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Foreign Corporate Governments and the DOG-LATIN effect. Deceiving the people

I AmOct 4, 2019, 10:09:58 PM

The Science Of English: (Grammar) May Over-Rule All Presumptions. (False impressions)

1  This is an interesting insight into how foreign, private corporate governments are deceiving the people of the western world into a “not guilty plea” when the guilty plea may be the only grammatically correct thing to do. It appears that this governing system is meant for the ignorant and illiterate in order to control such masses. No matter how much we try and fight the system for its crimes against you, if you are ignorant to the grammatical rules of the written text used on documents, you will never beat such a system. You have been DOGGED by the Egyptian DOG-MAN-SYMBOL: Anubis, Egyptian Gods of the UNDERWORLD.

Anubis, one of the Gods of the Underworld, in charge of preserving the body on the slim chance that the dead come back to life. the DOG-LATIN text is found on the tomb stones of a grave. Dog Latin is the “engraved image” on the tomb, the written text of the dead. It is debased Latin, appearing as a written sign language without the hyphens. Written Sign, subject to the grammatical rules of Latin, appears in ALL UPPERCASE TEXT LIKE THIS.

2  This concept is in relation to the DOG-LATIN find, being the debased Latin text appearing on Governmental documents. It very well may work like this:

3  DOG-LATIN: Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition:
4  Proper Latin (SIGN) appears “IN-THIS-HYPHENATED-FORMAT”, under the correct grammatical rules of LATIN-TEXT: Identified in the: Chicago Manual of Styles, Sixteenth Edition: FOREIGN LANGUAGES: 11:147, Sample Given.

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5  “WHEN THIS TYPE OF ALL UPPERCASE TEXT APPEARS ON A DOCUMENT”  being what appears to be “Dog Latin”, (Latin all uppercase text appearing under the grammatical rules of English) such a text does not destroy the vitality of such a document! Refer to GRAMMA FALSA NON VITATE CHARTAM: Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition: (Below). It is saying that the document “Is what it is” in its grammatical standing, meaning, that the document is grammatically saying nothing when such a document is appearing in the corrupt “DOG-LATIN” text. The fact stands as stating that the bad grammar does not destroy such a document, it renders such a document as it “grammatically” stands. Another way to look at it is that its true correct grammatical meaning is telling you that such a document is what it is, it is not destroyed, . (If the writer constructs a bad grammatical document, the document is not bad, it appears as it grammatically appears, such a dogged document is a reflection of the the poor ability of the “bad” writer of such a document, or an act of the writer to deceive his fellow man by using grammatical tricks in order to hide something).

When: “Commonwealth Of Australia“, appears on paper as: “COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA” the grammatical fact is saying that its translation into English appears as: “Commonwealth. Of. Australia.” and not: “Commonwealth Of Australia”. (Notice the full stops) Only an ignorant false impression would render such a presumption as the true correct: “Commonwealth Of Australia” (This will apply to all western nations.) Be aware that a clever grammatical writer may have the grammatical ability to write a document that gives a false impression of something that grammatically does not exist in fact. Such a false impression tendered as something other than what it truly is, could be deemed as a counterfeit if one is attempting to “Pass it Off” as something other than its grammatical facts. A counterfeit is simply the act of passing something off that is false for something that is real.

6  So where is the “deception” one may ask, when its not in the grammar? The deception relates to the “false impression” that a document appearing in DOG-LATIN, (Or contains ALL UPPERCASE TEXT usurped into such a document) is something other than what it truly appears to be. If the reader assumes such a document to be something other than the grammatical fact, than such a reader’s “ignorance” to English Grammar is his own downfall in defining the grammatical facts appearing on such a document. (The Grammatical standing of the document is always what it is) Ones ignorance is ones downfall. Ignorance is no excuse in law and if you “ignorantly” assume that you can read, when in fact your grammatical ability may be poor, than you may be in danger by being subject to the grammatical ability of those that possess an immoral intention in order to deceive the ignorant masses into assuming such a false document to be true… As you can see, its never the fault of the document itself, the fault appears with the ignorant perception of such a document.

