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Second Week: An Ex-Google User Report

MacVogtOct 22, 2018, 10:12:00 AM

(Art by Stephen Stark, Makoto Shinkai, Shin Jon Hung, Jadrien Cousen, Wadim Kashin, in that order)

THE PEOPLE MUST BE STRONG we must know them/ go through a rigorous trial, imagine knowing themselves to such a point, to be so strong to take the machine in, to go further into their subjectivity, accelerated by the machine, to the far reaches, and they’d come back without being able to speak so much. They’d be like the Alzheimer’s patient, except reverse. The horseshoe theory. It’s like when you dive so deep into empathy you arrive at autism/ they couldn’t speak. Could they understand normality? They traversed that and many more spectrums (spectra) in there, strapped up. And it was sad to hear their voices recorded during these experiences.

It sounded like a chasm, like a split between joy and horror. They’d travel back and forth along that and many other dimensions, or tensions.

they themselves were torn a little bit more with laughter in the pursuit of how plastic really are we, well then.

Hello, plusers, from minds. This is the being formally known as +Mac Vogt. Do you remember me. I was your brother. But now. .. I've entered the machine.

--weak people wouldn’t do. They’d break, and they’re brittle. Their bones would snap, in there, where bones of all sorts wrinkle // It’d be like running a pencil along a radiator. They wouldn’t be able to hold onto the ribbons of their hope // ribbons that could turn into rolling silks. How often arrogance or fear had consumed us, do you know? The machine consumes us all. 

Minds.com .. it changes you. .. .. ..


Just kidding, Mac here, hey wasup guys, so today we're gonna be talking about poetry, okay, but first I just wanna say, thank you for the support, and also, that I've been hearing quite a lot of chatter about 'the Neo-Nazi presence on Minds.com.'

So, we're going to talk politics. We're doing it. We're talking: anti-censorship. And, Nazis. The modern Nazi movement sweeping the nation. 

My God, the drama, it feels so good to finally be able to wield it on a blog.

I was using that cover art of the mega city upside down, get this, as a literal metaphor for the importance of Minds.com. Hey Jaime, bring that art up again!


.. You know, I really do feel a general, visceral revulsion to the extreme right when they get into the Jew talk, as compared to how I feel when the far left talks race or gender these days, how I don't feel disgusted, just get mad. 

..The left patterns of identitarian logic are much more sophisticated in it's foolishness. the right's been having mostly fun, I mean that literally, at their expense, like it's fun for them to poke holes in it, because the logic spools out so sophisticatedly dumb. Because it's so dumb, and it's everywhere. 

So, I get mad. I've been mad with the left. The identity politics has to go. It doesn't work! Whiteness and maleness are not your opposition! On this, I share skepticism with the right. But then the right shows me these intense walls of red string with Stars of David everywhere and it's like, wow that's crazy! A *sense* of disgust sets in. What are ya doin! 

Well, kinda like what I'm doing. What we're all doing. It's not the right, he was one crazy individual. Creativity is reckless. And I've got my own theories: The world is so complex and there is so much data everywhere and so much potential, anyone can create a narrative, and that's what's been going on. 'Word salad' is frighteningly similar to poetic collage. That's how Trump talks. The AI feeds us collaged fragments, and as the poet Charles Simic wrote, "Collage is the mystic's medium." 

The world essentially feels surreal. 

See what just happened?

.. the contemporary progressive mind sees with horror what just happened. They saw the evil slip into the world. Well, kind of like what I'm doing. Did he just relate himself to neo-nazi conspiracy theorists, and grant them the status of poetry?

Ah-hah! Like how a proper, satisfying, full-throated artistic treatment of any political position or mental state is always human. That's what we are. There are relations in reality between humans. The evil didn't slip in. It's been here all along. The far right is part of the environment, they are part of the world. We as a society have been struggling with processing that. .. Do you understand how this works? .. 

