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Despotic Princes

I amDec 4, 2018, 11:42:25 AM

rince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy is a high authority over royals and nobles. He is a Freemasonic Sion Templar. He has command over Sionist Templar Freemasons and various mafioso connected with the Genovese crime family and Camorra. Sionist Templars use the white cross symbol like the Swiss flag and Savoy coat of arms. The Savoys also work with a branch of the Order of Saint Lazarus with many French bankers as members and they work with the World Bank. The Savoy family have high authority in Switzerland and have large amounts of wealth concealed in private Swiss banks. Sion is a city in Switzerland. Prince Emanuele Filiberto is extremely narcissistic and vain. He hates real men because he was raped by his faggot pedophile father Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy who tries to shame people to deflect from his shame of being a pedophile, cannibal, and transvestite lover. Royals, nobles, and their agents involved with this satanic vanity bathe in human blood and usually the blood of children or young adults.

The Aponte family of Switzerland and Italy own Mediterranean Shipping Company which runs an international human trafficking operation. The Aponte family serves the House of Savoy. The royals and nobles drink human blood. The Savoy family have many French agents involved in wineries which also traffic human blood and adrenochrome through high end wine bottles. The Savoy family are deeply involved with the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church does mock rituals of drinking human blood and eating human flesh. It is their attempt at incorporating people into their wickedness. Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy is the Prince of Venice. Venice was a major center for merchants and bankers and many top bankers and merchants in Europe were Venetians like the Guggenheims and Warburgs. Prince Emanuele Filiberto incites irrational envy in secret societies to motivate their attacks. Prince Emanuele Filiberto claims he is Jesus and his father claims to be Jehovah. The Savoys are ruthless to the deepest degree imaginable.

Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta is a high level royal and commander over Freemasons and Sion Templars. Prince Aimone drinks human blood and adrenochrome. The white cross represents to them adrenochrome because it is pure adrenaline rather than adrenaline filled blood. His wife is Princess Olga from the Greek House of Glucksburg and she is a child murdering pedophile cannibal. Prince Aimone is the Duke of Apulia and has portion of authority over the Apulian Mafia which are in Israel and New Jersey as well as Italy. The Apulian Mafia dominate over human trafficking in southern Italy and have an operation in Bari, Italy with the Albanian Mafia. Antonio Decaro is the mayor of Bari. The Parisi, Mercante-Diomede, and Capriati crime families operate in Bari and create a defense for the human traffickers. Some Apulian Mafia clans established themselves in Israel by converting to Judaism and migrating there after WWII. The Aldobrandini family are Dukes of Brindisi in Apulia and they are married with the Rothschilds and part owners of the Apulian Mafia. The Apulian Mafia also established themselves in New Jersey early on which is a major human trafficking center in the United States. Kevin O’Toole, Jeffrey Lynford, and Rick Cotton manage the NY and NJ Port Authority and are enabling the mafia’s human trafficking.

Raymond Pocino is another commissioner for the NY and NJ Port Authority and a link to the Italian Mafia through his connections with labor unions and construction. The rapper RZA lives in New Jersey and is a 33rd degree Freemason and commander over black street gangs and AVLN gangs in NJ which create a defense for human traffickers. The Savoy-Aosta family ruled in Aosta which is somewhat separate from the government of Italy. Aosta is a small region along the Swiss border and surrounded by mountains. Prince Aimone’s father is a very high level Freemason. I believe both of the Savoy families manage the Knights of Saint Thomas which are British Catholic knights which use a white cross as their symbol as well as manage the Freemasonic Order of Saint Thomas of Acon. The pedophile actor Tom Hanks is a top member of the Freemasonic Order of Saint Thomas of Acon because he was a Roman Catholic and is a Freemason. Tom Hanks’s wife Rita Wilson is Greek just as Prince Aimone’s wife is Princess Olga from the Greek House of Glucksburg. These are variants of the Sionist Templars. Prince Aimone and his cousin Prince Emanuele Filiberto specialize in quietness. They are covert and silent while maintaining control and this keeps attention off of them. Master Masons claim to be unseen and that is because they are quiet.

Prince Lorenzo de Medici-Tornaquinci-Foscari is probably the most evil prince and most evil person on the planet or close to it. Prince Lorenzo is a little psychotic zealot that has an extreme god complex. He is highly destructive and specializes in brainwashing women into becoming sexual cannibals. Prince Lorenzo is a faggot, pedophile, cannibal, sadist, and tormentor. I am not calling him a faggot because he is gay which he is but because he is a violent rapist who targets other men and mostly little boys. He manages Hermeticists and Kabbalists as well as secret societies of transvestites and transsexuals. He is the head of the gay mafia which really does exist and runs the fashion industry. The rapper P Diddy is a member of the gay mafia through the fashion industry and his Sean John clothing line. The Medici family are extremely wealthy and were the most powerful bankers in Europe for centuries. They are one of the families that financed the creation of the Rothschilds.

Many French billionaires work for the House of Medici like the Hermes and Dreyfus families as well as the Gucci family of Florence. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is an extremely evil child murdering witch and sadist that works under the Medicis and commands a national Wiccan cult. She is ruthless. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has often promoted abortion. I understand there are some reasons a woman might need to have an abortion but these people promote it constantly like its some normal thing every woman does. They eat babies. That is why they promote abortion so much. There is a higher level Medici branch called the House of Medici of Ottajano and they manage Prince Lorenzo like a weapon. His mother is Princess Elisabetta de Medici-Tornaquinci-Foscari and she is a ruthless child murdering witch and sadist. Prince Lorenzo is paying one of his boyfriends to pretend to be him while he uses an online alias. His mother Elisabetta is also using a fake to pose as her. This is the real Prince Lorenzo de Medici-Tornaquinci-Foscari.

Prince Edouard de Ligne is a high level commander over secret societies. Prince Edouard is outrageously narcissistic and is involved in drinking blood, bathing in blood, and also cannibalism. He is a greedy and zealous liar. Prince Edouard has an extreme god complex and is the type of person that would murder millions of people with no remorse if it fueled his vanity and ego. Prince Edouard pretends he is an omnipotent god that is controlling everything and his followers psychotically attack people while they claim to control them. It is the most evil psychological attack they use. The reality is that Prince Edouard’s wife is a transvestite that dominates him with a strap on and this makes him insecure which then makes him act like a psychotic narcissist that pretends to be all powerful to make up for this insecurity. Isabella Orsini serves the Orsini family. The Ligne family are married with the Brazilian House of Orleans-Braganza and they finance South American cartels which traffic drugs, weapons, and also human beings.

The House of Ligne have large amounts of wealth obtained through fraudulent tax contracts between the United States and the Kingdom of Belgium. They also own a gold and diamond mining company. Prince Edouard’s wife is the Italian actress Isabella Orsini and she is a child murdering cannibal and blood drinker. She is a covert relative of the Orsini family of Rome which are part owners of the Vatican. Her godfather is the wicked Italian billionaire and mafia associate Silvio Berlusconi. The royals and nobles as well as their agents in secret societies bathe in human blood. In the Bible they call people sheep and it says “”And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” Revelation 7:14, KJV. The Bible is filled with satanic and occultic metaphors involving murder, human sacrifice, blood drinking, cannibalism, and gang stalking. A father named Jephthah even sacrifices his own daughter in the Bible.

Prince Edouard de Ligne should be burned alive. He is a murderous disease of violent narcissism. The Lignes which are married with the Brazilian House of Orleans-Braganza have been financing an international human trafficking operation of Brazilian and South American children.


Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg the hereditary Grand Duke and financial overseer of human sacrifices and works under his father Grand Duke Henri. The Nassau-Weilberg royal family are extremely wealthy bankers and operate as the NWO’s treasurers and overseers of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund or IMF. They are part owners of various banks in Luxembourg and are part owners of the EU’s European Investment Bank as members of the EU and rulers of Luxembourg. They have business connections with the wealthy Arab House of Thani which recently owned some banks in Luxembourg. They have agents working at the IMF and World Bank. They are also married with the Torlonia family of Rome which are the Vatican’s treasurers as owners of Banco Fucino. Prince Guillaume’s uncle also named Prince Guillaume worked for the IMF and his great uncle Prince Charles of Luxembourg was married to the daughter of the United States Secretary of the Treasury.