Don’t forget, this is also a warning against the one who constructs such a DOGGED document that contains a foreign text for immoral purpose, the risk of a clever grammatical writer constructing such a document that intends to deceive, falls upon the one that constructed such a document, meaning, he who creates owns, rendering the author of such a deceptive document to be the one liable for it in the end.
Who would have ever assumed that “THIS TYPE OF ALL UPPERCASE TEXT WAS NOT ENGLISH”. People have become so ignorant that they will even argue the point that THIS TEXT IS ENGLISH, and why? because they “assume” that they can read it! …. however, grammatically, it reads as something other than what is normally assumed, such all upper case text is a symbolic text, its a “sign” and in relation to article 11:147 of the Chicago Manual of Styles, such all uppercase text is American Sign Language, without the hyphens between each word (SIGN), rendering such all uppercase text “APPEARING LOOKING LIKE THIS” to be the debased immoral criminal: Dog Latin.

Why Courts love the “Not Guilty Plea”

Not Guilty, creates the “Conflict”, giving the foreign corporate State, (Your quasi corporate foreign government) the ability to engage in War. (Warrant: War-Rant) … Not Guilty, is an “acceptance” of the charge and an intention to “Defend” rendering such a governing state to assume that you have accepted the corrupt charge, dogged in Dog Latin, and that you intend to defend it. The Guilty Plea, forces the State to prove its charge against you to be valid, causing the State to be subjected to the “Error in the name”.  No “charge” can be issued to a “creditor”, its impossible! … Only a “debtor” can accept the charge in a corporate governing system. If the debtor becomes aware that such a charge is corrupt, such a charge will fall back upon the one that created it so the “not guilty” plea saves the state from its own fraud.

7  If the Courts and the Enforcement agencies of such courts start to enforce the wrong presumption of a grammatical fact of a document, than the court is making the error, it is uttering, by tendering a false document and as long as the court knows that the defendant is ignorant of such an error, the court needs a “Not Guilty Plea” in relation to a grammatically DOGGED document in order to safely proceed without risk. The “not guilty plea” is your ignorant “acceptance” of the error confirmed by your acceptance that you intend to defend. The plea of “not guilty” is the consent that you agree to the false presumption of the content of the charge sheet and you agree to defend the “Presumed” charge. (The charge, dogged in DOG-LATIN, grammatically does not exist) however, if your understood the true  grammatical appearance of such a document, your guilty plea is simply saying that you are guilty to nothing, because, grammatically speaking, the charge never existed.

7B:  The not “guilty plea” also gives the presumption that you agree to be governed and adjudicated by such a private foreign corporate banking system (Tribunal) alien to your true de-jure common law government. Its Treason in the true fact but lucky for you, you were unaware that such a foreign private corporate government has secretly usurped itself into your real common law government and has deceived you into the false presumption that your government is real when in fact it is a foreign criminal counterfeit. This has been done by keeping you illiterate and ignorant to the true rules of your own written language, grammar and its Latin roots.

Crime of Uttering:

8  If you are forced to act as a defendant of a foreign corporate “charge” against your will (Coercion) and then make the plea as “guilty”, or “Guilty to the Fact”, than the court must determine if the one pleading is aware of the grammatical standing “facts” of the document itself, because a charge dogged in: DOG-LATIN is grammatically saying nothing, there is no charge so a “guilty plea” is an agreement to a document that has no charge appearing. (Why? because its been poisoned by the poisonous gloss that corrupts the essence of the text: DOG-LATIN) But what is the danger for the Court: Such a court is tendering (Dealing with or passing off) a false document and that in itself is criminal, that is uttering. (AttachedBlacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition.

This type of conduct is found more in relation to foreign private banks acting as Governments and Police, when in fact, they are not. Such private banks acting as Government are de-facto or counterfeit governments.

