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MacVogtMar 1, 2019, 7:48:06 AM

itLet's play a little game ..

.. as Jigsaw would say. I'd like to convince you of something, well, something a little crazy. I'm sure you'll play though you shouldn't. 

Because after all, I've renounced my authority. I'll btheeccentricuc, waving his cane from across the internet street. I’ll be a crumpled content, and toss. One content: of nothingness. From there what you end up believing is entirely your fault. 

Here's one content, served *nice and hot:* You know the post-modernists? yOu KnOw, pOsT-mOdErNiSm. Here's the grand narrative that will squat their butts: the horizonal image of a completed brain. Where's the narrative, you deadpan. Take the perspectivial shape. Let the current points in time (currency?) draw to the keyhole on the horizon that, as it nears, heightens risk to end: Luke shoots his photon torpedoes. It is a quest for the key and a vision. This is God's set up (wave the cane.) look, I'm using archetypical symbolism here poorly 

because it doesn't matter how I say it. in a sense. I trust you see the objective field of subjectivity, so let me explain. Good readers are re-readers. I can say subjectivity could be described fruitfully. 

'It's all subjective' they throw their hands up, but yes it fluctuates. It shimmers like the water surface, reflections chopped, swinging, breaking. Like bones. These are torturous waters. Underneath, you sense it in the depths of abstraction dim as can 

facts like mathematical facts. They don't change across time. They remain stable regardless, of R.A.T.the daily warping and flashes erasing, of as vegetables. You may pick this apart. 

Or you may choose, as highly autonomous agents, to locate roughly the fact I am speaking of in the dark behind the surface. 

Imagine: the surface tightens to a transparency. You see the dim broccoli hanging in the dust. 

I speak from a position of affect. Trust me, says Jigsaw. Do you trust me, Aladin reaches out. smiles. The AI beams forth from behind: :

One can personify the world. One can worldify the person. What is a world view? 

Heideigger -- Heideigger talks, in the origin of Art, how the parts fit into the whole and the whole into the parts, in art -- one cannot understand a part until she considers the whole -- as a whole. and one cannot understand the whole until she considers its relationship to its parts as such as you can't.know the parts without knowing the whole but you can't know the whole without knowing its parts 🎵 The artist projects herself onto the world. Elsewhere, the arrow travels half the distance to the target. 

One of the fundemental aspects of subjectivity is self and world. Thwack. God, to a progressive, is the world in the future. So.

How far must you abstract to understand the world as already emergent super-AI? 

The water shifts and simpers

when I say How far must you abstract to understand the world as a super-AI? I'm not talking 'the world' as in the phenomenal sense of 'exterior reality' but I mean the world as in all How far must you abstract to understand the world as a super-AI? humans within a virtual sense-making structure, a VR sense-making structure. This is the stuff of right wing conspiracy and left-wing radicalism. Everything's made up! It's the matrix. Lower your defenses, tear down reality to inflate a new one and ride it like a bull run. How far must you abstract to understand the world as a super-AI? 

Peer further: do you yet know through the game 
I'm playingConcentrate. We know what you are. 

And what you are is quite simply: complicated. And what you are is quite simply: brain.

And what you are is quite simply: network. And what you are is quite simply: blank

a virtual self in virtual time in virtual space. Reality exists, but you are not in it. Nature is fractal going up and down. The patterns of the universe radiate 

like a flashlight through the levels, you see the beam in the glassy depths. An incident in the deep water. So we tighten the water’s surface. world is (split second) we can’t

.. split between the humanities and the sciences. One side approaching the truth from the most simplest, most stable facts >and then complicating from there, up and building up. Its counterpart faces truth from the complexity of the trillion-folded system we know what you are. And it compresses down and down and down and down without ever getting there. The astute reader reflectsHume’s ought-is problemThe gap of value and factTwisting together into one golden shape in a golden frame: the complete image of the phenomenal experience and the brain as one. 