The royal family of Luxembourg is also married with the royal family of Liechtenstein which own a major international bank and they are also married in with various Belgian royals and nobles like the Saxe Coburg and Gothas, Lignes and Lannoys. Prince Guillaume’s wife is Princess Stephanie de Lannoy of Belgian nobility and she is a psychotic tormentor. The name Lannoy refers to annoy and harass. She is a vicious mental tormentor that has access to neuro computer interface technologies. She is a child murdering sadist and cannibal. Prince Guillaume’s mother is the Cuban Maria Teresa the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg  or born as  María Teresa Mestre and Batista. She is a covert relative of the Batista dictator family that ruled Cuba and she is extremely oppressive and murderous. The royal family of Luxembourg is married with the Bourbon-Parma family which have residences in Florida and are part owners of the Trafficante crime family of Florida and Cuba. Prince Guillaume is by title of a Prince of Bourbon-Parma. The Trafficante crime family are human traffickers. The royal family of Luxembourg have connections to trillions of dollars and are major financiers of human traffickers and child murderers. They have no regard for human life. Prince Guillaume is subservient to evil women like his wife and mother.

His mother Grand Duchess Maria Teresa needs to be killed right now.


Prince Joachim of Austria-Este is a high level Belgian noble and is a member of the Belgian Navy. Prince Joachim is a blood drinking terrorist and cannibal. The Austria-Este family are a powerful Italian and Austrian nobility which have married in with the Belgian royal family. The Este family has ruled in Brunswick, Bavaria, Reggio, and Modena. They are related with the Hanovers through their ancient Welf ancestry. The Austria-Este branch are merged with the House of Habsburg. All these connections make this bloodline powerful and they are really wealthy. Prince Joachim’s father is Prince Lorenz and he is a Swiss banker as a managing partner for Gutzwiller Bank located in Basel, Switzerland which is near the Bank for International Settlements also located in Basel. Prince Lorenz is a covert manager of the Bank for International Settlements which is in contract with most of the major central banks around the world.

This is the primary bank that is financing the NWO agenda. Prince Joachim and his father Prince Lorenz get intoxicated off adrenaline filled human blood and mentally terrorize people. The Bank for International Settlements is the modern day Tower of Babel or Babble. The Austria-Estes manage babbling shills which spread confusion and harass people by babbling nonsense at them or spreading gossip about people. Belgium is a headquarters for the European Union which financed the Human Brain Project based in Geneva Switzerland. The Human Brain Project develops robotics, artificial intelligence, and brain simulator systems similar to GENISIS and NEURON. They plug their brains into computers and run these systems which function like a synthetic cybernetic telepathy and their brain waves are then emitted through most modern electronics which can then hack into other people’s brains and physiology. When they are intoxicated off adrenaline filled blood they are extremely intense and psychotic.

Prince George Friedrich of Prussia is a Nazi cult commander and New Age Freemasonic brainwasher. The Hohenzollerns use the masonic black and white checkerboard for their coat of arms. New Age uses a false black and white duality to brainwash people. Prince George Friedrich is really evil and narcissistic. He thinks he is a god or the Holy Spirit or something. He is just a sub human that commands Nazis and fascists. He has high authority over the Bank for International Settlements and uses this criminal bank to finance gang stalking, black ops mercenaries, and directed energy attacks. Prince George Friedrich drinks human blood and is a military commander and tactician for evil.

The royals and nobles have access to neuro-computer interface technologies and can essentially radiate their psychotic consciousnesses into the air and target people through systems like HAARP and electronics. These psychopaths are deluding people into thinking that exposing their depravity enables it. This is how insane they are. It is called the placebo effect. They believe something because it pleases them to believe it. It has nothing to do with reality. They claim exposing their human trafficking, blood drinking, and cannibalism is enabling them to further do what they were already doing before it was exposed. Their logic is entirely false and they know it is. They don’t care. Its exactly like saying if I reported an armed robber to the police that I am enabling armed robbers. They are psychotic, arrogant, and fascist liars.

These princes and their families are radiating constant denial spells through the electronics in regards to this article. The royals and nobles are murderers, blood drinkers, cannibals, and sexual sadists. They really are and like most criminals are denying their crimes.


Arthur Wellesley the Earl of Mornington is a high level British noble and is a military commander over Freemasons and Dutch Crown agents. He is extremely militant and drinks human blood and adrenochrome. His mother is Princess Antonia of Prussia so he is closely related to the House of Hohenzollern. The Wellesley family gained power as military generals during the Napoleonic wars and became the Princes of Waterloo for defeating Napoleon. They fought alongside the Prussian military and also fought for the Dutch Crown. The Wellesley family which are British are really loyal to the Dutch Crown rather than the British Crown. The family are also merchants and do business at the City of London Corporation. Arthur Wellesley previously worked for Bain & Company. Bain Capital branched off from Bain & Company with Mitt Romney as a co-founder and first CEO.

The Romney Barons in the UK were the ones that invited the Dutch royal family to take over the UK. Arthur Wellesley currently works as a partner for Oakley Capital. The Wellesley family have high authority over many major investment firms and banks including Bain Capital, Oakley Capital, and Wells Fargo. I explained that the Romney family are connected with the Colonna family in an earlier article. Bain Capital is headquartered in Boston where the Boston crime family are located. The Boston crime family also have a known operation in New Haven, Connecticut where the Colonna family’s Knights of Columbus and the Skull and Bones are headquartered. Bain Capital is financing a large human trafficking operation at the ports in New Haven and bribing police and Skull and Bones paramilitary to enable the mafia’s human trafficking operation. Evan Matthews is the head of the Port Authority there and enabling all of this along with his Jesuit associate Nancy DiNardo. Arthur Wellesley has an extreme god complex and is one of the highest level nobles in the UK. He is a financier of human trafficking. He is a violent and militant faggot as well as selfish, egotistical, and greedy.

Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover is a commander over various secret societies including Nazi cults. Prince Ernest is involved with cannibalism and sexual sadism and financing this depravity. The primary objective of the NWO and its members is to enslave humanity so they can treat a portion of their intended slaves as cattle. That is what it is all about. The royals and nobles have underground chambers beneath their fortified castles where they make human sacrifices. Many of them also have underground tunnels. They use mafia style tactics to control politicians, police, and government officials in their regions. The Hanovers are major human traffickers and the real head of the family is Princess Caroline of Hanover who is of the House of Grimaldi through birth.

They finance secret societies because they create a defense for the royals. The House of Hanover have large amounts of wealth through their court agent billionaires which run major corporations. The Hanovers developed the Hanseatic League of merchants in the Holy Roman Empire. Many billionaires and merchants work for the House of Hanover. The Hanovers wealth is concealed in private Swiss banks. The name Augustus is in reference to Augustus Caesar. The Hanovers are considered Holy Roman emperors and they are tyrants. Whenever they or their minions get scared they fascistly brainwash onto others that they are brainwashed. Murderous cannibals are not the victims. Victims of murderous cannibals are the real victims.

Prince Christian of Hanover is a psychopathic blood drinking terrorist. He manages Nazi cults and is extremely vain and arrogant. His primary minion is the actor Jesse Johnson. Han in Hanover refers to Johannes the German version of John. Several Johnson families in the United States serve the House of Hanover including the billionaires that own Johnson and Johnson and Fidelity Investments which is owned by the child murdering cannibal Abigail Johnson.

The actor Jesse Johnson is their Illuminati idol and he drinks human blood and bathes in human blood. Jesse Johnson is also a pedophile that preys on young teenage girls. Jesse Johnson is completely insane and evil. He attacks me all the time claiming that he is god. I have Wiccan cults that worship him and attack me for him. Jesse Johnson serves Prince Christian of Hanover. His father Don Johnson was stopped and questioned at the German-Swiss border for carrying the records of 8 billion in transactions. Don Johnson oversees the criminal financing in Hollywood like an accountant.

In nearly every photo of Prince Christian he is blatantly intoxicated on human blood.


