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Preservation: (Mini Gravity Wells Slows Entropy/Motion)

MetaphysicalAxiomSep 12, 2018, 8:23:11 AM

(Photo is either from #Harvard labs and/or #Arstechnica.com & it just may confirm some aspects of my thought simulations,.. damn I am getting good at this whole reality understanding type thing)

On the menu for my educational diet today is preservation. This isn't as much about food as it is about understanding hot and cold.

Before I get to that I just want to outline my intentions and valuations. I do this as to prevent confusion and unnecessary debate. I do encourage building thought waves once all involved are qualified to do so over trying to throw one fact at a massive wall of cause and effect in hopes that the wall of purposed theory will crumble. Then I have to be some sort of goalie in this process to placate the wants of some random dick bag on the internet? No thank you. This isn't a sport and I refuse to trivialize it or reduce myself to petty games.

As pertaining to my intentions...

So far this education on the history of preservation is stimulating my thought experimenting physics/chemistry neurological app processing.

I like to learn things and along the way it stimulates thoughts or connective abstractions. I theorize. I run thought experiments or as I like to call them, simulations. It's likely that a lot of what I theorize is just reinventing the wheel. Sometimes it's easier for me to infer or theorize with great accuracy rather than looking something up.

I mean, how many rabbit holes of Wikipedia pages, studies or lectures would I have to go through to find the information? It's insurmountable, comparatively. I can infer it in mere moments and then at some point down the road I find out that my theory was correct or almost correct, or correct in some ways and completely ridiculous in others. That's how I learn and adjust my methods. As I continue to move on and perpetually learn or increase the value or decrease the value of my theories, I may share them in a blog post here.

Anyway, getting back to business. (Blah, fucking tangents and placations)...

The discovery of boiling food was actually killing bacteria that caused food to break down faster. (Entropy and other chemical processes. More physics neurological app processing in relation to time and the definition of time, the perception of time.)...

I find it fascinating that everything I learned in science can be connected, is connected.

As a side note for this food thought preservation simulation; thoughts of entropy are required. It is time for Consciousness to align perception of time and entropy; long overdue.

As far as days, months and years or in regards to it's time to go to work. That sort of "time" is the same no matter where you are, no matter how fast you're going. No matter how close you are to a massive object, a "human" perspective of time is the same.

When we're talking about the slowing of a clock as it gets closer to a massive object; we're actually talking about the slowing of the motion of electron clouds dissipation. Essentially there's less wiggle room between atoms and molecules and therefore the electron clouds are being squeezed. There's less give and take between the other fields of matter our atoms, (or atoms within apparatus such as a clock) have to move around. If they can't move around as much then they can't fall apart as much. Every element within our bodies and every mechanical apparatus we build is affected by such physical environmental stimuli.

I'm trying to put this as simply as possible,.. if an atom and its electron cloud can't rock and roll then it dissipates less. If an electron cloud of an atom can't dissipate then it can't take on new bits and bobs from the fields it interacts with as it moves through space. (I theorize that electron clouds do not keep the same electrons at all times and that the electrons are forming as a response to the nuclei of atoms moving through space from other smaller particles reacting to that bit of mass and in order for them to form, seamlessly, some electrons are must be broken down and the smaller particles are caught up in other attractor points just a dimension or so behind us.)

Now you may be asking, "why the fuck does this have anything to do with food preservation?"...

That's a good question and an even better question is, "what the fuck is wrong with my cursed brain!?".

Oh shit, I got to be really careful about these questions or the next thing you know we're going to be talking about neurology instead of food preservation in relation to physics, entropy and time.

Again, #fuckmylife#fuckmybrain


The disease of expanded consciousness.

So fuck all that for now or let's give less fucks to that for now... Back to food preservation...

As I was learning about this, it was refrigeration that got me thinking about physics, time and entropy. Specifically cold and heat. Very simple words and simple concepts at a glance but not so much when we really start to think about it. Everything is more complicated than we'd like it to be. (Unless you're me; then you're rather elated that such complexities exist and you have something to theorize about so that you don't go completely insane from boredom and/or lack of compatibility with the rest of your so-called species, so therefore no outlet or tribal support)..