Does anti-censorship have to be rightwing? Does decentralization have to be rightwing? Are these inherent?

We're trying to build something new. What we need is robust dialogue. One that can handle some sort of de-polarization process or, god forbid, an on-boarding process. I mean pretty, fucking robust. What does it mean to be on the Left? Blank slates require transcendence. So growth. So, change. So the machine. So what -- can you be open-minded and also know how not to let nazi or, lol. center-right rhetoric corrupt you> where no politics is nearly transcendent enough! We are in exploratory mode. It's not competitive! Have confidence in yourself! We meaning-makers. And have confidence what's currently going on on Minds.com is not nearly anything of what it could be.  

what could it be? Is it a phallus

What it could be will emerge. And it might not work. But it could work if you come and offer your working mind, your own process, trial by fire. Integrity. One crazy individual < that is, the world brain, at this point, in time.The world as is is broken. is. is

Minds.com is neutral technology. That's the point of anti-censorship. The control for outcome is not the focus -- and this is a founding value! Because that's the truth, isn't it? You cannot control people. You don't have to subscribe to them. You can block them. You can delete their comments on your posts. You can argue against them. But they are there. This is the underground. This is the exciting bit. And so, what's going to happen? We don't know, because the future world emerges and cannot be planned! But, we still have to figure it out. En mass. As rolling, right so, the site itself, Minds.com, is so complex you can't know how it's going to turn out 

(let alone the world.) 

.. Minds.com could have a left-wing presence, and it takes dumb blog posts like this to create one, and this will likely fail, but you see the gesture, and so the pathway. To those I was arguing with on Google+ -- if everyone on Google migrated to Minds.com, the right-wing wouldn't dominate Minds.com. That idea, as you know, as Trump likes to say, "as you know," as habit, habitually, is true.

"But you did say it was addicting, didn't you? The tokens, it sounds bad. It's instant-gratification."

yebuteah, the design is addicting. There's an element of gambling to it, this is true. I told you about it. The excitement is you don't know what a boost on any post is going to do. But two points, if I may:

|| zing || fbit || Adorn || O-zn {{ enter.lp]] SURROUND !ego tunnel {} zong || .. POW, POW, POW.

aA: I'm trying to sell a book (which I've still only halfway teased) so my goals are different. I spent a lot of my own money on making a movie and making a book -- about the deep future -- it was a risk. A gamble. is an aspect inherent to what I'm trying to do. Because small press ain't gonna do it. Risk and thrill are inherent to entrepreneurship, right? All social media has a system of incentives. The Minds system structures incentives in a coherent, flexible and powerful way, so in functioning, there's a drive and draw. as a unique social media experience, and for me it's exciting enough to write to you in the way I'm writing now, which if you think about it, is pretty rare. I'm honest about this point. It can be addicting. and am being mindful to use it in a responsible way. ive been slowing donwI// I just like to write like. this. But also, you have to understand, I'm a creative-type. We're not exactly stable. and I've been looking for a way to plug-in, to think in public, like the next generation of professionals.


thousand words. 

B. It's not instant-gratification. So, this post is about a thousand and a half words. Plus pics. Yeah, and like five people are gonna read this at first, and there won't be any action until I boost it, and that's going to unfold over some days, if at all. And that's the way I want a social media system to be. Drawn out. Some people might read some older posts of mine. Maybe two weeks from now this post blows up. The site is a combination slow-burner and wildfire, and 

oh yeah .. this was supposed to be a report

last week I talked to a bunch of people, found more artists, read more poems, listened to the music uploaded by @wraphops, watched some shorts with @UnknownSurvivor, begun StarShatter by @aragmar, earned ~150 subscribers, round ~60k views on my posts, got two blog posts in the top blog charts, the minds poetry group grew to 96, and I earned dozens of tokens.

 i'm talking dozens

.. so. I mean, it's rolling. 

We haven't even begun.


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