Prince Carl Philip of Sweden is a tyrant and commander over international Viking-Nazi cults. He wears the naval cap because the House of Bernadotte specialize in Navy including mercenaries connected with US Marines and US Navy Seals. Chris Hemsworth who played the Norse deity Thor is a high level idol in Prince Carl Philip’s Viking cult. Chris Hemsworth is a psychotic blood drinking narcissist that bathes in blood and manages a Nazi-Viking cult of faggot rapists. Chris Hemsworth rapes men, women, and children, kills them, drinks their blood and flesh. Chris Hemsworth eats male genitals and has murdered and cannibalized Asian women. Chris Hemsworth is easily one of the most evil actors in Hollywood. He has literally murdered people and bathed in their blood for vanity. He is completely in love with himself and its disgusting. Bjorn Hamilton is a Swedish Count and politician today. The Hamilton family are a Scottish bloodline that merged with the Douglas family. Count Gustaf Douglas is a Swedish billionaire. The Hamilton and Douglas families control the law firm Pepper Hamilton with Alison McCarthy working in IP due diligence and licensing, patent litigation, and intellectual property. What she really does is use brain hacking software to read minds and then these psychopaths like Chris Hemsworth and Prince Carl Philip pretend they control a person by repeating a persons thoughts before they get expressed.

So if I am contemplating on something before I go write it up they hack my thoughts and pretend to control me by repeating my thoughts before I act on them. This is how sick and depraved they all are. The Wallenberg family are court factors for the House of Bernadotte and manage various corporations worth hundreds of billions. They are also members of the European Round Table of Industrialists which has leverage over the European economy. Prince Carl Philip is a hot headed psychopath with an extreme god complex. He drinks human blood and is involved in cannibalism. His sisters Princess Victoria and Princess Madeline are extremely dangerous and delusional child murdering cannibals. Princess Madeline is really sadistic. Prince Carl Philip is absurdly arrogant. He harasses and taunts me constantly. For a man that rapes and eats little boys he has some real audacity to be making bold claims like he does. I became aware that he is a faggot because when I first exposed that modern Nazi and Viking cults and other fascists rape each other to establish their hierarchy he went psychotic and started attacking me as if I hit a nerve. I didn’t even say anything about him personally and he flipped out. Fasces and faggot mean a bundle of sticks and the fasces symbol usually incorporates an axe. The Swedish royal family use the fasces and axe on their coat of arms and knighthoods. The axe represents division. They spread division in society with the intent of causing civil wars or using the tactic of divide and conquer. Faggots like Prince Carl Philip rape other men to bring them into submission in order to get them to do their bidding.

Prince Haakon of Norway is a top commander over alchemists connected with the Rosicrucian Order and other alchemical secret societies. Prince Haakon also manages the World Health Organization (WHO) through their agent and former WHO Director Gro Harlem Brundtland. Norway was involved in establishing the WHO. They use vaccines as chemical warfare. They have clean versions of vaccines and dirty versions.

People are marked in their records during public education where they sort out those who follow authority and those that think for themselves. They target free thinking individuals with dirty vaccines. Vaccines target the eyes, hair, skin, and most of all the nervous system which enables them to target people with electronic weapons. Vaccines also cause diseases and autism. They engineered autism so they can more easily get away with molesting children. Prince Haakon is a pedophile. Flu vaccines use live viruses which often cause the flu. Ole Andreas Halvorsen is a Norwegian immigrant and billionaire living in the United States and he owns Viking Global Investors. Like all the royals and nobles Prince Haakon is a pedophile, child murderer, cannibal, and blood drinking lunatic.

Prince Donatus of Hesse is a top German prince and commander of Nazi gang stalking cults. The House of Hesse are the primary architects of Nazi propaganda. Prince Donatus is one of the highest authorities of all royals and nobles. The House of Hesse own the Iron Horseman motorcycle gang and they use them for trafficking adrenochrome. Prince Donatus is extremely evil he is covertly running the BfV German intelligence agency which is working with the CIA and NSA. When I first exposed that the House of Hesse own the Iron Horseman I had an Iron Horseman biker waiting for me down the road and quickly pulled up real close as he pulled out a gun wrapped in a red rag. I was going to run him down and he backed off. This biker was also wearing an German WWII era motorcycle helmet.

This happened just after I exposed them. The football player Christopher Howard Long works for the House of Hesse, House of Bussche, and Busche family as a gang stalking commander in the United States. Prince Donatus is diabolical and really evil. He has higher authority than members of the House of Windsor. Prince Donatus seduced Kate Middleton right in front of Prince William at an event and you can see it play out in photos. Nazis like Prince Donatus and Prince George Friedrich blame all Jews for all evils. The Swiss banker Baron Benjamin de Rothschild still works under the House of Hesse today and uses a Hessian lion on his bank logo. The House of Hesse were members of the Nazi party and military and they were the Rothschilds first bosses. Prince Donatus is the epitome of a Nazi and the most ruthless German prince. He should be executed painfully and immediately.

Prince Harry of Wales is a Nazi prince and commander over Nazi-Fascist gang stalking cults connected with the Irish Republican Army, Irish Mafia, Irish Travelers, and the Aryan Brotherhood. These groups establish their hierarchies through faggotry. Men that rape other men to assert their dominance and ranks are faggots. The word fascist and faggot both derive from the word fasces. Fascists are faggots. Prince Harry is a psychotic sadist involved in blood drinking and cannibalism. The Anglican Church does mock rituals of drinking human blood and eating human flesh just as the Catholic Church does. Prince Charles of Wales brags about being Vlad Dracul the Impaler’s relative and Prince Charles even lives in Vlad’s Castle in Transylvania. Vlad the Impaler is the basis for the modern concept of  vampires. The Bathory family were relatives of the Dracul clan and Countess Elizabeth Bathory was a serial killer that bathed in human blood. It is believe she killed around 700 young girls. That is the real origin of the British Crown’s Order of the Bath. Prince Harry is extremely militant and is also involved in holocausts as sacrifices. Prince Harry literally eats penises.

I am going to say that again. Prince Harry eats penises. Prince Harry is a tormentor. Prince Harry participated in the lawless war in Afghanistan which was partly orchestrated by his family through their involvement in 9/11. Tom Brady is a gang stalking commander and tactician in the United States. Tom Brady is serving the Windsors through Robert Kraft the owner of the New England Patriots who went to Harvard a university created by the British Crown. Tom Brady drinks human blood and adrenochrome which is trafficked to him through biker gangs.  Tom Brady is a shower room faggot and a pedophile. Faggotry goes on heavily in the sports industry and especially the NFL. Prince Harry is a commander of the Hells Angels and Aryan Brotherhood. Rachel Megan Markle manages violent Amazon-Feminist crypto transvestite cults and one of her cult members is a young woman named Rachel Buyak and she is one of the most evil, torturous, and ruthless cannibals and sadists on the planet. Her brother named Gary is an associate of the Hells Angels. Megan Markle likes to incite vengeance and jealousy among women in society. Prince Harry thinks he can become a god and does not believe in a creator. Prince Harry is a murderous devil. He is dangerously delusional and is a curse on humanity.

Prince Harry is ruthless evil that should be violently executed out of existence. Prince Harry is a sub human. He is an unnatural disease spawned out of sexual sadism. (Edit) Here is some propaganda that was put out today to try and make Prince Harry seem more manly after being exposed a faggot that eats penises. Cannibalistic women also think they are manly and mighty too. I am being entirely serious when I say Prince Harry is a faggot that eats penises. I am not talking trash. He really is a faggot that eat penises and this propaganda is his attempt at defending himself. The Windsors finance this kind of propaganda all the time.


Prince Harry’s Friends Reportedly Aren’t Here for Meghan Markle and Her “Trendy Lefty Views” My question is does eating penises and having gay sex with his fake father Prince Charles and raping little boys supposed to make Prince Harry a right winger? No it makes him a faggot satanic cannibal pushing more divide and conquer while pretending to be a manly right wing conservative.

Prince William is a high level commander over secret societies. He is involved with drinking human blood and adrenochrome. Prince William is a highly premeditated psychopath that manages cannibalistic crypto transvestite cults of men and women with female members like Brittany Spears, Taylor Swift, Kesha, Lindsay Lohan and the actress Sophie Turner. These women are closet trannys that lust to rape, murder, and cannibalize people and they are extremely gross. They are sexual sadists and are ruthless. When they do this depravity enough they cant get off sexually in normal ways. They are relentless. Taylor Swift is psychotic, narcissistic, egotistical, and arrogant. She has raped, murdered, and cannibalized children. She gets intoxicated off human blood and glorifies herself based on delusions. Prince William is involved with pedophilia as well. He is an architect of gang stalking programs, psychological warfare, and sexual sadism programs. Prince William is also involved in trafficking and producing adrenochrome and adrenaline filled blood through torture and human sacrifice.

