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How to promote Minds

NancieMar 19, 2022, 10:38:37 PM

(At least this is one idea)

  1. 1. Make or find hilarious comments on a non-political, non-religious post.
  2. Take screen shots (be sure to include the buttons that give the site's ID away).
  3. Repost them to other social media platforms (both mainstream like FB and twitter as well as non-mainstream like Gab and Parler).
  4. Make a reaction themed (funniest, best burns, facepalm) video that includes the Minds posts as well as some other across the internet.
  5. Post to Bitchute, Youtube, Odysee, etc. etc.
  6. Yes, share video on Facebook and Twitter

Side note: I know this will attract the flying monkeys of the government. But if you want to change the hearts and minds of people, you have to expose them to the truth. Some will outright reject it. Some will flail at you like a crazed drug addict coming off of heroin but in the end, we may be finally able to make some change.

Second side note: Welcome the newbies from Joe Rogan's Podcast. This means more people are here to see more varied views, unlike the other places where they can only see what the establishment wants them to see.