, 60 youngsters have been killed in drug wars, the consequence of the back end of Hip Hop on the streets as gangs, and makes up the entire lyrical paradigm of the rap scene, or, it is the lifestyle they moan about in their offerings. In London what you are seeing is the introduction of the platform used in the United States.

Roots of Hip Hop
Afrika Bambaataa born 1957, real name Kevin Donavan, was a member of an organisation from the Bronx called the Black Spades, from which he formed an offshoot called the Bronx River Organisation which morphed into the Universal Zulu Nation, he would lead it as its spiritual idol from the 1970s up to the early 1990s. The organisation operated under a humanitarian agenda claiming to be taking young boys off the streets and out of criminal hands. The main doctrine held by the group is Islamic and moves to have Blacks remember their African roots, in order division be expanded between African Americans and the white establishment.

In essence the very narrative of the Black Hip Hop culture had been planned and formulated by Intelligence agencies, and through the young boys brought into the cult, they could launch the subversive and specifically Black anti-establishment movement down to the street, as the 1970s disenfranchised gangs of New York would rally to the call to arms under the script called :

“Call out the culture that opened the door to your success and destroy it.” See the film The Warriors.

There is no better example of just such a contradiction than in the mighty Mohamed Ali, formerly Cassius Clay, who would throw off what he called his slave name, and run into the arms of the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X, after dismissing the entire white race, or those that opened the door to his talent whom he would thrust into the gutter. The Nation of Islam has interconnections with the script of the Universal Zulu Nation.

In 1982 Bambaataa released what is held to be a Hip Hop anthem called Planet Rock, this in essence gave him the role of Hip Hop icon, which in turn gave huge credence to his subversive philosophy, in most cases without the nature of the man being revealed to his adoring crowd. This would come crashing down in 2016 after allegations of child rape, made by Ronald Savage with a further three more accusers coming forward to solidify the story, Hassan Campbell, Troy, and one who remains unidentified. The allegations suggest a cult like operation, not unlike the recent allegations against R.Kelly, save for the fact, with Kelly, it appears to be girls but with Bambaataa we are speaking of young boys.

In the early 1980s Bambaataa had an association with punk legend Malcolm McLaren. After a meet in New York McLaren was taken by Bambaataa to an underground hip hop block party, McLaren said he was captivated by the whole scene and culture, prompting the release of Buffalo Girls and Double Dutch. He was also an early manager of the cult band Adam & the Ants. Stuart Goddard, the real name of Adam Ant had an interesting father named Alfred Lesley Goddard, he is a convicted paedophile and said to have procured children for the Pimlico set which included Sydney Cook, Jimmy Savile and MP. Leon Brittain, who was a member of Margaret Thatchers cabinet in the 1980s.

Malcolm McLaren also managed the Sex Pistols and Bow Bow Bow and had the 14 year old female singer, Annabella, pose nude for an album cover. McLaren was also said to have persuaded a twelve year old girl to strip naked for a photo shoot. He also published a pop and fashion magazine, backed by the EMI record label called, Play Kids, but was swiftly changed to Chicken, described as pleasure technology for a boy or a girl. Chicken is known to be a codename for young boys.

Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Lydon worked with Bambaataa in 1984 releasing a record called World Destruction, but to be fair to John, the collaboration is looking like an event procured by McLaren. But then again, why should we be fair to John? When the Tavistock claim you as their own… you are owned.

Also connected to this story is rapper, Prodigy, from the crew, Mob Deep, specific to his mentor, Dr Malachi York, another confidant of Bambaataa, things again take a sinister turn, York ran another branch of the Islamic network and is currently in jail for 135 years. On 20 June 2017 Prodigy was found dead in Las Vegas. Many years ago Prodigy began to speak of the elites control over the entertainment industry and accused Jay Z of being a high ranking Freemason. Jay Z of course is married to the equally satanic front, Beyonce or is that Sasha, or I am?

Late 2016 Kanye West on stage in Sacramento, began to speak of Hip Hop Grandmaster Jay Z as his handler, about secret societies controlling the music industry and how Jay Z had sold out his people. The rhetoric is in sync with what Prodigy had said before him. West promptly disappeared into rehab launching rumours that the networks had him whisked off for re-programming.

Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and Superstar DJ Avicii are three names tied to the exposure of the paedophile rings who are no longer in the game.[1]

In yet another twist in the tale of sexual predators and Hip Hop, Eminem is now embroiled in the merry circus of Harvey Weinstein, the high level movie producer who has been accused of a lot of sexual perversions and forced acts upon a plethora of A list actresses. From the image below it would appear old Harvey has his hands in many pies indeed, including the rap legend, Eminem.

Islam has big plans for subverting Black culture, of that there is no doubt. It is time Black people ceased in serving this agenda through the constant hatred of the white race and begin to focus on cause of their angst, because continually spewing the slavery card, which was carried out by African kings and chiefs, who sold their own people to Arabs, Jews, and families connected to the East India and Virginia Companies. All such injustice happened a long time ago. Today is not guilty of the crimes of slavery. Seek out the Puritan for cause.

If you look closely at the position of the Muslim youth in the West, many without prospect, we find a clear link between the young Muslims and the culture we call Hip Hop. Grooming girls, drugs etc, all aspects of the script pushed by political Islam upon the Black culture, which ultimately ends up capturing the Muslim youth in the West by default. Under such auspices political Islam does not require the mosque to program, its out there all over media land.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is and has always been a military adventure, specific to Marconi. As such the BBC is nothing other than a Tavistock Institute platform for social control. 