The House of Windsor are a clan of pedophiles and child murderers. It is documented that at least hundreds of native American children went missing from Crown Orphanages in Canada during the 20th century. They also run Crown Orphanages in the United Kingdom. Monarch Mind Control is a commonly known term and really refers to the monarchs mind control programs which they impose onto society through secret societies. Queen Elizabeth II has murdered and cannibalized at least hundreds of children. These sick freaks deserve to be burned alive for executions. The Windsors manage Knights Templars through their Order of the Garter. They also covertly manage the Red Cross which traffics human blood. The royals and nobles are addicted to drinking human blood like its heroin. Kate Middleton is also a cannibal and blood drinker and Wiccan-Amazon cult leader. She is one of Katy Perry’s overseers. Katy Perry is a psychotic cannibal and commander in the US over Wiccan cults. She thinks she has authority over who lives and dies. Kate Middleton orders gang stalkers to murder people and considers herself “fate” and the “shearer of the thread of life.”

Frederick Windsor is a British noble from the House of Windsor and son of Prince Michael of Kent. Freddie Windsor is a cannibalistic pedophile and total lunatic. He is married to Sophie Winkleman who is an actress that has worked with the Kabbalist pedophile and child murderer Ashton Kutcher. Freddie Windsor is one of the most insane members of the House of Windsor. He drinks human blood and is an extremely depraved child molester and child murdering cannibal.

His father Prince Michael of Kent is the Grand Master of the Mark Master Freemasons and a covert architect and manager over various satanic cults. Prince Michael is Michael Aquino’s top boss and Freddie oversees the satanic warlock and penis eating music producer Frederick Rubin or Rick Rubin. The only reason women like his wife Sophie Winkleman marry with royals and nobles is because these families murder and eat children. Evil women lust to cannibalize children. They are a disease. They are the major force behind the NWO and sick freaks like Freddie Windsor spread this evil and corrupt women. Honestly what woman would want to be with a freak like him?

He looks like a twisted villain in a movie.

Viscount Louis Spencer is a commander over various secret societies including New Age movements. He is extremely vain and narcissistic. Louis bathes in human blood and also drinks human blood. He is a delusional liar and brainwasher. Louis Spencer is involved with creating extremely false teachings as an attempt to justify their corrupt and depraved actions. These people are so insane they claim oral sex is the same thing as cannibalism. That is actually what these people claim when they get caught. They don’t just claim this. They attempt to dictate it onto others and brainwash people into believing their lies. That is one way they are spreading their depravity. They are using electronic weapons to brainwash people with these types of lies. He was the one that ordered the US bombings in Syria as retaliation for their human trafficking networks getting exposed. His sister Kitty Spencer is a psychotic and murderous cannibal.

Kitty Spencer claims if a woman can make a man orgasm then the man has submitted to women and therefore she claims that this gives these satanic women the right to murder and cannibalize children. That is what she claims. These sexual perversions and false teachings historically originate from Balaam. Viscount Louis Spencer is one of the managers of the imposter that falsely calls himself “Zeus Ombrios” and Kitty Spencer manages Cinnamon a Tavistock agent that runs the website called Conspiracy Outpost. Cinnamon is a child murdering Amazon feminist and cannibal. The imposter is their “Lazarus” and he rapes, tortures, and murders people to rebirth their evil. Lazarus represents rebirth. He lives in Margam, Neath Port Talbot, United Kingdom. He is a Beelzebub. The World Bank often finances these human sacrifices and the World Bank is partly overseen by the House of Savoy through the Order of St Lazarus. The Spencers have a covert alliance with the Savoys. The Greek merchants and Serco Marine Services which is in contract with Denholm Group are the primary human traffickers in the United Kingdom. The Spencers are owners of Serco. Louis Spencer is a delusional and ruthless tyrant.

Louis Spencer like Prince Harry also eats penises.

Earl George Percy is the heir to the Dukedom of Northumberland and he is a dangerous commander over Fascist Freemasons and Viking cults. The Percy family claim to be Normans which were a variant of the Norsemen. His father Duke Ralph Percy is a complete psychopath along with his child murdering wife Jane Percy. The whole family is involved in pedophilia, murder, cannibalism, and blood drinking. Duke Ralph Percy is a high level Freemason and top member of the Masonic Royal Ark Mariners. The Percys are sexual sadists and use mind control and electronic weapons to spread their disease of evil in society. The Norman banking family were relatives of the Percy family and involved with the Bank for International Settlements. The Percy, Montagu, Norman, Douglas, and Hamilton families all claim to be Normans and are British-Scottish nobles and all intermarried.

The Douglas and Hamilton families have established noble branches in Sweden as well. The actor Travis Fimmel played the main character in the show the Vikings which was filmed in Ireland and Canada and he is an agent of the Percy family. His character worked with the ancient King of Northumberland. Travis Fimmel is working with the Percy family and also made connections with Irish Travelers and Freemasons. Travis Fimmel is an insane psychopath involved in human sacrifice, blood drinking, blood bathing, and cannibalism. Travis Fimmel is from Australia and the Australian Unity Resources Group is a private military with operations in Asia. Travis Fimmel rapes, murders, and cannibalizes young Asian girls. He is a sick freak. There are also Aryan-Viking cults on the West Coast of the United States and there is a large scale human trafficking operation there. Washington and Oregon are known for having Neo-Nazi, Aryan Brotherhood, Viking-Nazis, and similar groups in that region. George Percy is Travis Fimmel’s top handler through Freemasonry. George Percy also has connections with Mid Eastern billionaires through his business enterprises. George Percy is ruthless. These psychos have no regard for any human life. They actively make and finance human sacrifices including his mother Jane Percy the Duchess of Northumberland and the family are basically demonic sex wizards.

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild is heir to his father’s title of Baron Rothschild of Tring. The Rothschild family are major criminal bankers in Europe. The Rothschilds finance corruption, bribes, and human trafficking. Nathaniel Rothschild resides in Switzerland where banking is private and manages private bank accounts for British nobles. Nathaniel works in the mining industry of metals and minerals. The Baron Rothschilds with Jacob and his son Nathaniel are visibly insane and subordinate to their British Rothschild cousins with Evelyn and his son David. I believe the Baron Rothschilds are members of the Masonic Order of Oddfellows which are run by the Barons Strange in the United Kingdom. The Oddfellows are really depraved. The Baron Rothschilds are mentally unstable and dangerous criminal financiers.

David Mayer de Rothschild is a high level member of the Rothschild family and although not officially of nobility or royalty he is still equal in authority as a noble. David Mayer de Rothschild is a high level Kabbalistic cult leader and commander over New Age Jesus wannabes. They finance human sacrifices to Hollywood idols like the holocaustic witch Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher who are initiated through the Kabbalah Center. David Mayer de Rothschild is a cannibal and blood drinker. He openly wears the red string Kabbalah bracelet which is a symbol for the gevurah which is for Mars, fire, wrath, and destruction. Rothschild means Red Shield in German and they are a shield for the Aryan royals like Prince Harry, Prince Stefano Massimo, Prince Valerio Massimo, and Prince Tancredi Massimo. David Mayer de Rothschild is extremely narcissistic and vain. His father Evelyn de Rothschild who is a British Crown knight finances human trafficking and human sacrifices around the world.

They also finance evil rabbis in Israel like Chief AshkeNazi Rabbi David Lau. David Lau claims to be a judge over people. The various intelligence agencies including Mossad are criminally spying on everyone through hidden cameras and audio devices in electronics as well as through the Rabbinical intelligence network. They even have brain hacking software operating through the internet. Three Rabbis from the New England area were spying on me and ended up getting killed when they traveled to Jerusalem in 2014 to deliver their intel. David Lau is a disgusting pig who develops sadistic spells for the IDF’s Unit 8200 electronic weapons operation which is using satellite systems to electronically harass people around the world. David Lau is highly blasphemous and disrespectful and he serves the British Rothschilds. Lau is a rat faced sub human that molests babies while he acts like he is the representative of the creator as he criminally spies on people and falsely accuses them. David Lau needs to be executed immediately. Some rabbis suck the blood out of circumcised baby boys genitals. That is depraved and unnecessary and is pedophilia and blood drinking. The evil former Chief Rabbi in the United Kingdom Jonathan Sacks works under the Windsors and Rothschilds as well and he too is a depraved meddling false accusing baby blood drinking pedo who thinks he is the law. David Mayer de Rothschild is a high level Kabbalist with authority in Hollywood through the Kabbalah Center.

