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Lower Gas Prices in Metamask

MadChadJul 27, 2019, 7:04:35 PM

Ethereum uses 'gas' as a sort of transaction fee as a reward for miners to process transactions. In metamask the default gas price is for a fast transaction, but a lot of users do not know you can literally choose how much gas you pay in ethereum transactions. Pay more and your transaction completes faster, pay less and it takes more time.

Transaction time really just depends on any miners out there who are accepting lower transaction fees and how busy they are. Luckily metamask lets you adjust your gas price, and here is how:

In metamask when you are presented with your confirmation screen click on the edit button in the gas fee section:

You are then presented with 3 different gas prices. Select the one you want and click save:

There is also an advanced tab that lets you manually enter what  you want to pay for gas. Usually you can pay a lot less for transaction fees and the transaction time is barely affected.