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Fascist Boule Society

Luminous⚖️SovereignJun 24, 2018, 9:47:43 AM

The Boule Society or Sigma Pi Phi is the highest level African American secret society inside the United States and it works with Prince Hall Freemasonry and the Black Hebrew Israelite Movement. This Greek based organization also works closely with the Nation of Islam and Five Percent Nation. The Boule Society is extremely racist and uses racism as a weapon for divide and conquer. Boules are bullies. They are Black Nazis and they are involved with pedophilia and human sacrifice and they specifically target white people. Members of the Boule Society absolutely hate white people and have insane superiority complexes. Boule was founded in Philadelphia which is its true headquarters today despite its officially recognized headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Several high level members come from Philadelphia. The Boule also operates in Chicago and Baltimore. The Boule branch called Alpha Phi Alpha is at the University of Illinois where the wealthy co-founder of BET or Black Entertainment Robert L. Johnson attended.

Imagine if there was a channel called White Entertainment that excluded black people and how people would react. Jesse Jackson also went to the University of Illinois. Jada Pinkett Smith is from Baltimore and is a Boule member and Scientologist. She is pure evil. The Boule Society uses a Sphynx with a woman’s head as their symbol because they are matriarchal. Oprah Winfrey is the Queen of the Boule and she has connections with Chicago where her Oprah Winfrey Show was located and also has ties with Baltimore where she first started in local news. Oprah Winfrey has raped, murdered and cannibalized at least dozens of white children. That is what a sacrifice refers to. That is what is really going on. The white Nazis which the Boules serve rape, murder, and cannibalize black people. Oprah and her friend Gayle King were involved in staging Sandy Hook. Kobe Bryant is from Philadelphia and is a member of the Boule which is why he has been selected as an athletic star. Michael Jordan and Dwyane Wade are from Chicago and members of the Boule Society. Will Smith is the Prince of the Boule and he is from Philadelphia along with his friend DJ Jazzy Jeff and both of them are sadistically racist and use electronic weapons on society through the Church of Scientology.

They worked with Quincy Jones during the show Fresh Prince of Bel Air who is from Chicago. Quincy Jones is a very high level member and he helped to established the We Are the Future Project which was started in Rome and financed by the World Bank. We Are the Future is a fake charity that claims to help children in conflict areas while it really is about enabling sex trafficking of children. Quincy Jones is pure evil. Kanye West is from Chicago and is a member of the Boule.

The Grand Lodges of England and Scotland oversee Prince Hall Freemasonry which is headquartered in Massachusetts and is run by Yves Maignan, Jeffrey M. Coaston, Timothy R. Downes, Gerland Thaxton III, Ricardo Anderson, and Robert J. Parks as the Prince Hall leadership. Tracy Martin is the father of Trayvon Martin and he is a Prince Hall Freemason. The Trayvon Martin shooting was a staged to spread racial division.

The leaders of Boule call themselves Archons. Boule and Archon are ancient Greek terms for a form of government. Barack Obama is a Shriner Freemason and likely a member of the Boule or Prince Hall Freemason. Barack Obama sacrificed Miriam Carey by orchestrating her death with electronic mind control weapons. Miriam Carey claimed Obama was communicating to her. Obama’s friend Jay Z is connected with the Boule and also a member of the Nation of Islam as well as being the top crime boss for the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. Jay Z is a mafia boss and also runs his own secret society called the Roc Nation which uses a pyramid like hand sign.

Beyoncé is a child murdering pedophile and associate of the Boule. Early on Jay Z signed rappers Beanie Siegel and Freeway to his record label and they are both from Philadelphia and associated with organized crime. LeBron James is a member of Jay Z’s Roc Nation and can be seen throwing up the Roc hand sign. LeBron James is terroristic murderer and racist and likely a member of the Boule and is an idol in the Black Hebrew Israelite movement. LeBron James is involved in human sacrifice and both LeBron and Dwayne Wade rape teenage girls and boys and especially white girls. The NBA player James Harden is a member of the Boule and extremely evil. All secret societies are involved in gang stalking, pedophilia, human trafficking, and human sacrifice.