This devil should be hunted down and burned alive.

Baron Randal Plunkett the 21st Baron of Dunsany is a high authority through the Irish nobility and he manages Freemasons and Irish-Nazi cults. Baron Randal is a highly trained Freemason and skilled in brainwashing and manipulation. He drinks human blood and adrenochrome. The Guinness, Hennessy, and Bailey families of Ireland are all involved in banking and brewing. Royal and nobles that are brewers and winemakers are blood and adrenochrome traffickers and use breweries and wineries as fronts. I believe most of them have torture chambers at their breweries and wineries or at their palaces and castles. His brother is Oliver Plunkett and he is another Irish Freemason. Randal’s relative is Tyrone Shaun Terence Plunket the 9th Baron Plunket and he a tyrant. The Plunket family are loyal to the British Crown. Baron Randal is extremely wicked and destructive.

Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is a commander over the Five Percenters, Nation of Islam, Muslim Brotherhood, and factions of the Shriner Freemasons. Prince Mohammad is a disgusting defiler and depraved cannibal. The royal families produce offspring through sexual cannibalism. Sexual cannibalism occurs in the lowest aspects of nature like with spiders, snakes, and frogs. Some male black widow spiders castrate themselves inside during mating and then after the females eat the males. That is the basis for celibate or eunuch Catholic priests. Some Catholic priests really are eunuchs. Demonic really refers to animalistic.

They are sub humans spawned out of this evil and depravity. They hate normal people and want to destroy, defile, steal, and imitate normal human beings. They are not normal at all. The fact that they declare themselves royals and nobles is proof they are narcissists and ego maniacs. Prince Mohammad has no regard for any human life and has ordered bombings on Yemen. He is a mass murderer. He uses his family’s vast wealth to finance gang stalking, human sacrifices, and human trafficking. The House of Saud’s relatives in the United Arab Emirate States are the Sulayem family which run DP World a large shipping company. DP World is involved in trafficking Indians into the Mid East. Prince Mohammad is one of the most evil princes on the Earth.

Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is a commander over the Five Percenters, Nation of Islam, Muslim Brotherhood, and factions of the Shriner Freemasons. Prince Abdulaziz is a blood drinking tyrant who claims he is a god. He is extremely arrogant and has an alpha male complex. He attacks me frequently with disrespect and likes to taunt me similar to the way Prince Carl Philip does. The Sauds and Bernadottes have an alliance which is why Sweden keeps bringing in Arab immigrants. Most of the European royals and nobles have some Arab ancestry through the Moorish invasion.

Prince Abdulaziz manages the Islamic rapper and Five Percenter Jay Electronica who runs a large gang stalking cult of cannibals and rapists that target white women. They also mind control women and use them as gang stalkers and for shields for these cowards to hide behind. Jay Electronica thinks he is a god and claims to be Allah. Jay Electronica is a cannibal-sodomite Beelzebub. Saudi refers to Sodomy which really means sexual cannibalism and turning people into sod or dirt as a form of sadism. Human flesh and blood is the forbidden fruit. That is the only logical thing that the forbidden fruit would be. If the Bible was being genuine then it would say it rather than being vague. That is how Satanists and occultists communicate. Through metaphors and code words. All the royal are religious and deeply involved with managing the religions.

Prince Manuel of Bavaria is a commander of Anonymous Legions of cyber stalkers and hackers which work with Wiccan cults. He is a zealous slanderer and false accuser. He has an extreme god complex. He believes he is god because his name Manuel or Immanuel means “God with us.” He is extremely delusional and disgusting. He harasses me all the time babbling about how he is “god” while he attacks me with utter disrespect. Prince Manuel is heavily involved in cannibalism and pedophilia like all these royals. He is like a rabid maggot. The Christian pastor Joseph Prince serves the House of Wittelsbach through the Black Monks which are Catholic evangelicals. They manage the Evangelical pastors like Joel Osteen who is a greedy psychopathic liar and a child murdering cannibal.

Franklin Graham is another evil pastor and covertly teaches Kundalini which they know as “serpent invocation.” Joseph Prince is an extremely psychotic lying accuser who attacks me all the time with disrespect. Joseph Prince is outrageously evil and deserves to get tied up, doused in gasoline, and set on fire for all the murders, torture, and crimes he has committed. Joseph Prince serves the Roman Catholic Archbishop William Goh Seng Chye the Archbishop of Singapore. Joseph Prince is a cannibal and is working with a large human trafficking operation in Singapore ran by Australian mercenaries and Unity Resources Group. Unity Resources Group murdered innocent women during the war in Iraq and are headquartered in Singapore where Joseph Prince lives. Joseph Prince just keeps getting more and more evil.

Prince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein is a commander of online shills, liars, and cyber stalkers. The Roman Catholic House of Liechtenstein are rulers of the nation of Liechtenstein and own their own international bank which they use to finance liars and propagandists. The Liechtenstein royal family have strong alliances with the Habsburgs, Wittelsbachs, and Chigis. Prince Joseph Wenzel is an arrogant blood drinking liar that oversees and commands trained liars that attack information that exposes criminals or commands liars to spread disinformation to protect criminals like his wicked family. The House of Liechtenstein also design and impose denial spells or mind control programs through electronics.

Deny Deny Deny. They deny they are cannibals and blood drinkers and claim their motivations for being evil is greed. These royal psychos all have at least billions of dollars for their personal wealth. Greed is secondary to them. The only official billionaire from Liechtenstein other than the royal family is Christoph Zeller and he runs an international dental company and is an agent of the House of Liechtenstein. Dentists are like doctors where they target people who are marked for persecution. They destroy teeth, use toxic fillers, and toxic injections. Christoph Zeller oversees dental persecution. Prince Joseph Wenzel is extremely arrogant, deceptive, and narcissistic and he serves his cannibal mother Princess Sophie. Prince Joseph Wenzel is so evil.

Prince Paul-Anton Esterhazy is a sadistic tormentor and a commander over Kabbalistic cults, Wiccan cults, Alchemical cults, and Zionists. The House of Esterhazy are an Austrian-Hungarian imperial nobility. They own Forchtenstein castle which has torture chambers as well as gold vaults. The Esterhazy family are extremely wealthy and still have banking connections to this day. The Este Lauder billionaire family are agents of the House of Esterhazy. Ronald Lauder who is worth over 3 billion was US Ambassador to Austria and his mother took the name Estee to honor the Esterhazy and Este families of Austria. Austrian-Hungarian nobles were known for being torturous with the Dracul and Bathory families. Sadism is their religion. Prince Paul-Anton is trained in various forms of witchcraft and has access to electronic weapons. The actress Natalie Portman has Austrian ancestry and is an agent of this family. Natalie Portman is a sadistic witch that tortures people to death and uses Scientology and Kabbalistic electronic weapons to torture people in society. They are sexual sadists and get off to it.

A young woman named Ashley Esther Dalene also works for this family and is a sadistic and torturous witch that kills and eats children and her motto is “I don’t care.” Ashley Esther Dalene uses dating sites for seducing victims and then her and her Wiccan cult gang stalk men to death and then cannibalize their flesh and blood that gets trafficked through the occult’s network that has infiltrated hospitals, morgues, and funeral homes. She is disgusting and pure evil and is never going to stop until she is stopped. Ashley Dalene worships the disgusting imposter falsely calling himself “Zeus Ombrios.” Another member of this extremely evil family is Countess Christine Esterhazy and she is a torturous sadist. The Esterhazys are the most sadistic family on the planet. Count Janos Esterhazy is the Treasurer for the Roman Knights of Malta. They use sadism as a military weapon. These people have no conscience at all and do not believe they have to face any judgement for what they do. They are delusional.

Prince Hubertus of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is a Nazi brainwasher and gang stalking architect. The Saxe Coburg and Gotha family were involved with the Nazis during WWII. There are Nazi cults all over the United States and around the world. They are fascists and delusional supremacists. Occultists have extreme egos and think they are superior to everyone else. Today the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha family specialize in Nazi brainwashing. They brainwash their Nazi minions into gang stalking innocent people based on lies. One lie that they use is “unity.”

