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MercuriEX Minds Token Giveaway Winners Announcement!

MercuriexSep 21, 2018, 8:08:37 PM

UPDATE 10/25

Congratulations to all the winners in the giveaway. The final winners and full list can be found below.  We have some new and exciting features in the near future along with new coins.  

MercuriEX is giving away 10,000 Minds Tokens!  

5 winners will be announced each Friday for the duration of the Giveaway Competition.

To find out more about our free 10,000 MINDS Giveaway and how to enter, read our blogpost

To find out how to buy/sell MINDS using the MercuriEX exchange read our getting started tutorial (Already more than 60k MINDS Traded!)

The following Minds users have just won 500 MINDS.  Please visit your MercuriEX account to redeem your MINDS.


Week 1

1. @magixarc

2. @chrisdoogood

3. @mrnb

4. @CensorshipSucks

5. @LFSanja

Week 2

6. @RealMindsChan

7. @BlockTalk

8. @stuwerlisa

9. @jemwilliams

10. @or1g1nAL

Week 3

11. @marijnv2000

12. @scalish

13. @anonfpv

14. @DJTowlie

15. @evadyugemos

Final Winners

16. @zeerling

17. @Elmojocelery

18. @JHerdebu

19. @ChrisandAmber

20. @ketchie20

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