Coming out of the private Intelligence arena for the East India Companies, what became the Tavistock Institute held centuries of occult knowledge gathered from the global family. But from the end of the 19th century the main discovery that would serve them well concerns child sexuality.

This has a great influence on the development of the personality of the adult.

What they learned was that early sex stimulation produces adults whose emotional development is similar to that of a neurotic child. It is a controlled form of influence that creates arrested development across an entire generation, especially so with the use of radio, television, media and Hollywood, add drugs to that mix and presto…

The evidence clearly shows the BBC has not ceased as the mover of subversion, happy to program the youth with false and debauched ideologies, whilst promoting the script called,  ‘come register as mentally retarded’, as promoted within the corporate school internet platforms by Prince’s William and Harry. This is for the future categorising and organising of the human drone by Artificial Intelligence. The evidence does show that the dark subscript of the Hip Hop scene came down from the very heights of Jewish-German society with the aim of debasing western culture until it merges with the satanic and slavery paradigm of the corporate empire. Your children are the target…

Chris Cornell
Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell was found hung from a door in his Detroit hotel room in May 2017. His death was quickly ruled as a suicide, despite objections by his colleagues and family. Detroit police wrapped up their investigations quickly and the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the death a suicide, but investigators are claiming that unexplained gaps in the official timeline of Cornell’s final moments and suspicious inconsistencies in the records suggest that Cornell’s death was not suicide at all, but a premeditated homicide and cover up.
Just like Avicii, Cornell had witnessed “horrors” perpetrated against children while associating with industry and political elite, and he and his wife created a foundation to prevent the sexual exploitation of vulnerable children.
Close friends of Cornell say that he was shown a “black book” that included the name of one of his professional associates. After setting up his foundation, IfOnly, and investigating further, Cornell was close to exposing a network of pedophiles working within the entertainment industry – a dangerous job that he considered his “duty.”
But his friends believe he was taken out before he finished the job.

Chester Bennington
Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington was found dead in July 2017, just one month after his close friend Cornell. While the official cause of death was also suicide by hanging, his friends, family, and fans expressed outrage at the verdict. Even though it was claimed that Bennington suffered from depression which allegedly led to his suicide, he also suffered horrific sexual abuse as a child from someone he referred to as an “older man.”
Bennington announced weeks before his death that he was about to “go public” with his sexual abuse history. Chester Bennington was a mature, well-adjusted man who had exorcised his demons and had dedicated the rest of his life to fighting for others – including his six children and his godson, Christopher Cornell – and exposing the pedophile ring in entertainment industry.
However evil forces seem determined to shut these kind of people down.

Superstar DJ Avicii
Disturbing links between the death of Avicii and the elite paedophile rings he was working to destroy continue to surface, with friends of the DJ and producer stating the 28-year-old multi-millionaire had dedicated the rest of his life to “protecting vulnerable children” and exposing the international elite predators that “abuse and rape children for sport.”
Swedish superstar DJ Avicii died under suspicious circumstances while in Muscat, Oman, his death rocked the entertainment world. Avicii, born Ted Bergling, was a pioneer of the contemporary EDM scene and a rare DJ capable of selling out arenas around the world.

Jadakiss is working with the Genoeveses. Jadakiss and members of D Block finance block gangs with weapons and drugs all over the East Coast. Styles P is working with the Gambinos, Luccheses, and Arab Mafia. Sheek Louch is working with the Luccheses and Arab Mafia. Fabolous is working with the Rudaj Organization and he is a pimp and human trafficker. Bleu Davinci is working with the Detroit Partnership. The record producer and founder of Motown Records Berry Gordy is also working with the Detroit Partnership and the remnant of the Medici owned Jewish Mafia Purple Gang of Detroit. Juelz Santana is working with remnant of the Medici-Pallavicini owned East Harlem Purple Gang. Cam’ron is working with remnant of the Medici-Pallavicini owned East Harlem Purple Gang. Jim Jones is working with remnant of the Medici-Pallavicini owned East Harlem Purple Gang. Fat Joe is working with the Cuban Mafia. RZA is working with the Five Families, DeCavalcante crime family, Arab Mafia, Asian gangs, and the Irish Mafia. RZA is also a Freemason and Five Percenter. Wu Tang popularized the use of mixing marijuana with crack and PCP. Ghostface Killah. The Italian Mafia have always been involved in the fish market in New York and Ghostface is showing how they move drugs inside the fish. Raekwon is nicknamed the Chef because he got his start cooking cocaine into crack. Raekwon is a Muslim and Five Percenter and likely connected with the Arab Mafia in New Jersey and Cuban Mafia which are major cocaine distributors. Masta Ace is covertly working with RZA who often holds up an ace card in photo shoots. Masta Ace is a high level Freemason and criminal tactician. P Diddy works with the Five Families and Genovese’s Uptown Crew through his early work with Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records. P Diddy is worth over 800 million. I believe P Diddy oversees the East Coast Crips. 50 Cent is a high level New York mobster and is working with Dr. Dre and covertly working with P Diddy. 50 Cent has worked with the boxer Floyd Mayweather. The mafia rig fights for bets. They use bribes, threats, and extortion to get their boxers’ opponent to take a loss. 50 Cent covertly manages both Bloods and Crips on the East Coast. 50 Cent, Eminem, and Dr. Dre are overseen by the Italian white collar mobster Jimmy Iovine. 50 Cent is ruthless and murderous. To name a few.

I don’t want to go too much in depth in this article, I mainly want to inspire people to think critically and to sow some seeds.

-- As Usual:  Do your own research.

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