They claim everyone is part of a singularity and if a person is against their singularity then they are the enemy. They demonize innocent people and then command gang stalkers to persecute them. Prince Hubertus is a cannibal and blood drinker like his minions are. They fear losing their power and authority because if they do they will be exposed for their crimes like murdering children and then get executed for it. So their motivation in financing and commanding gang stalkers is to create a defense for themselves. Prince Hubertus brainwashes people to be compassionate towards them especially when their depravity gets revealed as a form of defense while his brother Prince Alexander is more militant like their father Prince Andreas. Prince Hubertus’s sister Princess Stephanie Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is a holocaustic Nazi and the singer Gwen Stefani serves her. Gwen Stefani has burned children alive and is a relentless persecutor.

Prince Pavlos of Greece is a human trafficking financier and specialist in human trafficking logistics. The Greek royal family have control over the Greek shipping merchants which are also human traffickers. The Greek royal family also manage the Masonic Royal Ark Mariners. They manage Greek fraternal orders and have some authority over the World Health Organization which uses a serpent for its logo. They motivate secret societies with human sacrifices. Prince Pavlos oversees secret societies and human trafficking networks. They reward Luciferians and Satanists with human sacrifices for carrying out their agendas. Often times they provide sacrifices to idols in the movie and music industries.

Human sacrifices are where they murder someone and then members or individuals of the cult then cannibalize the victim and drink their blood. That is what is really going on in secret societies. These psychos delude themselves into thinking this is normal. They are all highly delusional and like a plague of evil on humanity. They brainwash people into feeling compassion for them. They are murderers. They have no regard for their victims. Do not feel compassion for them. This evil needs to stop. Prince Pavlos’ wife is Princess Marie-Chantal Miller the daughter of the billionaire Robert Warren Miller and her sisters are married with the billionaire Getty family and the wealthy German House of Furstenberg. Princess Marie-Chantal is a ruthless child murdering cannibal. These sick freaks claim eating children is a “luxury.” That is their mentality and what they say. They are like cold blooded snakes.

Prince Alexander of Furstenberg is a psychotic blood drinking commander of gang stalkers in the United States. Prince Alexander is a torturous sadist and other German royals and nobles use devils like him as weapons. The House of Furstenberg works closely with the Clintons and both Prince Alexander and Chelsea Clinton are board directors for IAC. His daughter Talita von Furstenberg went to Jesuit Georgetown in DC and worked for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Prince Alexander manages the Royal Order of Jesters, Jesuits, and Vatican and German knights. The House of Furstenberg have residences in New York City and are connected with various billionaires, merchants, and politicians. They also have large amounts of wealth in Switzerland where they have also established residences.

Prince Alexander and his brother’s grandmother was an Agnelli billionaire and their mother remarried with the billionaire Barry Diller a founder of Fox Broadcasting and IAC. The Furstenberg family are also married with the Guinness banking and brewing family of Ireland which are human blood and adrenochrome traffickers. Prince Alexander’s wife is Alexandra Natasha Miller the sister of Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece. The pedophile, cannibal, and child murdering blood drinker Prince Alexander von Furstenberg terrorizes people while claiming to be god. He is psychotic and needs to be burned alive and by burning these psychos alive it sends the message that killing children wont be tolerated. Alex Jones who has dressed up like the Joker works with the House of Furstenberg. Alex Jones gets intoxicated off human blood and goes on rampages. When they get intoxicated from adrenochrome and adrenaline filled blood their eyes bulge out of their heads and they become extremely intense. It seems to be comparable to Methamphetamine which these psychos also use. When they drink human blood their eyes literally bulge out of their heads and they start hissing like snakes.

He looks insane and she looks sadistically evil.

Prince Antonius of Furstenberg is an extremely depraved German prince and commander over secret societies including Jesuits, Vatican Knights, and Shriner Jesters. Prince Antonius drinks human blood and adrenchrome frequently. He is a sadist and terrorist who makes psychotic threats and then when he gets caught he says “just jesting.” The Furstenberg family have a jester on their coat of arms. Prince Antonius and his wife Princess Matilde Borromeo are child murdering pedophiles and cannibals. They are disgusting pigs. The Borromeo family own islands in Italy where they make human sacrifices. The Furstenberg family have residences in the United States and work closely with the Clintons and Barack Obama who is a Freemason Shriner Jester. The Jesters were founded in Hawaii where Obama is from. Obama sacrificed the woman Miriam Carey by targeting her with electronic weapons. She claimed Obama was communicating with her. Obama and his associates used electronic weapons and mind control to get Miriam Carey to drive to DC and act erratic and also used mind control technologies to get the DC police to shoot and kill Miriam Carey as a sacrifice. Barack Obama is a blood drinking terrorist and cannibalistic psychopath.

Pierre Casiraghi is from the House of Grimaldi as the son of Princess Caroline of Hanover. Pierre Casiraghi is a narcissistic blood drinking psychopath with an extreme god complex. His wife Princess Beatrice Borromeo murders, rapes, and eats children. She too is insanely narcissistic and really sadistic. The Borromeo coat of arms has a serpent eating a child on it through marriages with Milanese nobles like the Visconti family. The Sforzas, Viscontis, and Borromeos all have a serpent eating a child on their coat of arms. They chose that evil symbol to represent who they are. They make human sacrifices at their Borromeo islands on Lake Maggiore. The Casiraghi family are friends with the Niarchos Greek merchant family which are human traffickers. The Borromeos also work with the Albanian Mafia which are international human traffickers. Pierre Casiraghi and his wife are ruthlessly evil.

Andrea Casiraghi is also the of the House of Grimaldi and is the brother of Pierre Casaraghi. Andrea is a blood drinking narcissus and commander over fascist gang stalking cults. I believe he has some authority over Aryan Brotherhood prison gangs. The Aryan Brotherhood are faggot rapists. Rape is one of the initiations into their brotherhood. They use prisons for initiating members of secret societies. Rape, blood drinking, and murder are part of their initiations. He works with the World Association of Children’s Friends which is a fake charity front involved in trafficking children and promoting dangerous vaccines. Fake charities still do some good otherwise it wouldn’t be a good cover for their crimes. Andrea Casiraghi is married to the billionaire Tatiana Santo Domingo. The Casiraghi brothers don’t use the titles of prince however they are princes. Andreas Casiraghi is 4th in line to the Crown of Monaco.

A Nazi gang stalker that works under Andrea Casiraghi is named Seth Rozman and he was initiated into the Aryan Brotherhood in prison through faggotry. He was also passed around by the black prison gangs. He is a woman murdering cannibal and poser, liar, and con artist and he is as evil as the imposter that falsely calls himself Zeus Ombrios, Jesse Johnson, and Travis Fimmel. Seth Rozman also works under the House of Savoy and the north Italian Valenti family whose car company he worked for. He is psychotic and claims to be god that controls people like hosts. Seth Rozman lies and claims that he created intelligence, manliness, and sex and also claims anytime someone makes him feel insecure that he was really controlling whatever it was that made him feel insecure. He is out of his mind and the most abominable envy in all of existence. Seth hides behind Satanists and is a false accuser that calls anyone that exposes him a false accuser. His motto is “beyond selfish” which was his Facebook banner. He gets more evil the more I expose him. Seth Rozman also brags about being psychic.

Every time Christians start promoting Jesus it is because they are making human sacrifices to Seth Rozman who is a cannibal, blood drinker, faggot, rapist, and all around psychopath. Seth is the most envious and narcissistic of all of them. He takes on the worst characteristics of Prince Edouard de Ligne, Andrea Casaraghi, Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, Prince Harry, and Prince Giberto Valenti-Gonzaga as well as the worst characteristics from rappers like Kanye West, 50 Cent, and Jay Z. Seth Rozman is their real “Vicar of Jesus.” Seth says he and his fellow psychopaths can attack someone a thousand times and you must forgive them like Jesus says. “Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.” If you expose them while they are not currently attacking you he and his fellow psychopaths call their victim a false accuser. Andrea Casiraghi is his primary handler and he is pure evil. I believe the Casiraghi family have hidden ancestry with the Savoys of Turin.