9  The only way the court can proceed to charge you with anything is that you agree to the false impression of such a charge because the charge sheet document grammatically becomes the fact that there is no charge. (Refer to Deception: Attached: Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition)

10  The deception relates to someone attempting to deceive another person in relation to a false presumption other than the fact. If the grammatical facts state that a Charge sheet from the Court dogged in DOG-LATIN grammatically states nothing, but the Court attempts to portray a false presumption in relation to such a document that states nothing, than the deception is from whoever owns the Court. If you are aware of the Grammatical facts relating to such a charge, or you are forced to deal with such a document that you know that is grammatically stating that there is no charge because it is Dogged (Corrupted), than the Court (STATE) is than at fault and stands as the criminal for enforcing a false presumption. (Uttering a forged document)

11  Re: The  GRAMMA FALSA NON VITATE CHARTAM, (Above) There is no corruption of the document, it is simply stating that the document is what it is, its grammatical meaning hides nothing, its Grammar is telling you everything Re: The true grammatical fact!. (Its true grammatical standing in fact) The document hides nothing but your own ignorance causes your lack of ability to see the deception relating to the false impression you have of such a document. The false world of corruption is the occult “flat Earth” world of Babylon and if you become a “citizen” of such a world, (Hold any account dogged in DOG-LATIN), such as a Driver License or a Passport, or Bank Card, you have become a “citizen” of such a false quasi dogged world and you become “subject” to the false presumptions conferred to you by such a criminal occult corrupt world being: Babylon.
So Where Is The Deception?

12  So Where Is The Deception: Re: Deception (Attachment): The “deception” is the “false impression” other than what such a document is grammatically appearing as. The corruption and deception relates to the “wrong impression” of the true correct grammatical facts. The document is what it is but the one who deceives is the one who is attempting to create a false impression to the grammatical true facts. Such a person is the one taking the “risk” that the masses are unaware that “THIS TYPE OF DOG LATIN FOREIGN TEXT” was nether LATIN or English.
DOG-LATIN has no jurisdiction with either Latin or English if appearing on the same document with Latin text or English text, so what is it doing on Court and Police and Banking Documents?. It is the jurisdiction of BABYLON, the “debtor” of the VATICAN.

13  If this is organized, such as an entity that enforces the false impression of a fact, being a fraud, than such an organization could be classed as a: Racketeering Organization, taking, lands, things, property and money-wealth from people under a false presumption and backed up by threat, intimidation, torture etc. Such crimes attract twenty year imprisonment to life sentences in a common law standing. If the foreign state Police service is a private organization registered to DUN & BRADSTREET, being a foreign entity, that is hard to find and operating its courts and charges under a DOG-LATIN deception in order to charge people for rights that already exist, such as freedom to travel in an automobile on public lands, than are all people involved with such an entity are criminal racketeer’s subject to life in prison or even death.
Blacks Law Dictionary: 4th Edition:

Is This For Limited Liability?
14  So what is Limited Liability? this is where the STATE has conferred the presumptions (In a TRUST format) to the Office Holders of the State, such as, the Police and the Judges. The Judge is paid a lot of money because it is with his liability, relating to his legal training and grammatical ability to deceive you, on behalf of the foreign private company he serves that enables him to hold that office with success. (Nothing but a Pirate) The liability is no longer with the STATE when the Judge has agreed to hold the Office of Deception. The Judge should be skilled enough in order to identify a man that knows the grammatical facts of a document in order that such a judge  knows when to back away from attempting to confer a false charge upon someone and if such a Judge pushes such a matter by force, or threats or intimidation, it is with such a Judge that the liability will lie.