Oh fuck my brain again, don't get me started on divergence, thereby pain..

Anyway, "cold" is a product of density and restricted motion; gravity. But why is density part of this equation, you ask?

Well, we have to run the thought experiment in motion. We have to acknowledge how fast we are moving and acknowledge that space isn't empty. We have to factor in how density will create potential energy drag. Potential heat/motion/vibrational intensity is removed from the field, or dimension, WE are presently moving into at a slightly faster rate then the mini gravity well type sink point; some of the potential heat is stuck back with the more dense object instead of an our particular location in space, in our dimension. I propose that these aspects of gravitational a tractors are what causes the absorption of "heat" in our modern refrigeration. We are condensing a gas to initiate the action after all.

See how all that connects? I hope so, weird right? Maybe I'm way off. Maybe I'm onto something? This is the best way to learn. You learn how to think and analyze perceive and observe. Process. Memorization and regurgitation is not intelligence nor is it doing the science. You will always be reliant on the encyclopedia if you don't attempt to learn how things work from innate building blocks.

And yes, I understand there are other parts of this in regards to physics that we DO understand and I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about what makes all of those chain reactions happen. Again, perhaps this is shit everybody learns in college but I don't have the tenacity for that shit nor will I jump through hoops for anybody. Fuck that trained monkey bullshit.

Additionally, you'll have to excuse my inability to put some of this into words. I currently see/empathize with this physicality in a way that is a bit indescribable. Fuck my autism. Fuck my perceptual savantism. I keep going over the words of which I want to use to explain what I see and feel. Currently I am failing to format coherently with verbage; it doesn't really work in text-based communication, it barely works verbally. If only I could draw what I see? I don't have that skill, unfortunately.

I wish all of you could read my mind. who needs privacy anyway? It would just save me time If you could read my mind.

Something I find fascinating is that we prevented the entropic demise of our Foods, especially in regards to Meats. We slow down the entropy with gravity sinkholes and then we moved the meat as fast as we can in a large Mass on a train into the city's so that more of the population can get fat. Lol (obesity used to be something associated with the rich alone) the irony of all of this is that as we all start eating that meat, it accelerates the metastasization of cancer. It's like all of the entropy we slowed had a rubber banding effect in our physiology and accelerated the duplication of cells.

I'm not sure if there is something we should be paying attention to their or not? it was just an interesting side thought I had. again, fuck my autism and all this connective white matter tissue in my brain.

Let's take another look at this from a slightly different perspective... Sometimes we fuck up our physiological and psychological states by trying to move too fast...

At a certain point we discovered that boiling, (boiling is a fast motion, High state of vibration) some of our foods and canning it would allow it to be preserved. Little did we know that the boiling it was destroying bacteria of which was responsible for causing food to break down...

Now consider that our micro biome has been disrupted from several different pressures, we should not dismiss this type of disruption of which also prevented a wide array of microorganisms from entering our digestive system; rather than only focusing on antibiotics and antibacterial soap.

In a more natural environment,.. more natural eating habits that are present there of. We were eating a lot more bacteria before this style of food preservation became commonplace...

We are in the early stages of understanding gut flora as it pertains to our health but there are connections to some very unexpected aspects of our physiological health and even our neurochemical states. (Sorry, not trying to be all gloom and doom and write some scientific fear porn here; just be aware and feel free to contribute more details in the comments below).

So the moral of this story is that we need to slow down a little bit. Again, like I am usually warning people, we cannot be blindfolded children Running With Scissors. History shows. And remember, in the age of information at every second of every day, that becomes history of which we learn by as we serve the crest of the wave of consciousness with our digital libraries of Alexandria.

May the force be with you and live long and prosper. Cheers to all my fellow Vulcan thought Jedi Masters and aspiring padawans. #preservation #entropy #physics #chemistry #theory #theorize #AdamBeatty #connections #science #mindblowing #brainporn #mentalmasturbation #interesting #gravity #gravitywells #attractorpoints #heat #cold