Prince Frederik of Denmark is a zealous gang stalking commander and he works with alchemical secret societies. Zealand is a large island in Denmark. Zeal means fanatical or intense. It refers to a burning feeling usually brought on by envy and this extreme emotion makes people irrational and delusional. He has an extreme insecurity complex and is a false accuser. Prince Frederik drinks adrenchrome. When these criminals get exposed for their crimes they falsely accuse their victims or opposers of their behaviors and tyranny. That is what their zealousness is. Prince Frederik chooses to be subordinate to his child murdering and torturous Wiccan-Amazon wife Princess Mary. She is pure evil. Most zealots are submissive to women while they pretend to be manly. Princess Mary specializes in public relations for the royals through her previous work experience. She also manages Wiccan cults and one of her top Illuminati idols is the child murdering witch Mary Louis Parker who is a complete lunatic and her ex Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a psychotic devil who runs a cult in upstate New York that is involved with sacrificing children in caves. Prince Frederik is really ruthless, murderous, and arrogant.

Look how ridiculous these narcissists look in their costumes.

Prince Charles-Henri de La Rochefoucauld is a French noble and commander over Hermetic secret societies and dirty sodomites. Hermeticism is the most common form of witchcraft used in France. Prince Charles-Henri is a blood drinking tyrant and he is subordinate to his Amazon-Feminist wife and child murdering cannibal Princess Charlotte. Prince Charles-Henri is extremely stubborn and attacks people who oppose child murdering cannibals. Roche means rock and he is stubborn like a rock. Princess Charlotte is mean and hateful. Prince Charles-Henri’s cult members are Jesuitical and militant dirty zealots like him. He has a Hitler like mentality. These psycho zealots think they can covertly and fraudulently incorporate their victims into their evil and then condemn them as hypocrites. They are dangerously delusional and blatant liars.

Prince Jean Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte is a blood drinking lunatic and financier of secret societies. There are many French billionaires including French Zionist billionaires and a faction of them serve the House of Bonaparte. Prince Jean Christophe works with Hermetic and Kabbalistic secret societies. The Bonapartes have an alliance with the Medici, Corsini, and Bourbon-Two Sicilies families of Italy. The Bonaparte family were the founders of the FBI and they use corrupt agents to protect factions of the Italian Mafia, Dixie Mafia, and Corsican Mafia which have a criminal operation in Baltimore. Many French winemakers have torture chambers and are extracting adrenochrome and adrenaline filled blood which they traffic in wine bottles. Prince Jean Christophe oversees the distribution of adrenochrome and adrenaline filled blood.

Members of secret societies get intoxicated off it and go into what they call “euphoric” states but are really in states of psychosis. They become highly premeditated in these psychotic states and brag to me all the time about being “brilliant” and “geniuses.” They are just delusional, demented, brain damaged, and deranged. Salma Hayek is a child murdering witch and Hollywood cult leader who is married to the French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault who is worth about 25 billion and is Chairman of Groupe Artemis. Artemis is a Greek deity for the moon. Witches worship the moon. Francois-Henri Pinault is a Knight of the Bonaparte’s Legion of Honour and also work for the French House of Orleans. Emmanuel Macron is also a agent of the House of Bonaparte and a blood drinking psychopath and the Bonaparte’s Grand Master of the Legion of Honour.

Prince Jamie of Bourbon-Two Sicilies is the Duke of Noto and Capua and of a high level Italian royalty. The House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies specialize in managing governments through their Jesuit agents and Sacred Constaninian Military Order of Saint George which are the Jesuit’s overseers. The Bourbon-Two Sicilies family protect the mafias by infiltrating governments. They use self righteousness as a form of deflection and condemn people for opposing government corruption and mafias. The Bourbon Two-Sicilies family are intermarried with various royals and have a very large family with two primary branches. They also have part ownership over some mafias including the Montreal crime families, Cuba Mafia, Trafficante crime family, and New England crime family.

Their mafias are the primary human traffickers in the United States because the Jesuits have infiltrated the government and protect their mafias. Prince Jamie is extremely self righteous like his father Prince Pedro and they use violence against people who stand up to corruption. Prince Jamie is a delusional cannibal working with human trafficking mafias and child murderers while he condemns people for crimes they didn’t commit if they oppose corruption. That is extreme evil. They are delusional and act like they are chosen by god and act like murdering people as human sacrifices is normal. They are insane. Prince Jamie manages Hermeticists connected with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and New Age Hermetic groups. Prince Jamie is dangerously delusional, self righteous, in denial, and wicked.

Duke Louis Alphonse of Bourbon is a French-Spanish royal and commander over the Latin Kings and various gang stalkers. Louis Alphonse is a blood drinker and cannibal and has an extreme god complex. He is vain, arrogant, and narcissistic. He claims to the title of King of France and his wife is Marie Marguerite the Duchess of Anjou and she too is a cannibal. Her father is Victor Vargas who is the president of Banco Occidental de Descuento in Venezuela which has over 17 billion in assets. Victor Vargas is likely a billionaire and has residences in Florida. Vargas’s bank purchased Banco de Venezuela which was the private acting central bank of Venezuela and was primary owned by Group Santander. Santander was created by the Spanish House of Bourbon. The French Bourbons are subordinate to the Spanish Bourbons. A violent and murderous criminal and gang stalker named Jose Francisco Ruiz works for the French-Spanish Bourbons and he is an associate of the Latin Kings.

Jose Ruiz calls himself Bigs and has a reaper tattoo on his arm. He was imprisoned as a teenager for stabbing someone in the neck. Jose Francisco Ruiz is a murderous cannibal like his bosses and he has lived or lives in Florida. Duke Louis Alphonse’s mother is Carmen Martinez-Bordiu the 2nd Duchess of Franco and the granddaughter of the Spanish fascist dictator Francisco Franco. Francisco Franco caused a civil war in Spain after the people of Spain banished the royal family. Franco reestablished the House of Bourbon as the rulers of Spain after taking over. During Franco and the Bourbon’s reign the Roman Catholic Church stole an estimated 300,000 newborn babies from mothers in hospitals. They lied and told the mothers the babies died at birth. At least 300,000 babies were stolen from mothers under the rulership of Franco and the House of Bourbon. This went on up into the 90’s. They are sick and depraved monsters that steal babies. They do this because they are cannibals. The Bourbons are disgusting monsters.


Duke Francisco Bourbon von Hardenberg is a Spanish noble and he is extremely devilish. Hardenberg because members of this family are hard hearted tyrants with no conscience at all. His father works as an international banker and businessman. Duke Francisco also works as in international business and the family has connections with Florida since his father previously worked at the Bank of Miami.

Duke Francisco is a knight of the Order of St. Lazarus with his father as the former Grand Master. There are two different Orders of St. Lazarus which are Roman Catholic military orders that are subordinate to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Order of St. Lazarus specializes in reviving evil usually through human sacrifices. Duke Francisco is a blood drinking despot and a military commander over secret societies and Catholic knighthoods. His mother is from the German House of Hardenberg and also the German House of Furstenberg. The Hardenberg family managed branches of Deutsche Bank. The Spanish Bourbons are also closely connected with the Black Nobility of Rome and Sicilian nobility since they ruled Sicily on and off for centuries. Duke Francisco Bourbon von Hardenberg manages the basketball player James Harden who plays for the Houston Rockets which is owned by the billionaire Tilman Fertitta whose family immigrated from Sicily. James Harden is a psychotic and mentally ill zealous gang stalker involved in blood drinking, rape, pedophilia, and cannibalizing white women. Prince Francisco is cold blooded, ruthless, and murderous.

Don Diego Osorio Nicolas-Correa is a Spanish actor and noble. Don Diego is an arrogant, narcissistic, and egotistical devil that manages Spanish gang stalkers including members of the Latin Kings and MS13. Don Diego is a blood drinker. Don Diego is a small and insecure zealot. This is called the “Napoleon Syndrome” when they act like tyrants because they feel insecure over their stature. The House of Osorio are a top nobility of Spain and they are owners of the Beltran-Leyva Cartel. The head of the House of Osorio is Juan Miguel Osorio and Bertran. Bertan and Beltran are variants of the same name and Juan Miguel’s father took the first name Beltran. The Beltran-Leyva Cartel have criminal operations all around Puebla and the Mexican city of Acatlan de Osorio named to honor Don Joaquin Osorio.