(The grammatical standing of the document he is trying to deceive you with, will never change, it becomes the evidence of the deception) If the one who is being charged sees the grammatical problem where the Police Racketeering Organization have attempted to tender such a false deceptive DOGGED instrument (DOG-LATIN), the Judge can burn the Police or illegally and unlawfully burn the one who is aware of the Fraud-Deception. If the JUDGE makes the mistake, liability will fall on him and the STATE may be unharmed, limiting the liability from the foreign STATE he serves, being the grantee and the administrator of such a deception. A good judge will know when to back down if the grammatical facts are endangering the false impression of a charge that does not grammatically exist. If the Corporate Police (UNIDROIT-DOGS) confer a charge to a man that was not the holder of the Babylonian dogged accounts appearing in DOG-LATIN, (Such as a Driver License with your name dogged into DOG-LATIN) the Judge has no option but to burn either himself of the Police that mistakenly conferred such an account to the “wrong man”. He will burn the ignorant officer that “applied” to act as the UNIDROIT DOG within the Babylonian society of the dogs. (Babylonian account holders)

As you can see, any document housing the DOG-LATIN all uppercase hyphenated text is appearing with two distinct different languages, rendering translation to be needed and as the Chicago Manual of Styles confirms. Not only that but there is no jurisdiction between the two languages appearing on such a document. If the written charge or the name or any part of such a document appears in All Uppercase Text, that is the “SIGN” that such all uppercase text is rendering something “spurious”. The fact that Dog Latin is debased Latin renders such text as: Criminal, Immoral, and as a counterfeit. (Enter at own risk)
If you are not aware of the “difference” between “THIS TEXT“, and “THIS-TEXT” and “This text” than you are as good as legally dead! …. “This is the director” and “THIS-IS-THE-ADMINISTRATOR” and “THIS IS THE DEBTOR TRUSTEE” being the Ledger, (A ledger is the slab on a tomb stone) and DOG-LATIN is the text on the tombs in the “Graveyard”
Summing Up:

15  The deception appears in order to plunder the sovereign STATE, (You) by making you believe that you are “still” the true de-jure STATE but while they have conferred a false foreign debt LEDGER (Trust name appearing in a name that looks like you) upon you without your understanding, then plundering “their” account LEDGER, that looks like your name that you are unwittingly “holding” as the legal “trustee”, giving them the legal ability to plunder the Mineral and Energy assets to your sovereign STATE. This is done by offering you the sealed: “LEDGER”

(Sealed in an Article) in a foreign dogged DOG-LATIN language that you have assumed to be common law English, when in fact, such a written text is neither English or the official language of the VATICAN. being: “Latin”.  The moment you open (Unseal) such an article, you become the “holder” of a foreign private account LEDGER, and you are no longer assumed as the aggregate of the Sovereign “common law State”, you become the trustee of their foreign LEDGER that looks like your name, rendering your Sovereign State as the “Surety” of their LEDGER that looks like your name that has been DOGGED into DOG-LATIN, that you are unwittingly holding as the trustee of a foreign STATE. Deceived by your own ignorance of Grammar and Latin and English.

15B  Dog Latin is a third party text, now known as “DOG-LATIN” (Attached), being an immorality, a debased declension of the real version of Latin. Grammatical rules of Latin and English states that grammatically, DOG-LATIN, is what it is: being: NOTHING but an immoral act.

And the Standard English version of Dog Latin:

16  DOG-LATIN is a debased form of Latin, so look at the meaning of the word “debased” in the standard Dictionary: Words such as Criminal and Corrupt appear. If DOG-LATIN appears on Government or police and Court Documents, than is the grammatical fact stating that such documents are Corrupt and Criminal, subjecting such a Court, their Police and Government as a Racketeering Criminal Corrupt entity?

17  Now you see how important it is that Corporate Foreign Governments of the New World Order, must hide the grammatical and Latin knowledge from the masses. Knowledge of grammar and Latin may open your eyes to the facts of what is really happening right under your nose…
18  So it may not be the GLOSSA (Symbolic Text) that is the problem, it may be the Poisonous gloss that corrupts the real meaning of the text, being:

DOG-LATIN, the debased form of Latin that uses the English Grammatical Rules
and not the proper Latin Grammatical rules that gives us the false impression that “THIS TYPE OF TEXT IS ENGLISH” when in its true grammatical fact, it is “NOTHING” … Justice: JUST-ICE… melts away into nothing.