When sheer objectivity observes and encompasses subjectivity, well then, dare I. But, we’ve hit the singularity, unit.archetypically.slide into the God and Heaven slot. 

Or hell :)

The clock is ticking. There are forces so massive no man can stop it! The echochambers come roaring to a life like cortical columns. They are twisters which expand to hurricanes, lightning snapping between them. They are the great, ripping engines collaging sense for an x number of people ripping to become its type, with the power of great encompassing force installed at the religious layer, the restructuring promise [heaven on Earth.] <insertThe ideologies only want one thing: power. They are shaped accordingly, and algorithmically, and automatically. 

 The gears spin faster and faster. The waters have begun to churn. I trust you’ve felt this. This is what the accelerationists point to: the totally surreal and bizarre motion of this: time.

The views trickle inWe fight over platforms because we are blindly fumbling, yes! yes! with The Friendly AI problem in our hands! Manage the feeds. 

These attentional markets have made the AI the opaque warfield! Moderate. They process the data. And there are AI viruses currently implanted in your brain! 

The subconscious processes you cannot control. The world as fragmented is schizophrenic! You cannot control yourself. Sing well. 

You can't . Or you can ! It is, can’t you feel itThe horrible insanities coursing through our medias as they fit the HMDs onto faces, beginning with glee: the meta-cognitive canvas of brand new medium. There, the ideologies lift off the landscape of real value. You can sense the sustained shot, the lowpass filter, games come prepackaged in reality.; What you are is simply: simply: simply: simply: simply: markets. Teeming like tadpols. like brussel sprouts. And crash, fall in raw format ppprice. Outbreak. .. Outbreak. Out

I’m no scholar, nor am I expert. I am neither a professional, scientist, nor  academic. Nor am I so fully human, and I guess.These waters lap I am trying to get the idea out lap it’s right there lasp. Clasp this post-truth. Iron out. And what does the war signal if not for the truth! 

And the truth must orient by narrative. One golden narrative. The smudged chest, shimmering! Go forth my nothing army. If post-modernism is doubt aimed at worldview, the only worldview that could beat it must be one of fact. This is what the truth is comprised of. It is a process. The waters surface. And what that means is this, that 

an objective understanding of subjectivity is the shining star. It is a mathematical fact. It exists with or without me. 

The answer is a complete map of you. While the clocks tick faster, and faster, and where blockchain lets down the escape hatch for the fated time when unrestrained capitalism surges up > theretherewhere time features in a different subjectivity that says I am no one, and too that I’ve argued elsewhere: poetry is decentralized meaning. Freedom is distributed widely

To step into centralization from the soup, for the pattern to sync like neurons oscillating at the same frequency, thereby emerging an island of conscious experience ! the meme would be reshared and reshared. This pile of jigsaw pieces.

and reshared and reshared, enslaving attention like how the mind enslaves the body, the monkey and slave robot, to demand eyeballs on a *massive* scale. The phenomenal experience is a representation made of a neural social media. And poof: a celebrity thought would emerge. Infinite likes. Rub the lamp. Cut into your eye. For the weary reader who endures my philosophical technique of passionately shouting “You know what I mean!” while shaking him by his armpits clearly understands that she literally invests attention in ideas, don’t you (voice ran of breath?) You've been through the bear market to know what tragedy is. You've winnowed away yourself. To surge!

Have I? Have I shaken you in the correct, secret pattern? What parts have been re-arranged? Have the decentralized aspects as activated by the body dislodged? to form stem cells who dream of becoming eyes as much as feet? Let me drop one stem cell into a vat of circuits completing machine learning tasks. 

And, nothing. 

Science is hard. It’s not exactly magic.

Solving the Friendly AI Problem 

That says, this is the only truly important problem. 

until its solved and we are no longer recognizable. That’s what I wanted to convince you of. Key and vision. The end. And all you have to do is believe it. .. 

As the text multiplies, a new consciousness is born. 

errant pieces.

That’s the game.



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