The Osorio family are also part owners of the El Salvadorian gang MS13. From my experiences members of MS13 are angry, insecure, and violent zealots. Oscar Osorio-Hernandez was a former president of El Salvador and he was also a Mexican knight and Italian knight. The Osorio family are presently married with the Massimo family of Rome. Don Diego’s family branch is from Madrid and they manage Carlos Osoro Sierra the Archbishop of Madrid who is a psychotic false accuser. Carlos Osoro Sierra has falsely accused me thousands of times. The Osorio family has also frequently married with the Alvarez family. Don Diego manages a Spanish Muslim US Marine and human trafficking gang stalking child murderer named Alex Alvarez who works for the Bush family and Skull and Bones. The Bush family made an alliance with the Spanish Bourbons a few decades ago. Don Diego was educated at the London School of Economics and has worked with MFO & Partners wealth management. Don Diego Osorio has a ruthless mentality.

Count Gian Luca Passi di Preposulo is a Hollywood cult commander and he prepares human sacrifices for motivating cult members and preparing covert attacks on society to defend their agenda and criminals. He manages Hollywood’s spy network. He drinks human blood frequently. Count Gian has an extreme god complex and is really sadistic. He is outrageously vain, arrogant, egotistical, and narcissistic. He prepares human sacrifices for Hollywood whores like his wife Jessica Chastain, Olivia Wilde, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Angelina Jolie has probably murdered and cannibalized at least dozens of Asian children. Princess Lucia Odescalchi is Angelina Jolie’s primary handler. This is really going on. Will Smith is a psychotic zealot and lying false teacher. His wife Jada Pinkett Smith is obviously manly and they dress their daughter in men’s clothes and their son wears dresses. Count Gian and Jessica Chastain can be seen associating with Will and Jada. Jada Pinkett dominates Will Smith sexually to put it lightly. So Will Smith is a highly insecure over this and is a zealot and this insecurity makes him extremely murderous. This is important which is why I am explaining this. These women like Jessica Chastain and Jada Pinkett Smith manage female secret societies. Their followers work for them because they want to sacrifice children too. Count Gian is essentially a mass murderer.

These abominations are ruining lives all over the world for their sick and selfish desires. There is no reason to be tolerating this evil.


Prince Giovanni Gaetani-d’Aragona-dell Aquila is a high level prince of the Black Nobility and he manages factions of the Jesuits, Freemasons, Vatican knights, and Italian mobsters. The Gaetani family are part owners of the Gambino crime family and Philly Mob. They are connected with several Italian billionaires including Prince Giovanni’s wife Ginevra Elkann. The Elkann family are part of the Agnelli clan which are worth billions. Ginevra Elkann is a child murdering cannibal. That is what is really going on among the royalty, nobility, billionaires, and Hollywood. These women are crazy. If I described what these women are specifically doing people would really freak out. It is difficult to deal with. Prince Giovanni is a blood drinker and overseer of secret societies. His cousin Prince Gelasio Gaetani is a winemaker and adrenochrome trafficker that refers to himself as the “wizard of wine.”

His other cousin Prince Roffredo Gaetani who is in hiding has authority over Donald Trump and his family through Prince Roffredo’s ex-girlfriend and Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump. Ivana Trump is insanely evil and murderous. Prince Roffredo is a ruthless pedophile who targets young girls like Ivanka Trump when she was a teenager. They use Ivanka Trump to command female secret societies which impose compassion into society in defense of these criminals. Ivanka Trump is a murderous cannibal and tranny and Jared Kushner is a mentally unstable faggot cannibal and pedophile. Ivanka is dominant in their relationship. What I am saying is she wears a strap on and I am explaining this because this makes Jared Kushner insecure and dangerous. Kushner is also extremely delusional and his father is a criminal. Jared’s brother Joshua Kushner’s fiance Karlie Kloss is a psychotic Nazi witch and trained cyber terrorist “computer programmer.” The Trumps are really evil. Ivanka Trump manages a cult of annoying and condescending cyber stalkers that act like they know everything.

Ivanka Trump constantly claims to be know everything and its obnoxious. She has an extreme god complex due to fact she is of a sub human bloodline. Ivanka Trump is psychotic and pure evil. This fake knowing comes from the Trump’s connections with the Bavarian royal family which claim to be gods that control everything. The Jesuit educated Ivanka Trump is one hundred percent evil. Ivanka even influenced Trump to bomb Syria. She is evil and she often works under the disgusting cannibal Olivia Wilde. Ivanka even follows Olivia Wilde on Twitter. A woman named Erica Lombardy who was educated at the Roman Catholic St. Josephs works under Ivanka Trump and is a psychotic cannibal that lusts to burn children alive and gets paid to gang stalk, slander, and spread lies. The Jesuit Joe Biden also manages Erica Lombardy. Kellyanne Conway is another sadistic cannibal and genital eater. Kellyanne Conway is an unofficial member of the Royal Order of Jesters and that is why she always has a big clownish smile on her face. They really are pedophiles, cannibals, and blood drinkers and that is why Trump has been trafficking thousands of kidnapped immigrant children out of former Walmarts and government facilities. Ivanka Trump has murdered and cannibalized some of these children Trump has trafficked. The whole Gaetani family is extremely tyrannical and destructive and they manage the Trumps.

Count Muzio Sforza-Cesarini is an extremely oppressive tyrant and he manages cults of cannibals including female Amazon cults. The name Sforza means force. Muzio is for muse. Count Muzio manages their modern day muses like Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé which are cannibalistic feminist Amazon pedophiles. Oprah Winfrey and her close friend Gayle King were involved in the Sandy Hook psyop where they staged the mass shootings of about 25 children and then demanded for gun bans and gun confiscations. Oprah and Gayle King developed the propaganda and assisted in the charity rackets for the actors in Sandy Hook. They fear armed civilians because they are child murderers. Oprah and Gayle King are child murdering cannibals. Oprah also specializes in murdering children through engineered asthma attacks. Oprah is the Queen of the Boule Society. Child murdering pedophiles want to disarm society and that is why they keep staging mass shootings. The Sforza family have a serpent eating a child or young man on their coat of arms. It was originally a child and they later changed it to a young man. These families really are cannibals. Count Muzio preys on young girls and is a pedophile and cannibal. He is a fascist psychopath with a low intelligence that uses extreme violence. Cesarini is for Ceasar. Count Muzio is a despotic ruler in Rome.

Prince Giacomo Leone Massimo-Brancaccio is one of the highest level princes and authorities among royals and nobles. He may be living in France. Prince Giacomo manages faggot gang stalkers in secret societies including Freemasons, Hermeticists, Jesuits, Boules, and Vatican knights as well as Italian and African-American mobsters. The Massimo family are major owners of the Vatican and Cosa Nostra. Prince Giacomo has an extreme god complex and when I exposed him recently he flipped out and threw a hissy fit while screaming “I am god” and “you cant do this.” He is extremely arrogant. Prince Giacomo serves his uncle or father as they claim Prince Fabrizio Massimo through faggotry. Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio is a faggot and pedophile as well as a cannibal and blood drinker. Massimo Brancaccio was also the name of an Italian drag queen.

Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Branaccio should be titled the “Prince of the Faggots.” Prince Giacomo is also a blood drinker and cannibal like most of the royals and nobles. The Massimo family own human trafficking mafias. Control over human traffickers gives them greater authority than most bankers. The whole reason they want money is to purchase sex slaves and children which they also murder after raping. Prince Giacomo has also worked for a bank in Rome. The Massimo family are extremely fascist liars. They are also engineers of fascism which is a centralization of control and they use rape and faggotry to control people. The mafia also uses blackmail, threats, and extortion to control people. The Massimos have alliances with several royals through the Knights of Malta including the Greek royal family. They manage many black street gangs and Boule fascists. Prince Giacomo Massimo thinks he is entitled to rule over others. Prince Giacomo is also highly narcissistic and glorifies himself based on lies. He is really disgusting. Prince Giacomo incites psychotic envy in secret societies. Envy is one of their most destructive weapons.

This wretchedly stinking devil needs to be tortured slowly while put on life support and that would never amount to all the pain and suffering he has caused others. All these vain narcissists like the tranny loving faggot Giacomo should have acid poured in their face too.

I don’t want to go too much in depth in this article, I mainly want to inspire people to think critically and to sow some seeds.

-- As Usual:  Do your own research.

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