Cassidy is a rapper from Philadelphia that was involved with a murder which he got off on his criminal charges. Cassidy and his associates run a organized crime group that operates as a strong arm for the Boule Society in Philadelphia. Cassidy is a relentless persecutor. The Boule Society in Atlanta, Georgia works with organized crime and rappers like T.I. and Lil Wayne. Most popular rappers run mafias or street gangs and use their businesses as a fronts for money laundering and drug trafficking. They also provide criminal services for white collar criminals including sex trafficking. Boule is involved with the Black Hebrew Israelite Movement and Nation of Islam with its offshoot the Five Percent Nation which are all black supremacist organizations. 50 Cent or Curtis Jackson and P Diddy which are involved with organized crime seem to be Prince Hall Freemasons and closely work with the Boule Society. Janet Jackson is a very high level witch and an associate of the Boule. The Boule Society uses race as a weapon and uses Jay Z to finance racist propaganda to spread division in society.

Jay Z should be investigated for money laundering and financing corruption. This whole group along with other secret societies are involved in atrocious crimes including pedophilia, human trafficking, and murder. The motivation of these groups is to enslave white people as slaves. They hold a grudge against all white people for the actions of a small portion of whites which were slave owners. In fact the word slave derives from the Slavic people of Europe who were trafficked by Latins and Arabs for thousands of years.

The Boule Society is a mixture of brainwashed racists along with pretend racists using racism as a weapon to manipulate and divide society. This group has been targeting me relentlessly with harassment, gang stalking, slander, and extremely racist and offensive attacks against just me for being white. The Boule Society is a Greek fraternity which is overseen by the House of Glucksburg which is the Greek royal family. Most of the Germans and Venetian noble families were former Byzantine nobility and were the ones that ran the African slave industry. Some German nobility with Byzantine ancestry are involved with overseeing Greek fraternities. The Bush family were the Vatatzes family of the Byzantine. George Walker Bush’s ancestor was Thomas Walker a British slave trader.

The Greek merchants have always dominated the shipping industry and work closely with British merchants. It was Greco-British mariners that ran the Atlantic Slave Trade and these same families are running Freemasonry and Greek fraternities including the Boule Society. It was African kings that sold their own people to these slave traders for gold. Black supremacist Boule members are working under white supremacists although Boule members claim they run everything in society and claim they are at the very top which is not true. Racism is used as a psychological weapon usually incorporating sadism, dehumanization, and humiliation which these members get off to. Forced integration of different races and cultures is used to destroy individualism, culture, and race on all sides. All secret societies are involved in sadism.

Will Smith and Tupac Shakur who faked his death are the most destructive and evil members of this group that I have come across. Tupac is a member of the Black Panther Party. They have the most extreme superiority complexes. When the Boule Society and Prince Hall Freemasons get exposed they staged shootings in the media to promote racial division. Wesley Coleman, Gregory J. Vincent, Samuel Bacote III, Michael Bruno, Kenneth Edwards, Khephra Burns are the head of the Boule Society headquartered in Atlanta. In Baltimore which is the real head of Boule and called Alpha Phi Alpha it is headed up by the Board Members; Everett B. Ward, Densel Fleming, Lucien J. Metellus, Willis L. Lonzer III, Kelsey Rushing, Tarrynce Robinson, Jamie R. Riley, Donald E. Jackson, Harold Daniels, III, James Johnson, Nicholas W. Collins, Ja’Von Long, Andre Sterling, and Mark S. Tillman. The Boule are murderous bullies that have extreme alpha or superiority complexes and their goal is enslavement of white people mostly for the purpose of sex slavery.

I don’t want to go too much in depth in this article, I mainly want to inspire people to think critically and to sow some seeds.

-- As Usual:  Do your own research.

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