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Web 3 | an experiment

MacVogtNov 13, 2018, 8:50:22 AM

What are your values?

We're partially there.

There's all this pressure building. A guiding star. Decentralize and organize the out smart people different. It is a new game. 
to the top down in [alien] tension with the bottom up. Cryptocurrencies operate on faithFaith is the condition of post-truthDon't gaslight mie.

A new faith in the world
as if
We all recognized a truth and a complicated fiction.

Art practices decentralized meaning.
The Artist
he world
Emerges from the subconscious.

We can look into ourselves and see the world. Our thought involves neural nets modeling itself, so, virtually. It was at first a map. From that initial [worm] virtuality, accordingaccordto Metzinger, evolved a special, new type of organ. The brain could summon a new shape *as if* it were an organ, and it could dissolve away. Many shapes and functions were possible. as though through another dimension, and do it quickly, neurocompositional organs. Mother nature is iterative. We summon

an organ in a word.

Feel that shape:
We can look into ourselves
and see the world.

The world has iterated from what works in us. We make nets. Don't we? determine value. the currency is intrinsically valuable, I think. In that their function, is to compress, the interior, phenomenal, subjective states. To then compute. To function.

We spend attention.
Art practices decentralized thinking.
we as a species. 


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(Cover art by Google.) .. it's art made by Google AI. I find it really fascinating, like looking into an alien brain. It's as if their 'subconscious' felt like that, you can imagine easily.